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Meet Mahua Moitra: The new darling of the ‘Liberal Left’ clown world

When Mahua's speech turns out to be worthless in the long run and if and when the BJP wins Bengal in 2021, as appears very likely at this point, liberals will blame the citizens of Bengal for not being intellectual enough instead of introspecting on the reasons why her party suffered a terrible defeat.

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K Bhattacharjee
Black Coffee Enthusiast. Post Graduate in Psychology. Bengali.

The new darling of the Left is the newly elected Trinamool MP from the Krishnanagar Lok Sabha Constituency, Mahua Moitra. She has earned great plaudits for her maiden speech in the Lower House of the Parliament where she highlighted the seven signs of ‘rising Fascism in the country’.

Like Pavlov’s dog, whose mouth watered every time it heard the bell in expectation of food, liberals, too, put her on a pedestal.

After being failed terribly by the likes of Kanhaiya Kumar, Kunal Kamra, Swara Bhaskar, Hardik Patel and Jignesh Mevani, the Left has finally found its new hero in the 44-year-old MP from Trinamool. But there’s something bizarre about the whole affair.

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Mahua Moitra is the same politician who was accused of assaulting a woman constable at the Silchar Airport in Assam when a Trinamool delegation was stopped from leaving the airport amidst fears that they would further vitiate the already communally charged atmosphere in the state. In a video that went viral, she came across as a roadside hooligan rather an elected representative of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.

Mahua Moitra is also being hailed by the Left for entirely different reasons. After her maiden speech went viral on social media, an old video of hers earned her the appreciation on social media. The video showed Mahua Moitra showing Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami the Middle Finger.

It’s not surprising at all that liberals are celebrating such indecent behaviour. After all, they have completely ignored the fact that Kanhaiya Kumar, during his time at JNU, flashed his penis at a woman because she objected to his urinating in public. The Left nurtures a culture where indecency is the norm and then acts shocked when so many among them turn out to be either sexual predators or those who are involved in a conspiracy of silence over the perversion in their midst.

In what world does a politician showing a journalist the middle finger make her worthy of adoration and respect? In a clown world, of course. But it’s not surprising at all. As we had speculated in an earlier article, perversion and potentially criminal behaviour appear to be necessary requirements to become a hero in the liberal world.

Moitra’s speech, too, was riddled with the same hypocrisy and contradictions that liberal politics is riddled with. She insinuates that the BJP is responsible for a Xenophobic brand of Nationalism becoming mainstream and yet, it is her own party which is trying to recreate the toxic Dravidianist brand of politics in Bengal.

The leader of her party, Mamata Banerjee, herself accused protesting doctors of being ‘outsiders’ and branded the Doctors’ protest as a BJP conspiracy. Trinamool sympathizers like Garga Chatterjee use the vilest of rhetoric against Biharis and North Indians to sow the seeds of regionalist chauvinism in Bengal. Yet, Mahua Moitra doesn’t have any words to offer for the Xenophobia that is being spread by members of her own party against citizens of this very country.

In a very significant statement, Mahua Moitra said, “In a country where ministers cannot produce degrees to show they graduated from college, you expect dispossessed poor people to show papers to show that they belong to this country.” She appeared to be referring to the NRC exercise which is being conducted under the purview of the Supreme Court.

It is a remarkable trivialization of the entire exercise which is extremely crucial for preserving the identity of the North-Eastern states of the country. Anyone who is aware of the circumstances in Assam and its neighbouring states understands very well the devastating impact of the demographic shift in the region. The unchecked illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims who refuse to assimilate with the dominant culture has made the region a communal tinderbox.

The same effects can be observed in West Bengal as well where migration of Hindus has been reported from regions which have undergone a tectonic demographic shift in a relatively quick span of time. Unstable demography is a recipe for chaos and anarchy, that an elected representative in the Lok Sabha is making such irresponsible remarks only shows her lack of commitment towards the welfare of the citizens of this country.

While Mahua Maitra insinuates that the BJP is responsible for rising fascism in the country, Karyakartas of the party is being murdered mercilessly in her own state allegedly by members of her own party. While she cries fascism, she remained silent over the fact that the state police jailed a youth for posting a meme of the Chief Minister on social media. While she cries fascism, people are being murdered in Bengal for chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

She ignores the complete lawlessness in West Bengal and maintained a stoic silence when Trinamool members were being accused of threatening the medical fraternity with physical violence and rape. And yet, she is being hailed by the Left as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Thus, here we have an elected representative of the Lok Sabha who was accused of assaulting a women constable and showed a journalist the middle finger. She maintains a stoic silence over the terrible conduct of her own partymen and the prevailing anarchy in her own state which is ruled by her own party. And yet, Mahua Moitra has become the new hero of the Left.

Her augmented stature in the Left perfectly demonstrates why the Liberal left suffered a catastrophic defeat in the 2019 General Elections. The expectations they have from their leaders is so low that they become jubilant when the leaders give voice to their deluded fantasies. According to conventional wisdom, actions speak louder than words. But in the liberal world, the existence of which fundamentally revolves around defying convention, words are sufficient condition for glorification. Conduct does not matter, not even in recent times let alone in the past.

And that is exactly why Liberals are condemned to glorifying incompetent and hypocritical leaders who cannot even win a municipality election on their own. Because the expectations they have from their leaders are too low, the bar they have set for eligibility is extremely flawed and the only condition they have set for the glorification of politicians is opposition towards Narendra Modi.

Thus, when Mahua’s speech turns out to be worthless in the long run and if and when the BJP wins Bengal in 2021, as appears very likely at this point, liberals will blame the citizens of Bengal for not being intellectual enough instead of introspecting on the reasons why her party suffered a terrible defeat.

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K Bhattacharjee
Black Coffee Enthusiast. Post Graduate in Psychology. Bengali.

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