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How a born communist Atishi Marlena, who is today being hailed as a ‘revolutionary’, ruined Delhi’s education system

A huge controversy surrounding Athishi Marlena has now erupted after she resorted to religious appeasement by dropping her last name ‘Marlena’ as she sounded ‘Christian’, which may not be suitable in her campaign during Lok Sabha elections.

The ability of the left-Lutyens industry to create new ‘mediocre’ heroes to necessitate some sort of revolution against a stable-peaceful political system is quite astonishing. First, it was Arvind Kejriwal, then came Kanhaiya Kumar, Shehla Rasheed, Gurmehar Kaur and others, who often marinate in their own mediocrity, attempting to instil anarchy.

With these devious ideas and individuals passing into oblivion, the left-liberals amaze us now with propping up Atishi Marlena as some sort of youth icon who revolutionised Delhi’s education. But, as usual, the left propaganda always turns out to be another myth.

Atishi ‘Marx-Lenin’ Marlena, the Aam Aadmi Party candidate from East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency, is being hailed as a revolutionary by the Lutyens cabal for her alleged contribution to uplift the Delhi’s education sector. The credentials of Marlena are as weird as her last name. The AAP propaganda cell is somewhat successful in building a ‘too good to be true’ image for Atishi Marlena by deliberately hiding the disasters that contributed to further deterioration of Delhi’s education system.

According to a Twitter user named Ananya, Atishi Singh was born to Delhi University professors Vijay Kumar Singh and Tripta Wahi. She was reportedly named after her parents’ ideological gurus Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Atishi ‘Marlena’ has truly inherited the communist ideology and a born communist.

A huge controversy surrounding Athishi Marlena has now erupted after she resorted to religious appeasement by dropping her last name ‘Marlena’ as she sounded ‘Christian’, which may not be suitable in her campaign during Lok Sabha elections.

Interestingly, Marlena’s parents Vijay Kumar Singh and Tripta Wahi are devout communists. Atishi’s parents belong to the group of ’eminent’ personalities who had cryingly written a mercy petition to the President of India against the death penalty for Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist Afzal Guru.

Interestingly, Tripta Wahi is also closely linked to SAR Geelani, one of the notorious face of anti-India and terrorist sympathiser. Her father Prof. Vijay Singh, Editor of a ‘Communist propaganda’ website, Revolutionary Democracy, is part of ‘Stalin society’, which has the sole mission of defending the revolutionary legacy of the former Soviet dictator Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, who is responsible for around 20 million deaths in his lifetime. On the other hand, Atishi Marlena has been suspiciously tight-lipped about the involvement of her family in anti-India movements and also regarding her communist credentials.

Atishi Marlena is also hailed for her so-called ‘exemplary’ accomplishments in the education sector in Delhi. Atishi Marlena is yet another manifestation of left-liberal cabal propaganda of glorifying mediocrity under the garb of intellect.

We looked into the claims of Atishi Marlena regarding her ‘exemplary’ service to Delhi’s education. Atishi Marlena who started as a spokesperson for AAP was later made ‘advisor’ to Education Minister Manish Sisodia. Marlena was later kicked out of the ‘illegal’ post as they were not sanctioned by the Finance Ministry.

The Delhi AAP government had done all the pomp and show along with relentless propaganda to claim that they ‘revolutionised’ public education system in Delhi. However, despite the crores of rupees spent on advertising their so-called achievements, nothing has actually transpired on the ground.

According to Dr Nandini Sharma, an elected member and Chairman of the Education Committee of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, despite all the noise about modernising public school, the AAP government under Manish Sisodia and his advisor Atishi Marlena have not only wasted an opportunity to transform the public education system in the Delhi but also they both further deteriorated the already deteriorated education system in the national capital. 

An Indian Express report states that Rs.250 crores had gone down the drain as the Aam Aadmi Party’s ‘Model Schools’ project had severe irregularities. The AAP had sought to convert 54 government schools into model schools and had handed the job of beatification of these schools to Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC). However, merely 3 years later, the walls have developed cracks in some of the recently completed schools.

The AAP with its propaganda arm has managed to make a hero out of Atishi ‘Marlena’ Singh despite the fact that under her watch, Delhi education infrastructure has gone worse from the bad. The photographs of so-called ‘model’ schools have been spread far and wide across media highlighting them as the champions of AAP’s transformative policies but facts point to the contrary. According to reports, the walls of recently completed schools have begun to display cracks.

Atishi Marlena’s biggest disaster during her time as an advisor to the Delhi government was their incompetency to address the non-availability of teachers that too in an urban conglomeration like Delhi. Generally, the trend is that the teachers are unwilling to work in rural areas compared to urban areas. The preference for urban posting ideally should mean that Delhi should have an excess of teachers but in reality, public schools in Delhi are faced by a severe teacher shortage.

Addition to this, the AAP government did not even address the persistent problem of ‘textbooks’ shortage. In the 2016-17 academic year, children in Delhi’s government schools received their textbooks in phases, over months some reaching them six to nine months into the session, according to Dr Nandini Sharma.

During the tenure of Atishi Marlena as an advisor to Delhi’s Education Minister, the relationship between the private schools and the government had turned extremely hostile. The AAP government was waging a legal battle against private unaided school accusing them of indulging in malpractices and corruption. Interestingly, the Delhi High Court had slammed the state government for not maintaining the same standards that they expect from the private schools.

In fact, the Delhi government aggressively used the Right to Education (RTE) act to stifle the autonomy of private schools. Further, the Delhi government in its desperation to appease parents had tried to depict all private schools as extortionists.

Despite tall claims of bettering private schools, the government school children have severely fallen behind. The AAP Government has been propagating misleading information to claim higher passing percentages of Class 12 to project that they have done some substantial reforms. But in reality, the passing percentage for government schools in Delhi have been quite similar to those of private schools.

The claims that this is the first time Delhi government schools have outdone private school are not completely true. Reportedly, the government schools in Delhi had fared slightly better in 2012, 2013 and 2014 long before Aam Aadmi Party came into existence. In 2009 and 2010 too, under Sheila Dikshit government, government schools had done better than private schools.

Reportedly, a large number of government schools in Delhi does not offer critical subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, which are taught in private schools. These critical subjects will eventually bring down the passing percentages rates of private schools as they are considered relatively difficult. Without teaching core Science and Mathematics, the AAP run government schools cannot claim to be achieving something revolutionary.

Despite all the marketing, the fact remains that the public education system worsened under Manish Sisodia and Atishi Marlena. With highly abusive propaganda machinery behind Aitshi Marlena, it is not surprising that she has been able to pull off such con to make people believe that they have indeed transformed education in Delhi. However, facts prove otherwise.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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