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Liberal Propaganda

IIT Delhi professor Divya Dwivedi calls for wiping out Hinduism from India at G20, had earlier called Hinduism a false religion

Divya Dwivedi, an IIT Delhi professor has brazenly gone on to utilize the G20 platform to hurl venom against Hinduism and India

Bill SB403 and the ‘liberal’ ecosystem: An equivalent of ‘wajib-ul-qatl’, here is the payoff that ‘liberals’ seek by masking caste an issue in the...

Indian left’s anti-Hindu hate is now programmed into mainstream Western liberal SOPs - what is has got to do with SB403

As Delhi HC frames charges against Sharjeel Imam and Safoora Zargar, here is how the ‘liberals’ had gone all out to defend them

As the Delhi HC frames charges against Sharjeel Imam and Safoora Zargar, a motley variety of 'liberals' had rushed to paint them as heroes.

If THIS is how ‘democracy is dead’ for our Liberal friends, then yes, it is and it should be: Here is why

Is democracy dead? The biggest sweeping statement of the century and something that liberal friends love to repeat

Even a simple egg curry recipe in NYT becomes an anti-Modi rant, columnist chef makes it about bashing ‘pro-vegetarian Hindus’

Tejal Rao, a NYT columnist, used her recipe section to bash Hindus and rant against the Modi government.

Sadanand Dhume and liberal propaganda: Why he is wrong about Indian democracy being in danger and how he refused to answer pertinent questions

Serial commentator Sadanand Dhume, tweeted a thread yesterday, yet again reminding us that democracy is in danger in India.

Hindu representation of Nambi Narayanan: Not a word on anti-Hindu insinuations in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, liberal cries over R Madhavan’s Rocketry

Anupama Chopra's comments on R Madhavan’s Rocketry: The Nambi Effect seems weird and clearly driven by vicious propaganda

The horrendous Kanhaiya Lal beheading and the 13 shameless tricks liberals are using while reacting to it

Let us study the reaction of this gang to the horrendous Udaipur murder by their Islamist pals.

The Nupur Sharma fiasco and the Liberals: 9 ways how the Islamo-fascists and their ideological comrades have shot themselves in the foot

By over-reacting to the Nupur Sharma affair, Liberals have made life much more difficult for themselves for years

Dear Liberals, the blood of Texas children is on your already blood-soaked hands: Here is how

Dear liberals, let us face the facts and come straight to the point - Blood of Texas children is on your already blood-soaked hands. 

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