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Rahul Gandhi’s campaign was a disgrace, only slaves and assorted pen-pushers will see it as principled and passionate

The Knight has been stripped off his made-in-Thailand shining armour, but the Château Lafite sipping entitled slave is too scared to tell the Knight that he is buck-naked.

“Any war that requires the suspension of reason as a necessity for support is a bad war.” – Normal Bailer

2019 Lok Sabha election was considered a battle of the ideologies, far more than a simple democratic process where the citizens choose who they wish to be ruled by for the next half a decade. The Left vs The Right, for the want of better phraseology. The Left became this all-encompassing orgy of political parties, activists, lawyers, civil society snakes and the entire conglomeration put their faith in one clown prince, Rahul Gandhi. The Knight whose shining armour was purchased from the alleys of Bangkok was supposed to salvage the pen pushers and assorted thugs from political annihilation.

It didn’t work. Prime Minister Narendra Modi raced back to power with a majority, even larger and more decisive than the last. Rahul Gandhi then locked himself up in a room, apparently whining about how he wants to quit as the President of the Congress party. The CWC, whose president is Rahul Gandhi, rejected the resignation. Rahul Gandhi, who had offered to resign to a body whose president he is, insisted that he wants to resign and Congress, which is basically an ideologically bereft family fiefdom, should find a new President. One can almost imagine poor Ahmed Patel knocking on Baba’s door and telling him, in a honey-dripped comforting voice, “come out baba, nobody blames you. The others just didn’t work hard enough. At least talk to Mumma. She will tell you”.

With ‘Darinder Mudi’ back in the Prime Minister’s chair and Rahul Gandhi throwing a hissy fit in his bedroom, it really comes as no surprise that the assorted pen-pushers and bonded labourers who had pinned their hope on the 40-something-year-old youth icon are now trying to convince Rahul through their op-eds that he fought a worthy fight. A principled battle. A war, where nobody wins, one side just loses.

One of the advocates belonging to the coterie that had pinned their hopes on poor Rahul said even if he quits, he should do so with his head held high. Apparently, he fought hard, “from a place of love” and “for our founding fathers”.

Another poor soul who has been countered like a shuttlecock in a badminton match said PM Modi should accept the mandate. The mandate, however, in his mind is that 55% of people voted against him.

Shivam Vij in his article for The Print listed what Rahul should have done differently to win the elections because Modi is not invincible. He mouthed off inanities like the people did not trust that Congress would implement NYAY (which is a scheme that can ‘end poverty’, according to Vij), that after the infamous hug where he visually communicated the difference between love and hate abstract binaries, that campaign could not be made permanent and that Rahul did not raise issues like Demonetisation, unemployment, Lokpal etc.

The analysis by all of these mind-numbingly enslaved lot is akin to a mother consoling her son who failed in the exams. “It’s ok. There is always the next time”. “Your girlfriend distracted you, otherwise, you are brilliant”. “Sharma ji’s son must have cheated”. No over-protective, blinded-by-love mother is ever going to just sit her son down and tell him that he screwed up. It is always someone else’s fault. Someone else needs to be blamed.

Rahul Gandhi came out and said that senior leaders are to be blamed because they focussed on their sons and not the party. For the irony-impaired, let me spell this out: Rahul Gandhi is the party president, before him, it was his mother Sonia Gandhi and in the 2019 elections, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was given a large chunk of responsibility without proving herself. It is only in the Congress party that Baba’s and Baby’s get rewarded for being utterly useless. Rahul Gandhi got rewarded for losing 2014 and smiling like a blithering idiot, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra got rewarded for being the loser’s sister and of course, having a nose that resembles Indira Gandhi, their grandmother.

Rahul Gandhi fought the vilest, lie-laced battle in the run-up to 2019 elections. Priyanka and Rahul believe that they lost the elections because other leaders didn’t lie enough and didn’t chant ‘chowkidar chor hai’ enough. The fact remains that the Congress party and their band of monkeys had absolutely no proof that the Rafale deal was a scam. The Supreme Court said it wasn’t. Even Rahul Gandhi said he doesn’t have enough information on the deal. The lie was fuelled by a lying, soulless, unethical media that cropped documents just to undermine the government. The court jesters never asked Rahul about the Eurofighter connection or his own links to a Defence Dalal.

He lied about national security issues, lied about tribal laws, lied about farmer loan waiver, lied about Industrialists being given loan waiver, lied about the Rafale deal, never explained his own dubious land deals, lied about the figures of off-sets, lied about the French government, lied about meeting with Chinese delegates right after the Doklam standoff, lied about Modi’s handling of Doklam even though a committee which he was in appreciated the Modi government, questioned the Indian government on Balakot, questioned the government on surgical strikes, lied about the economy, lied about NYAY, the media never questioned him about the inflation tax he would impose or whether he endorsed Sam Pitroda calling the middle-class selfish, he supported Naxals, he supported ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, Inshallah Inshallah’, he wanted AFSPA removed in Kashmir, he accused the Indian Army of rape and torture, he cosied up to Pakistan, he and his men abused Modi and his family… what else is left? Plenty, I suppose. But for now, this list is an indication that Rahul Gandhi travelled to the abyss of hate and lost his soul there.

While Rahul Gandhi did everything to burn this country and walk away with the power that would rise from the ashes, the media played Nero’s guest. They kept shut, they never questioned, they supported everything that would break this country including secessionism, they demonised Hindus and shielded Islamist terrorists. Why? Because Rahul Gandhi had chosen to ally with radical Islamists and fundamentalists.

After all of this, the entitled slaves would like to believe that Rahul Gandhi should hold his head high even if he walks away from the trail of asininity that he left behind. Would they do this for the money? The fund that would buy their beef steaks and wine and crème brûlées? Or would they do this simply because, without an idiot to manipulate, nobody would really give the Khan Market intelligentsia the time of the day? The irrelevant band of buffoons who like to talk about poverty alleviation while eating their Rs. 2000 worth of salad with a dollop of fat-free-glutton-free something?

Rahul Gandhi’s campaign was not principled, it was not born out of passion and it was certainly not something to be proud of. It was when that swam against the very ethos of India. It was a disgrace. It was a prolonged rambling of a deranged mind. It was born of not out of effervescent love, but irrepressible hate, not only for Modi but for an India that would not lick the Dynasty’s boots any longer.

The Knight has been stripped off his made-in-Thailand shining armour, but the Château Lafite sipping entitled slave is too scared to tell the Knight that he is buck-naked. Who would pay for the damn wine if Baba doesn’t come out of his bedroom, get over his hissy fit and proceed to screw up again?

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Nupur J Sharma
Nupur J Sharma
Editor-in-Chief, OpIndia.

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