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‘Dara Hua Musalman’? Here is a list of 50 hate crimes that busts the narrative

A lot has been said over the narrative of 'Dara Hua Musalman'.

A lot has been said over the narrative of ‘Dara Hua Musalman’. The secular camp has carefully constructed the narrative with its abundant resources, initiatives have been launched which maintain a dubious ‘hate tracker’ record to further the narrative. However, reality, more often than not, finds itself at odds with the liberal narrative.

We have often seen how crimes involving a Muslim and Hindu where Muslim is victim, at least as reported, take mammoth proportions as the ‘liberal’ coterie scream “Hindu extremism” at every given pretext. The attempt to create a narrative that India is a majoritarian state that heaps atrocities on its minorities, especially Muslims, is rampant.

The basic premise of the ‘dara hua Musalman’ narrative is that the individual Muslim is scared to profess his religion in Modi’s India and is under attack for no other reason but because they are Muslims. That the Muslim community is docile and powerless in front of the Majority Hindu population that has turned fascistic after the Prime Minister came to power.

To further this narrative, every crime by a Hindu, even ones not motivated by religious motivations are amplified and hate crimes committed by Muslims in the name of their religion are ignored. The “secular” narrative is hurt by the truth and thus, the truth is often hidden under the rug.

In this article, we shall document a list of hate crimes committed by the minority community due to religious reasons since 2016 which would dispel the narrative. It will also demonstrate conclusively that the concerns of the Hindu community regarding the toxic fundamentalism that is pervasive within the Muslim community stand on firm ground. There are several incidents that we may have missed in this list, nonetheless, this list accurately represents the larger picture of how crimes committed by Muslims often don’t feature in the outrage priority list of the “liberals”.

1. The Kaliachak Riots, West Bengal

A mob of 2.5 lakh (some reports suggest a conservative figure of 30000) Muslims who had come together under the banner of Anjuman Ahle Sunnatul Jamat (ASJ), went berserk in Malda, West Bengal on Sunday, 3 January 2016. Kaliachak Police station, block development office and public property were vandalised, Several vehicles were set ablaze and over 30 persons including police officers were injured.

The riots were a consequence of Kamlesh Tiwari’s controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad where he had called the latter the world’s first homosexual in response to Azam Khan’s statement where the Samajwadi Party leader had called RSS leaders gay.

2. Dhulagar Riots, West Bengal

On 13th December 2016, Muslims took out a procession, complete with blaring loudspeakers, to celebrate Eid-e-Milad (the birthday of Prophet Mohammed), which actually fell on 12 December and was a public holiday. On 13 December, Hindus at Dhulagarh village, like elsewhere in the country, were observing Margashirsha Purnima.

Hindus requested the Muslims to lower the volume of the loudspeaker as the music was interfering with their rituals. In response, the Muslims attacked Hindu homes and shops. Hindu houses and shops were looted and then set ablaze while police were attacked with bombs and were unable to prevent the Muslims from running riot.

Chants of “Pakistan Zindabad” were raised by the Muslims as they pillaged through Hindu property, according to the victims. The state government filed an FIR against Zee News for reporting on the matter.

3. Love Jihad: Rama Kumari Ojha

In January 2018, a Hindu woman accused Tanveer Akhtar Khan aka Tannu of cheating, torture and attempt to convert her by deceit and force after marrying her. After eloping with him which led to a lot of ruckus, Rama had decided to stay with Tanveer and marry him, though she claims that he had befriended her by hiding his religious identity.

Later, she claimed that Tanveer fed her beef by deceit and told her that she had lost her religion. She had further alleged that she was held captive for six months after she refused to convert to Islam. Rama reportedly even attempted suicide due to such abusive behaviour by her in-laws, though she survived.

Tanveer Akhtar Khan aka Tannu has been charged with assault, domestic violence and adultery by the police. He was arrested and Rama has been sent back to her mother’s home.

4. The Murder of Ankit Saxena

In February 2018, Ankit Saxena was murdered brutally by his Muslim girlfriend’s family because they didn’t approve of their interfaith relationship. The girl’s family was vehemently against her (identified as Shehzadi) being in love with a Hindu boy and they had sought revenge from Ankit.

Eyewitness accounts suggested that Shehzadi’s mother wore a helmet and rode her scooter to the traffic intersection where they knew Ankit was present. She then rammed her scooter into Ankit’s vehicle so that Ankit would be forced to step out to help. As she was wearing a helmet, Ankit could not identify her and stepped out to help.

A confrontation soon ensued after the mother was joined by the other family members, Ankit’s mother, too, was injured in the process. Eventually, the girl’s father slit his throat with a butchering knife. The Police had arrested four members of the girl’s family, including a minor.

5. Dalit-Muslim clashes after Muslims oppose Dalit funeral procession

In May 2018, communal clashes erupted at Bomminaickanpatti village in Tamil Nadu’s Theni district, after objections were raised against the passage of a Dalit funeral procession through a Muslim street.

The said funeral procession was being taken through that street owing to the regular route being used up by another funeral procession. This led to some of its residents lodging a protest, which resulted in a minor clash.

