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Shashi Tharoor begins Congress campaigning in Maharashtra by lying about Hindus and furthering the ‘dara hua Musalman’ narrative

There have been several fake hate crime stories where Muslims were asked to chant Jai Shree Ram, peddled to create this narrative of 'dara hua Musalman' while actual hate crimes against Hindus have been brushed under the carpet.

Speaking at an event in Maharashtra, Shashi Tharoor has resorted to lying blatantly about Hindus and furthering the ‘dara hua Musalman’ narrative. The Election Commission had on Saturday announced the dates for the Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. Both the states will go to poll on October 21 and the results will be declared on October 24 in a single phase. With Tharoor’s remarks, it appears that Congress is yet again going to use minority fear-mongering in an attempt to garner votes.

Shashi Tharoor at an event in Maharashtra said, “What have we seen in last 6 years?It started with the killing of Mohsin Shaikh in Pune. Then, Mohd Akhlaq was killed saying he is carrying beef. But it was reported later that it was not beef. Even if it was beef, who gave anyone the right to kill a person?”

He also invoked Pehlu Khan and asked how ‘one election has given so much power to thse people that they can do anything and kill anyone?’ It is unclear whether Tharoor was insinuating a direct hand of the ruling party BJP in these murders or was he insinuating that since Hindus predominantly voted for Prime Minister Modi, that Hindus have been emboldened by the current political dispensation to commit murder and lynch people to death.

He then proceeded to further another blatant exaggeration in order to defame Hindus. He said that Hindus are killing people in the name of Lord Ram and made a generic statement that several people are being asked to chant Jai Shree Ram while being murdered and lynched to death.

Shashi Tharoor has peddled several dangerous narratives in these statements that he has made. Firstly, he furthers the narrative that Hindus have been ’emboldened’ by the BJP led by PM Narendra Modi coming to power. While it is true that Hindus have become emboldened after Modi came to power, it only means that they are refusing to remain mute spectators to the demise of their civilization. They are not out there lynching people because they are feeling emboldened or that country is ruled by the BJP.

More than the actual number of lynchings, there have been fake hate crime stories peddled to create this narrative while actual hate crimes against Hindus have been brushed under the carpet. It is by design that the atrocities Hindus have been facing have been brushed away by inventing fake hate crime stories involving Muslim victims.

Mark Tully, Padma Bhushan awardee and chief of BBC Delhi for two decades, recently said at an event that the Congress party had alienated Hindus through its brand of ‘secularism’. He had held this responsible for their political demise. And yet, it appears even Shashi Tharoor, who is among one of the smarter individuals in the Congress party, does not realize the obvious. It only shows that smart politicians in the Congress party are like one-eyed kings in a world of the blind.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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