Topic: TrueIndology (Twitter Historian and Fact checker)

Who is Trueindology?

Trueindology is a Historian, Indologist and fact checker on matters of Indian history. In a very quick time, True indology has attained a cult status on social media for his pathbreaking rebuttals of left marxist fake history in his attempt to open the eyes of millions of Indians otherwise brainwashed into accepting a completely fake account of indian history in an attempt to corner power.

Trueindology’s twitter account suspensions

Trueindology as a result of his honest and truthful rebuttals has been suspended time and again from twitter which is known to be infested by political biased employees favoring a marxist ideology as accepted publicly by Twitter CEO jack dorsey himself.

At Opindia we keep a record of True indology’s best rebuttals and posts from social media in this archive.

You can follow him on his Twitter profile at, on Facebook as and you can read his blog at

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