6. Youth arrested for playing pro-Pakistan song to celebrate Eid, Bihar

Eight people were arrested in June 2018 in Bihar’s Rohtas district for playing a pro-Pakistan song during an event organized for Eid. A DJ Party was organized to celebrate Eid but the songs which blared from the loudspeakers praised Pakistan and threatened to kill anyone who opposes the creation of an Islamic nation.

The participants of this programme also allegedly raised slogan praising Pakistan and a particular terrorist outfit. Satyaveer Singh, SP Rohtas stated that the police took action after a video of the aforementioned event went viral on the social media. The police lodged an FIR and three main suspects were arrested. Other five were aged between 14 and 17, they later got sent to the district juvenile justice board.

7. Dalit man lynched to death for an affair with a Muslim girl, Rajasthan

Khetaram Bheel, a 22-year old Dalit man was beaten to death by a group of Muslim men over an affair with a Muslim woman, near a police station in Barmer district. The police said that the accused individuals tied up the victim’s hands and legs, and then started beating him.

Bheel failed in his attempt to run away while bleeding and fell dead in that very attempt. His body was found 500 metres away from the spot where he was allegedly beaten up, perhaps transported there by his killers. It was a known fact in the village, that Bheel worked at the house of the Muslim girl and had a love affair with her.

8. Dalit-Muslim clashes after Muslims molest Dalit women, Uttar Pradesh

The incident occurred at Gorya village falling under Itwa police station of the Siddharthnagar district in Uttar Pradesh in May 2018 when members of a ‘particular community’ started teasing and harassing some women participating in a wedding procession.

When the women objected, the harassers attacked them. They further attacked those too who came to the rescue of the women. As per media reports, the goons assaulted them after entering their homes as well.

Numerous people were arrested and cases had been registered against 70 individuals in connection with abuse and assault on Dalits during the marriage procession of a Dalit couple. Police had arrested Mijaz, Thappu, Izhar, Nashir, Arshad, Altaf Hussain and Moh. Firoz and cases were registered against them under sections 147, 148, 149, 307, 452, 323, 336, 504, 506, 427 of the Indian Penal Code. Itwa Police chief Anjani Kumar Rai said the rest of the accused will soon be arrested.

9. Dalit-Muslim clashes after casteist slurs were hurled at Dalits, Uttar Pradesh

The incident initially began as a personal fight in Pilibhit district in July 2017 when Kamil Raza and his friends had gone to buy some eggs from the shop of a certain Naseem, where they picked up a fight with another person named Sunil.

The personal fight, apparently over the rate of eggs, became serious after Kamil and his friends reportedly threw casteist slurs and abuses at Sunil and his friends, who belonged to the Paswan caste from the Dalit community.

The matter soon escalated when the respective individuals went home and returned with their supporters from the respective communities. Apart from injuries, the clashes led to damages to the shops and houses of people from both communities. Police forces had to be called in and deployed in the area to stop the clashes from getting worse and bloody, as the mob swelled in numbers.

10. Islamic Preacher arrested for preaching communally inflammatory content to kids

MM Akbar a well known Islamic Preacher who was dubbed as Kerala’s Zakir Naik was arrested in February 2018 while he was on route to Qatar. Akbar the Managing Director of Peace International School based in Kochi was wanted in connection with spreading communal enmity via the textbooks used in his schools.

Some of the objectionable content included a class 2 book containing sections about dealing with non-Muslim friends. The questions in the book included asking students, “why Islam always wins” and “what would they do if one of their friends decided to become a Muslim”.

11. Muslim vandalizes Hanuman Murti, claims it was a command from Allah

A ‘mentally unstable’ man broke the lock of a Hanuman temple in the area and desecrated the Hanuman murti placed inside a temple in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The man later offered namaz and chanted religious slogans after vandalising the murti.

The man entered the Hanuman temple after breaking the lock. He then threw the Hanuman murti out of the temple and started offering namaz. When people saw him damage the Hanuman Murti, they caught hold of him and reportedly beat him up. He was later arrested by the Police.

12. Dalit-Muslim clashes, Agra

Communal tension erupted in Teela Nandram of Mantola area in Agra in February 2019 after violent clashes between the Dalit and the Muslim communities. The fight led to stone pelting and around half a dozen rounds of firing which resulted in many people getting injured. Heavy security was deployed to ward off further violence.

A Dalit boy named Pramod, son of Jaini Prasad had gone to bring a bucket of water from a nearby RO plant. While he was returning, two Muslim boys identified as Shahrukh and Salman allegedly made Pramod trip and fall down which led to a confrontation between them.

When Pramod reached with his family members to confront Salman and Shahrukh, men named Yusuf, Akram and others had already gathered more than a hundred of their supporters. The violent mob then proceeded to attack the houses of the Dalit community in the area. Akram, Yusuf, and their supporters had apparently fired bullets and threw glass bottles at houses of the Dalits

13. Activist murdered for stopping the conversion of Hindus by Muslims, Tamil Nadu

In February 2019, a PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) leader in Tamil Nadu was brutally murdered by a group of people belonging to a minority community for opposing religious conversion.

