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TrueIndology (Twitter Historian and Fact checker)

True Indology, Devendra Fadnavis, the supporters of both and everything in between: Why the entire saga left me frustrated and disgusted

The thread by True Indology where he tweeted information about Phule, which Devendra Fadnavis spoke about, was a year old

True Indology offers unconditional apology & requests clemency after his old tweets caused a storm in Maharashtra, says his comments were misreported and misunderstood

True Indology made personal requests to Devendra Fadnavis, Narendra Modi, BJP, Congress, NCP and all Maharashtra politicians to offer him clemency

True Indology vs Devendra Fadnavis – The two ‘Hindutvas’ and why they clash

“True Indology” had, a year ago, tweeted about Savitribai Phule, recognized as the ‘first female teacher’ of India.

Popular non-leftist history account TrueIndology back on Twitter, new review policy under Elon Musk found earlier suspension unfair

After Elon Musk started restoring arbitrarily banned Twitter accounts, TrueIndology Twitter handle has been restored

Twitter may play a partisan role in general elections 2024: Suspended Twitter handles argue in Delhi High Court highlighting the platform’s ideological bias

“If tech giants are not injuncted against not following law of the land, consequences for our democracy would be quite severe," argued the suspended twitter accounts highlighting Twitter's ideological bias

True Indology deactivates his Twitter account after getting legal threats for recounting troubled history of Mizo-Assam strife, this is what he said

Swaraj Kaushal, former Governor of Mizoram, warned Bharadwaj Speaks of legal consequences for posting Mizoram history on Twitter

Fraud fact-checking: AltNews co-founder Pratik Sinha spreads fake news while attempting to ‘fact-check’ old picture of a Hindu Sadhu

AltNews's Pratik Sinha posted fake information about an old image of a Hindu Sadhu in Kashmir in his hurry to call TrueIndology as a fraud.

‘She said my time was up, and I was suspended’: TrueIndology says on Facebook after being suspended from Twitter

'TrueIndology' is a very popular account which often debunks leftist claims and propaganda about Indian history.

‘Did your mother feed these b*tches while menstruating’: Devdutt Pattanaik suffers another meltdown on Twitter, hurls filth

'Mythologist' Devdutt Pattanaik has faced his yet another epic meltdown on Twitter

Popular Twitter account True Indology warns people against imposters

True Indology has clarified that he has no backup or alternate accounts on Twitter

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