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kavita krishnan

Communist Kavita Krishnan reveals how she shielded NewsClick and refused to reveal their China links even though NYT had approached her

Kavita Krishnan recently authored an article wherein she shielded NewsClick and its links with China when NYT approached her.

‘India is laundering Russian oil’: Far-left ‘activist’ Kavita Krishnan defames India amid G20 Summit, casts aspersions on her foreign policy decisions

Speaking to France24, Kavita Krishnan defamed India over its policy of strategic autonomy over the Russia-Ukraine war.

Far-left ‘activist’ Kavita Krishnan bizarrely invokes ‘Sanghis’ after Islamists beat up Iranian woman for wearing hijab inappropriately

Kavita Krishnan compared the brutal torture of Mahsa Amini to the opposition by Hindu groups to selectively entertaining Muslim religious attire in government schools.

Kavita Krishnan (she/her) leaves CPI(ML) posts: Here is why it was the right decision and how she can fashion herself to be India’s AOC

Going woke is better than going woke. Why do I say this? Well, The Hindu had shocking news. Kavita Krishnan (she/her) has been ‘relieved’ of her leadership role in CPI(ML).

Kavita Krishnan calls the Modi government ‘fascist’ after her party showed there is no tolerance for differences of opinion and harsher truths

Kavita Krishnan was relieved from the CPIML leadership after she spoke against the tyrannical socialist regimes.

Kavita Krishnan tweets about socialist regimes being autocratic, removed from primary membership by CPI(ML) after differences of opinion

CPI(ML) Liberation’s Polit Bureau member and a Central Committee member for more than two decades Kavita Krishnan has been relieved of all posts she held in the party

‘Ecosystem’ gets into first gear to cry ‘democracy in danger’ over arrest of Teesta Setalvad by ATS, characterises system as dictatorial

On June 25, 2022, a squad from Gujarat's Anti-Terrorism Squad apprehended so-called activist Teesta Setalvad. She was detained from her residence in Mumbai's Juhu locality at about 3 PM and brought to Ahmedabad via road.

Teesta Setalvad arrested for false testimony in Gujarat riots: Here is how the cabal of journalists and activists defended her over the years

Rajdeep Sardesai is yet to apologise to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his decade-long insinuations about the former's complicity in the riots.

The ‘right’ and ‘left’ of sexual harassment victims and perpetrators in India

In all likelihood, this article will be mocked at by the left cabal as well, because for them, 'Sanghis' cannot raise voice against women's sexual abuse because only they have monopoly on it. That is where the problem lies. For 'Sanghis' abuse is abuse, for 'liberals', 'Sanghis' deserve it for 'being fascist enablers'.

Communist leader Kavita Krishnan outrages against a UP ad in the newspaper calling it ‘Islamophobic’: Did she just admit that all rioters are Muslims?

Communist leader Kavita Krishnan took to Twitter today to rave and rant against an advertisement of the Uttar Pradesh government in the paper

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