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History distortion

Wikipedia distorts history: Claims Pakistan’s first law minister JN Mandal returned to India for his son’s illness, does not mention his concerns about anti-Hindu...

Jogendra Nath Mandal resigned from Pakistan govt and returned to India in 1950 due to anti-Hindu riots and policies, and the anti-Dalit bias in Muslim majority administration in Pakistan.

NCERT textbook controversy: References to 2002 Gujarat riots removed from Class 11 Sociology book

The deleted paragraph from the class 11 sociology textbook "Understanding Society" discussed how class, religion, and ethnicity frequently result in the segregation of residential areas and used the communal unrest in Gujarat in 2002 as an example of how communal unrest contributes to ghettoization.

India International Centre President Shyam Saran should apologise for inviting Romila Thapar for History lecture

Romila Thapar being invited for CD Deshmukh Memorial Lecture at India International Centre has created quite a furore.

‘Our history was distorted under a colonial conspiracy’: PM Modi at 400th birth anniversary celebration of Lachit Borphukan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Indian history was distorted under a conspiracy during the colonial era

Allahabad High Court rejects petition seeking to open the ‘closed rooms’ of the Taj Mahal, says matter should be left to historians

Dr. Rajneesh Singh had said in his petition that the Taj Mahal is an old Shiva Temple which was known as 'Tejo Mahalaya'.

“Indian History is not Mughal and Nehru-Gandhi dynasty History”: JNU VC in an old speech, video goes viral

The JNU VC made a passionate case for rewriting of history to accommodate multiple narratives.

‘India’s history needs to be liberated from Nehruvian-Marxist ecosystem’: How Sanjeev Sanyal, Anand Ranganathan and others dismantled the Leftist agenda at St Xavier’s debate

The house tilted in favour of the motion arguing that history does need to be re-narrated and needs to be liberated from the Nehruvian-Marxist biases.

With leftist historians on your side, you can stay neutral in any war: Here is how

There is a war happening in Europe. How can India stay neutral? Or as woke liberals, freshly graduating from Instagram, would ask: how can India in good conscience, stay neutral?

Audrey Truschke blames ‘Hindu Right IT cells’ after her hate letter against Historian Vikram Sampath was found with forged signatures

The sophisticated hate-mongering through academia was not enough, that Audrey Truschke's hate letter against Vikram Sampath was found to have falsely added names.

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