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Suspended officer Ashish Joshi threatens ‘True Indology’ after being exposed for his lack of knowledge

In several other tweets targeted True Indology, Joshi the suspended officer accused him of spreading hatred against minorities, which should attract legal and police action

While social media platforms have given the common man a level playing field, doxing and censoring has been one of the most concerning factors today across all the social media platforms.

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In a similar incident of ‘doxxing’ and threatening, Ashish Joshi, a 1992 batch Indian Post and Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service officer, has threatened Twitter historian True Indology of not only blocking his account but also indulged in bullying by claiming that he would reveal the identity of the social media user, which is a blatant abuse of power to violate user’s privacy.

Ashish Joshi, who was accused of being involved in ‘blanket-tea scam’, was resorting to false historical facts to prove a misleading argument regarding the origins of a city in Pakistan. While busting the myth of Hindu-Muslim harmony in India, True Indology was rebutting a set of false narratives peddled by a left-wing propagandist, Arfa Khanum Sherwani concerning the celebration of Holi in India. He argued that Sherwani, belonging to an Afghan tribe cannot claim a moral high ground on the issue of tolerance as the Sherwani had themselves banned Holi festival during their tenure as Punjab governors.

However, Ashish Joshi, who is now suspended for allegedly misusing his official position by using the official letterhead to write a personal letter, to express his support for JNU freelance protestor Shehla Rashid, gatecrashed a Twitter conversation to quote certain incorrect facts regarding the origin of Sherwani tribe claiming that there were originally from Afghanistan. In his eagerness to expose True Indology, Ashish Joshi indulged in quoting wrong information and ended up exposing himself.

True Indology, who is known to be very articulate regarding historical facts, responded to Ashish Joshi’s tirade by putting each and every piece of information associated with the Sherwani tribe, which ended up exposing Joshi mediocre knowledge over the culture and history of the sub-continent.

Ashish Joshi, who was thoroughly exposed by True Indology, seems to have taken offence at getting outed for his ignorance by a common social media user. Joshi, who claims to be a student of History, further plagiarised the content pertaining to the matter of debate and attempted to flaunt his ‘intellect’ on the social media only to be further exposed by True Indology.

As he got exposed, Joshi turned abusive and threatened True Indology of exposing his private information in the public domain. Joshi resorted to doxing, when he claimed that he will use the services of an IPS officer friend to reveal the details of social media user who manages the account True Indology.

Tweet by Joshi threatening TrueIndology

As his mediocrity got exposed, Ashish Joshi chose to deactivate his social media account only to reactivate it a few minutes later. Recently, he had resorted to same modus operandi of running away from Twitter after he got suspended for using his official position to threaten Kapil Mishra. Joshi, upon reactivating his account is back to threatening ordinary citizens with police complaints.

In several other tweets targeted True Indology, Joshi the suspended officer accused him of spreading hatred against minorities, which should attract legal and police action, thereby misusing his position of power since True Indology had not done anything wrong except presenting facts.

Doxxing is the most critical privacy issue that has threatened common social media users who often challenges the self-proclaimed elites and intellectuals. In the age of open social media, the false propaganda which was sustained for decades are being exposed, which has resulted in ‘self-proclaimed intellectuals’ losing their relevance in their intellectual sphere, which has resulted in blatant abuse and censoring of these social media users.

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