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Are sexual perversion and criminal conduct important qualifications necessary to become a ‘Liberal’ hero?

If you believe Ravana treated Sita better than Rama, you shouldn't be too surprised when your ranks are overflowing with Rakshasas.

Once a paragon of liberal virtue and an anointed knight in the forces of secularism against Hindutva, Ex-Cop Sanjiv Bhatt has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Jamnagar Court in a custodial death case. With that, another hero who was supposed to liberate liberals from the oppressive Hindutva regime has bitten the dust.

Bhatt’s stellar rise and subsequent fall is a familiar pattern in the liberal world. In recent times, heroes of the secular camp more often than not turn out to be sexual predators or criminals. The ‘Me Too’ movement amply revealed that underneath the carefully crafted mask of ‘Woke’ Activism lies a terrible track record of consistently predatory behaviour.

The All India Bakchod (AIB), perceived by the millennial crowd to be the second coming of Christ, shut shop during the saga. One of the co-founders admitted to having knowledge about a sexual predator in their midst and yet, did absolutely nothing to ensure the safety of women around him. Another of them is accused of sexual misconduct as well. Utsav Chakraborty, whose predatory behaviour triggered AIB’s downfall, was another ‘Woke’ artist who made a business out of pandering to liberal delusions.

Then, of course, there was Shamir Reuben, a slam poet who was accused of making sexual advances towards minor girls and worse. He was another of the ‘Woke’ brigade who was exposed during the ‘Me Too’ movement. Buzzfeed was then slammed on social media for being apologetic about Reuben who by then had offered an apology. A poet of a very pedestrian nature had also defended him initially before receiving flak for it and then changing her stance. Defending a pervert has obviously not hurt her prospects as she continues to be well respected and celebrated in liberal quarters.

Vinod Dua, another Knight in the Secular camp, was accused of stalking and sexual abuse as well. The Wire, which continues to enjoy a great reputation among the ‘Woke’ crowd, allowed Dua to make crass comments and slander the ‘Me Too’ movement. The outlet also allowed one of their journalists who was accused of rape to go back to work without offering any explanation.

This pattern of behaviour has also been seen at NDTV. Uma Sudhir, the wife of TS Sudhir, an NDTV journalist who was accused of sexual harassment, was accused of ‘gaslighting’ victims and intimidate them to protect her husband.

And these are just a few of the prominent faces. There are numerous others like Tarun Tejpal, accused of rape, who was defended by prominent members of the secular brigade even after the arrest. The Indian Movie Industry which is a vessel for all forms of ‘Woke’ narratives is filled with sexual predators.

Not merely in the social scene, even in the political arena, the heroes of the liberal camp are quite dubious characters. Lalu Prasad Yadav, whose rustic charm has mesmerized the entire liberal fraternity, is a convicted criminal who headed the ‘Jungle Raj’ era in Bihar. Arvind Kejriwal, another liberal hero, was allegedly involved in the assault on the Delhi Chief Secretary. Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi Parivar who is rumoured to have a lower IQ than a 2-year old Baboon, is an accused in the National Herald scam, as is his mother.

Mamata Banerjee, hailed as a ‘streetfighter’ by the Liberal camp, is presiding over West Bengal’s own version of ‘Jungle Raj’. Even Asaduddin Owaisi is now a secular hero. The same Owaisi whose brother infamously declared that in the absence of the Police for 15 minutes, Muslims will show Hindus who the boss is. And Owaisi took no action against his brother, Akbaruddin is currently an MLA in the Telangana Assembly.

The newfound heroes of the Liberal camp are just as bad as those who came before. Kanhaiya Kumar during his time at JNU was accused of flashing his penis at a woman who objected to his urinating in public. Her accusation was backed by solid corroborative evidence; the formal inquiry at JNU had found Kanhaiya guilty of misbehaving with her and fined him Rs 3000. And yet, he still continues to be a hero although his value at the market has dipped considerably since May 23rd. Jignesh Mevani appears to someone who wants to incite caste wars in the country. Hardik Patel, now a Congress leader, demonstrated his inclinations towards hooliganism amply during the Patidar agitation.

In the case of Bhatt, there were always indications that he wasn’t a man with a sound moral compass. The vulgarity of his tweets and his crass mannerisms were sufficient indication of his lack of integrity. However, liberals were only too willing to ignore these signs because he as on their side.

It’s no surprise that the top rungs of the Liberal Camp are filled with dubious people. In their bid to secure power, they have compromised with virtues and morals. In their bid to oppose Hindutva, they made a deal with the Devil. After all, if you believe Ravana treated Sita better than Rama, you shouldn’t be too surprised when your ranks are overflowing with Rakshasas.

One must truly introspect here. If people have to sacrifice the dignity of women, basic courtesies and decencies and accommodate potential criminals and actual criminals for the sake of secularism, is Secularism even a virtue worth preserving?

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