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Pro-AAP video blogger associated with Dhruv Rathee caught spreading fake audio on Pulwama attack

You can secure the borders to protect the motherland from hostile neighbours, but how will you handle the enemy within?

The Pulwama terror attack has brought forward the burning issue that over and above fighting the enemy across the border, we have the enemy within, which is equally dangerous, to fight. A man associated with the pro AAP video blogger Dhruv Rathee who regularly floats conspiracy theories was caught spreading fake audio clip on Pulwama attack, claiming that the Pulwama attack was an inside job.

In a Facebook live post by Dhruv Rathee’s associate Avi Dandiya shared a dubious audio clip which he claimed to be that of a conversation between Home Minister Rajnath Singh, BJP President Amit Shah and an unidentified woman could be heard discussing a ‘plot’ for the terror attack which claimed lives of 44 CRPF soldiers on February 14. The video with over a million views is now deleted, but Avi Dandiya’s claims were picked up by various Pakistani websites to use against India.

Avi Dandiya story picked up by The News, Pakistan

The News, Pakistan described him as a former worker of the BJP who has ‘stepped forward’ alleging his former party of being responsible for the Pulwama attack.

The Post, Pakistan, used the fake audio clip shared by Avi Dandiya as ‘proof’ that the Pulwama attack was an inside job

Amusingly, a week before he released the fake audio clip, he ran a poll on Twitter asking his followers whether Pulwama attack was an inside job or an ‘outside job’.

84% of the 164 votes which he garnered voted for Pulwama being an inside job.

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However, AltNews has found that Dandiya had mischievously edited parts of old interviews of Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah and added the voice of the unidentified lady to make it appear as if they are conspiring the Pulwama attack.

The audio clip was created by taking parts of old interviews/audio clips of politicians and using them out of context to make it appear like a conversation. Just let it sink in that someone spent time and energy going through thousands of interviews and video clips to find relevant portions to produce a fake audio clip which was then used for Pakistani propaganda that the Pulwama attack was carried out on the behest of the BJP.

Who is Avi Dandiya?

Indian media has mainstreamed Avi Dandiya by giving him legitimacy and screentime which was used to give credibility to the fake audio clip he shared. In a ‘discussion’ on the PNB scam, ABP News described Avi Dandiya as a ‘diamond trader’ in March 2018.

ABP News describing Avi Dandiya as a ‘diamond trader’

A video uploaded by ETV Rajasthan describes him as a Dallas-based man who was leading some cleaning initiative.

Avi Dandiya ETV Khas Mulakat

He was also seen interacting with Acharya Pramod, a Samajwadi Party supporting ‘Sadhu’ who had claimed that the Kerala floods happened due to beef consumption.

Samajwadi Party supporting Acharya Pramod with Avi Dandiya

Dandiya had also been mainstreamed by pro-AAP video blogger Dhruv Rathee who invited him on a debate on demonitisation.

Dhruv Rathee with Avi Dandiya

Dandiya regularly collaborates with Rathee to spread propaganda through videos.

Facebook Live collaboration between Avi Dandiya and Dhruv Rathee

Meanwhile, Avi Dandiya’s Facebook page describes him as someone who has a ‘sea of knowledge about your own nation (India)’.

Avi Dandiya does not believe in awards.

Avi Dandiya is a one-stop destination for all information regarding India. His ‘comprehension of activities’ about India will ‘not only leave you amused but spellbound’. Dandiya forgot to add the portion where he also resorts to spreading fake audio clips aimed to create a panic situation in the nation he knows so much about. When he’s not busy making propaganda videos on Facebook, he doubles up as a ‘jewellery designer’ based in Texas.

Dandiya is an Arvind Kejriwal supporter and describes him as ‘Bhagat Singh’.

He also believes that if Pakistani PM Imran Khan wishes to be the Arvind Kejriwal of Pakistan, it will take a lot of effort and honesty.

Dandiya also likes to give Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan suggestions on how he could increase his stature in such sensitive time between the two nations.

He also likes to spread pro-Pakistan fake images.

In the above image, he tried to say that the file picture of Wing Commander Abhinandan is actually an ‘after’ picture of him after the Pakistanis brutally beat him up. That after brutally beating him up, Wg Cmdr Abhinandan posed happily with his assaulters.

Dandiya’s theories are in line with the deplorable conspiracy theories and caste politics the Leftists have floated in response to the Pulwama attack.

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