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Congress supporting abusive troll claims Pulwama was an inside job by India

Sanjukta lies repeatedly and creates wild theories just to defame Modi.

Congress supporting abusive troll Sanjukta Basu today took to social media to claim that the Pulwama terror attack by Jaish-e-Mohammad which claimed lives of 44 soldiers, could be an inside job carried out on behest of Prime Minister Modi owing to ‘criminal-politician nexus’. It all started last night when Basu, was triggered perhaps by the wave of grief that took over the country over one of the worst terror attacks on armed forces, wondered if this attack could have been a conspiracy.

She was encouraged by a Congress spokesperson in the conspiracy theory.

But then, Basu took an offence to people calling it a ‘conspiracy theory’. She went on to justify it by referring to it as ‘history repeating itself’. In a Facebook post published by Basu at about 3:30 pm today, Basu lies.

It is not conspiracy theory. This is just history repeating itself. 2001, BJP was at its worst in Guj, endless allegations against Keshubhai Patel of corruption, misgovernance. Modi by then known as a successful election strategist but never contested a single election himself. He was offered Dy CM post to turn around BJP’s performance in forthcoming election in Dec 2002. He refused DyCM post, either CM or nothing, he said. Party gave in. He was sworn in as CM on 7th Oct 2001 without ever contesting a single election. Within 5 months March 2002 Godhra happen. He sat quietly as people died. He let the tragedy escalate. “Let Hindus take revenge,” he was reportedly heard saying. State govt (Modi as CM) caused 24 hours delay in sending support to Army, said Gen Shah in his book. Modi was overnight the face of Hindutva. Dec 2002, BJP’s great performance in elections.

Sanjukta claims that ‘Modi was reportedly’ heard saying “Let Hindus take revenge.” This is a lie as there is no such evidence. In his public address right after the Godhra carnage where 58 karsevaks, the pilgrims returning from Ayodhya, were burnt alive, the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had appealed for peace.

Her second lie is that the state government caused a 24-hour delay in sending support to the Army. She cites General Shah’s book “The Sarkari Mussalman” to prove her point. However, the note submitted as part of the investigation by the ACS (Home) as well as media reports from back then proves otherwise. Within 16 hours of official communication, the Army was brought from forward/border areas and deployed in Gujarat, thereby completely refuting Lt Gen Zameeruddin Shah’s claims.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Zameeruddin Shah, actor Naseeruddin Shah’s brother, was appointed as the vice chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University in 2012, under the UPA. As vice chancellor of AMU had rejected demands of girls to access the Maulana Azad Library by reportedly saying that there would be ‘four times more boys’ in the library if girls are around. Since Times of India reported the incident, Lt. Gen. Shah banned Times of India on the campus.

Taking her conspiracy theory further, Basu explains how as children, facing tough exams, one wishes for a natural calamity to get the exam cancelled, the Pulwama terror attack is a ‘win-win situation for JeM and Modi-Shah’. How, you ask? Sanjukta’s fertile brain has reaped another story. “JeM gets to reaffirm their presence in the Valley and Modi gets to re-enact the same drama of how he is a strong man with 56″ chest, seeing him Pakistan pisses in its pants. He can teach a Pakistan lesson in their own language. You saw this drama, fell for it, trusted him but what happened then? Have you forgotten Modi’s photo hugging Nawaz Sharif eating biryani. Why was Modi so friendly to Shariff a corrupt Pakistani politician now doing jail for corruption? Why did Modi call ISI of all people to investigate Pathankot airbase attack? Why the Pathankot attack happen in first place, soon after Modi visited Pakistan?”

So the man who is on the hitlist of each and every terror organisation because of the riots which broke in Gujarat after the Godhra carnage is now hand-in-glove with the very people who want him dead. One wonders if being harebrained is one of the prerequisites of being a Congress loyalist or one becomes one after having too much Pappuitis.

To prove her point further, she mentions that the Supreme Court has also voiced similar concerns over ‘politician-criminal nexus’. Well, she is indeed correct in this. Recently, Gujarat Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor’s aide was arrested for violence against Non-Gujaratis in Gujarat. Thakor has also sat on a fast demanding release of a riot accused. While there is nothing new about politician-criminal nexus, to cast aspersions that the Prime Minister of India is conspiring with the terrorists who actually want him dead, to kill his own soldiers is a bit too far-fetched, to say the least.

She adds she does not speak from ‘hate’ and her allegations should be investigated. “Modi is a hollow man with an insatiable hunger for power. An incompetent liar with big talks zero action. He needed a tragedy to make votes out of your tears, anger and fear. So it is not very shocking if he chose to ignore intelligence inputs and let JeM carry out its attack. An attack of this nature cannot happen without internal support. I hope voices will rise from within our forces. Because they know the truth,” she adds.

Of course, her insinuations are not stemmed from hate.

Sanjukta had spent past 24 hours building ground for the theory that the Pulwama attack was an inside job, carried out on behest of Modi.

Of course, others chimed in too.

Clearly, back in 1999, the BJP knew that 20 years later, Modi will need the terrorists who want him dead to kill soldiers so he could again win elections on the promise of killing the terrorists. Okay, then.

And of course, Modi should be investigated because he met Nawaz Sharif.

Only an extremely troubled, hate-filled person would want India and its Prime Minister investigated for a terror attack perpetrated by JeM. An attack, for which JeM has taken responsibility. The hate that blinds such an individual clearly, has no remedy.

Sanjukta Basu’s hate for Modi and Hindus, in general, is not new. In fact, she once sent a legal notice to TimesNow for referring to her as Hindu-hater.

Sanjukta Basu described as Hindu hater by Times Now

This was after the Congress President had a social media outreach where he met his supporters including Abhishek Mishra, who was recently arrested for spreading fake news. Sanjukta, in a bid to toe to the party line, even went on a sexist, abusive rant against ANI’s Editor, Smita Prakash, after Rahul Gandhi slyly referred to as ‘pliable journalist’ for her interview with Prime Minister Modi.

But perhaps there is more to it than what meets the eye. What if the trolls are just testing the ground by putting out such wild allegations before Pennywise himself comes up with something as outrageous? We have seen how after trying to legitimise distasteful attacks against Goa Chief Minister and former Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar with his false narrative about dubious tapes, Rahul Gandhi then politicised his personal visit to the ailing chief minister who is recovering from pancreatic cancer, to lie about Rafale.

While Rahul Gandhi said that he was on a personal visit and Congress even confirmed that the dubious Rafale tapes were not discussed, Rahul later claimed that Parrikar had nothing to do in the new Rafale deal ‘orchestrated by PM Modi’ to ‘benefit Anil Ambani’. This came a day after he tweeted alleging that Parrikar is ‘in possession of explosive Rafale secrets’ which give him power over the PM.

So what if, after testing the ground on social media for reaction, Pennywise goes ahead and tries to build a narrative that the Prime Minister was hand-in-gloves with Jaish-e-Mohammad? After all, the minions are already on the job.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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