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Sensing that PM Modi might just come back to power for a second term, he has proceeded to discredit his own channel's Exit Poll which is yet to be aired.
Throughout its election campaign in the state, BJD had maintained that it will retain its 2014 clean sweep of Lok Sabha seats in the state and will play a decisive role in forming the next government at the centre.
Rahul Gandhi stated that defeating Narendra Modi is the primary aim of the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh
If the results do come to the wire, Election Commission says that people of the country might have to wait till 24th May to find out which party would form the government at the centre.
BSP candidate from Ghosh, Atul Rai is missing from campaigning as he absconding following rape charges against him
Mayawati says that son of former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is real backward, but Modi is fake backward
Cash worth Rs 24 lakh has been seized from Raj Kishore Singh, the Congress candidate in Basti, UP.
This plan by the said 21 opposition parties, however, rests on the hope that the NDA will fall short of majority seats (272) in the Lok Sabha that holds 543 elected seats and there is a hung parliament.
Ravish Kumar was standing on the stage when mahagathbandhan leaders were addressing an election rally
Supreme Court (SC) headed by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi dismissed the review petition filed by 21 opposition parties combined for the review of its decision in case of 50% verification of voting by VVPAT
Pitroda has just confirmed what was being speculated in the political circles since long, that the Congress is, in fact, always in the alliance or 'Gathbandhan' mode and is willing to compromise with regional parties to any level.
Shatrughan Sinha should fulfil Party Dharma, not Patni Dharma, Congress Lucknow candidates calls Sinha RSS man for campaigning for wife and SP candidate in Lucknow
Tej Bahadur Yadav was sacked from BSF for making false claims, and earlier he was jailed four times for misbehaving with seniors
Interestingly, Rahul Kanwal is seen saying to Kamal Nath that he might get in trouble for this.
The BJP has used the theme of cricket with IPL and world cup around the corner along with others sports like football to simplify its messaging ahead of the Lok Sabha to explain to the voters that how the BJP has a definitive leadership contrary to the anarchy and leadership void within the grand alliance.
The Dalit leader has stated that will lend his support if the SP-BSP-RLD alliance fields Satish Chandra Mishra, who is the Brahmin face of the BSP and also the general secretary of the BSP supremo Mayawati, as a candidate. in Varanasi. 
Lalu Prasad Yadav had reportedly sent his emissary to Arun Jaitley, asking him to direct CBI to go soft on him in lieu of pulling down the grand-alliance in Bihar
Pakistan PM Imran Khan's latest comments on Twitter against PM Modi and BJP just before the elections reveal their desperation and fear of a second-term by PM Modi.
Sharma said that he will not be contesting the election but he will campaign for the NDA candidate so that Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister again.
BSP Supremo Mayawati had urged Muslims to not split their vote between Congress and the alliance and consolidate behind the SP-BSP candidate in the upcoming 2019 elections
All these cloves of garlic, in every single narrative, in every speech, in every rally, in every discussion, in every panel, in every prime time show, speak the same words.
RLD leader's best response to the 'sarab' dig of Modi is a word which sounds like an abuse
AAP senior leader Bhagwant Mann on Thursday said that his party was ready to be dissolved if it saved the country from the "unholy nexus between PM Modi and Amit Shah".
Dynastic politics are a threat to Indian democracy: PM Modi takes on Congress in the Republic Bharat interview
The Opposition today is more scattered than it was in 2014: PM Modi to Republic Bharat
Rahul Gandhi's Makhana promise reminds one of Donald Trump's legendary campaign promise, "We will build the Wall and Mexico will pay for it!" The likelihood of them being fulfilled appeared nil from the very beginning. 
The official Facebook and Twitter pages of the party are already sporting the updated logo. The Twitter handles of party supremo Mamata Banerjee, MP Derek O'Brien and leader Abhishek Banerjee's Twitter handles are also displaying the new 'Trinamool' logo.
Targetting the Congress party, Mayawati had asked not to mislead people and stated that her party is having no alliance with Congress for the upcoming Lok Sabha election, a day after the Congress had left seven seats for the leaders of the SP, BSP, and RLD, who are part of Mahagathbandhan in Uttar Pradesh. 
The grand alliance formed in the name of 'saving the democracy' is struggling to form a consensus on the distribution of seats.
Priyanka Gandhi apparently is proving a disaster as Congress general secretary in-charge for east Uttar Pradesh

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