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Sadhguru talks about dismantling the enemy within the country, ‘liberals’ take offense

One wonders why the journalist/'liberal' cabal would get irked when Sadhguru speaks of dismantling the infrastructure that breeds and supports enemies of the nation. One certainly wonders if in their desperation to oppose, they might have just made a Freudian slip.

The recent India-Pakistan tensions which raised out of India’s airstrikes against Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps deep inside Pakistan’s territory to avenge the death of Indians soldiers had exposed some of the faultlines existing in India, which often manifest in the form of hatred towards the idea of India. In relation to dealing with the ‘enemy within the country’, Spiritual Guru and mystic, Sadhguru has a set of practical solutions to take on the ‘deep state’ that operates within the country which challenges the basic ‘idea of India’. Speaking at the Times Now ‘Frankly Speaking’ interview, Sadhguru has called for dismantling the entire ‘infrastructure’ that not only stands by the terror inflicting apparatus of Pakistan but also part of Pakistan’s policy of ‘bleeding India with thousand cuts’.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb2sdVM8lwI]

Sadhguru, who is often known for prudent and logical argumentation has suggested that the enemy within the country must be dealt with 100 per cent before seeking solutions to the existing problems. Referring to the stone pelting incident just hours after the deadly Pulwama terror attack, Sadhguru said these people who are being referred to as “boys”, “alienated boys” should be dealt with completely.

“The Nation wants a solution. But, internally people who are giving financial support, physical support and kind of giving them media space, social media spaces are adding to the problem. I think it is the time we undo that 100%,” said Sadhguru.

When asked about action against the terrorist state of Pakistan, Sadhguru said that as India being a matured and cultural nation, which always stood for peace, we should ‘not seek retribution but solution’. The talks and dialogues will not work to find a solution as Pakistan is working for what they believe is their way of doing things. We should work on how to find a solution and one important piece of the solution is the support to Pakistan within the country must be stamped out, said Sadhguru.

Sadhguru further added that the enemy within is not just one or two people but a whole infrastructure and it should be dismantled. We should have the courage to deal with the local infrastructure now, said the mystic guru. Without taking the names of Abdullah or Mehbooba Mufti, he further added that the state political leaders are playing to these people to protect their political interest.

“There are people clearly another side of the wall, we need to deal with them one way. There are a whole lot of people who sit on the wall not knowing which way to fall, we should deal with compassionately. Those who are on this side, we should protect them so that they don’t get harmed,” said Sadhguru. “There is a religious dimension to the Kashmir issue,” emphasised Sadhguru.

Reacting to the peaceniks’ proposal of talks and dialogue with Pakistan, Sadhguru took a dig, saying, “What do you want to talk about? You want to discuss philosophies or what? There is nothing to talk”. He added that the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has made it very clear what he wanted referring to one of his speeches where he had threatened India.

“We should not engage with Pakistan at any level. As their policy towards us to bleed with thousand cuts, we should be wise enough not to be outraged but to work for the solution and cornering Pakistan is very important, whether cricket, music, it must stop,” added Sadhguru in his interview with journalist Navika Kumar.

Referring to the highly controversial casteist Caravan report, which had reported the caste of the martyred soldiers, Sadhguru said that these people were the lowest level of minds in our country.

With reference to JNU students Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid, Sadhguru expressed that according to the law they should not be walking in the streets. “Please end this. The country is ready for this. This is the time to deal with all of them. This is not retribution but about ensuring the threshold of possibility upon which we are sitting to bring the well being of the country, which had a bad deal for last 15 generations” said the head of Isha Foundation.

“Now, there is a possibility, we do not want a fool to hijack this. So we must act for a solution. This is the time. Dismantle the infrastructure. All of them, no matter who they are,” suggested Yogi Sadhguru.

However, the left-wing liberal industry, who often express their love towards Pakistan and stands in support of anti-national elements are not amused by the views of Sadhguru. The self-proclaimed free speech warriors have resorted to foul-mouthing Sadhguru, who is not only one of the most enlightened minds of the country but also has a huge following across the globe.

Swara Bhasker, one of the ultra-left wing entertainers in the Bollywood, who is fighting for relevance, not only stood by the alleged anti-national elements but also called Sadhguru a ‘sick, violent and deeply prejudiced man’.

Another ultra left-wing troll, Kavita Krishnan got aroused against Sadhguru for expressing his views. She claimed that he openly instigated violence against Kanhaiya and referred to the alleged anti-nationals as ‘vocal critics of the present regime’. She called Sadhguru as “crude hatemongers & Fraudmen masquerading as spiritual gurus” despite the fact that he did not call for any violence in any part of the interview.

One followed the another as Radia tape famed M K Venu, co-founder of the ultra-left-wing magazine, The Wire which mostly supports anti-national elements, failed to comprehend the interview and falsely claimed that Sadhguru was instigating extra-legal action. However, Sadhguru has nowhere expressed such solutions in the interview

One wonders why the journalist/’liberal’ cabal would get irked when Sadhguru speaks of dismantling the infrastructure that breeds and supports enemies of the nation. One certainly wonders if in their desperation to oppose, they might have just made a Freudian slip.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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