42-year-old Ramalingam was assaulted in Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district on his way back home by a group of unidentified people and his hands were chopped off. Ramalingam died on the way to the hospital due to excessive bleeding.

The NIA later stated that the murder of the PMK leader was an act of terrorism aimed at inciting communal tensions. The accused men were confirmed to be a part of the Popular Front of India (PFI), a radical Islamist group.

14. Communal Clashes on Holi, Uttar Pradesh

Two men, Shaqir Ali and Sabir were arrested in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh over a communal clash which broke during Holi celebrations in March 2019. One person was killed and four others injured in a communal clash which erupted over Holi celebrations at Kukari Khera village under Jahanabad police station.

A person named Jaiprakash (45), accompanied by others namely, Subhash, Raj Rishi, Pintu and Chhedalal, who were playing Holi on March 21, got into a tiff with few people of the Muslim community. A scuffle ensued as the people of the minority community assaulted Jaiprakash and others for throwing colour on them.

Jaiprakash was severely injured and rushed to Jahanabad primary health centre. He was later referred to a private hospital in Bareilly where he succumbed to his head injuries.

15. Muslims attack Dalits for protesting against the molestation of a Dalit girl by Rehmat Ali

In April 2019, a Mulsim mob attacked a group of Dalits in a village under the Gauribazar station area in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, because they had opposed a Muslim man Rehmat Ali attempting to molest a girl from their community.

On the night of 18 April, Rehmat Ali had apparently broken into the house of a Dalit girl in the Karjahan village and attempted to molest her. When the girl fought him off and screamed for help, he reportedly ran off when the girl’s family members woke up and tried to catch him.

The following night, Rehmat Ali entered the girl’s house again to molest her. This time the girl’s family confronted him but he managed to run away again. After a while, he reportedly returned with a mob of over a dozen men armed with sticks and sharp weapons. The mob allegedly beat up the girls family and relatives, including women and children. Several people were injured in the mob attack.

The Ambedkar statue in the Dalit locality was also allegedly damaged by the mob. The mob allegedly kept beating up the people for nearly an hour, only when the rest of the villagers gathered up to face them and stop, the mob reportedly withdrew.

16. Muslim man kills sister for marrying a Hindu, Uttar Pradesh

A woman was killed in Uttar Pradesh by her brother and family members for having married outside her religion and changing her religion after marriage. The murder took place at Karua Sahabganj village in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh.

19-year-old Mohini, whose name was Nargis before she chose to have love marriage with a Hindu man Ram Kishore from the same village, was killed by Gulsher, her elder brother. Mohini died on the spot while Ram Kishore had to be admitted to a hospital.

The Muslim woman and the Hindu man had got married in a court in April last year after the woman’s family refused to accept this relationship. After marriage, the young couple had left the village to escape the wrath of the bride’s unhappy family.

17. Pregnant Muslim woman burnt alive for marrying a Hindu man, Karnataka

A young Muslim woman died after being burnt alive by her family members for marrying a man outside her religion in Gundakanala village of Bijapur district of Karnataka in June 2017.

The 21-year-old Muslim woman, Banu Begum, had fallen in love with 24-year-old Sayabanna Sharanappa Konnur, a Hindu boy belonging to the Valimiki caste. Both Banu and Sayabanna were residents of the same village. When Banu’s parents learnt about their relationship in January the same year, they had brutally assaulted Sayabanna.

Banu and Sayabanna had eloped to Goa to get married. They later got their marriage registered at the sub-registrar’s office in Muddebihal in Karnataka. When Banu got pregnant, the couple returned to their village thinking that their families would accept their wedlock. However, it was not to be.

18. Hindu Boy and Muslim girl killed by the girl’s family for falling in love

Four members of a Muslim family, including a woman, were accused of killing a member of their own family – a teenage girl – and a Hindu boy because they were in love with each other. The killings took place in the West Champaran district of Bihar on the night of November 27, 2017.

Noor Jehan Khatun and Mukesh Kumar, and both were studying in class IX. They had been in love for a few months, to which the girl’s family was strongly opposed. The police had arrested the elder brother of the girl Allauddin Ansari, and her two uncles Gulsanovar and Ansari Miyan. The girl’s elder sister was absconding then.

19. Heavily Armed Muslim mob attacks Hindu man’s after he elopes with Muslim girl

In July 2018, a Muslim mob comprising of at least 200 people stormed the house of a Hindu man after he eloped with a Muslim girl. The Hindu boy and Muslim girl had eloped on 29 June, following which the girl’s family had demanded that their daughter is sent back to them. This issue continued escalating which culminated with the girl’s family and her community members storming the boy’s house in Sanjeli village of Gujarat’s Dahod district on 21 July.

According to Sanjeli’s sub-inspector S N Bariya, the mob was armed with sticks and sharp weapons following which they set his multi-utility vehicle afire. The mob also burnt their neighbour’s bike. Besides committing arson, the mob was also accused of stoning, ransacking and looting the boy’s house. The mob is also believed to have stolen ornaments from their home.

20. Muslim mob attacks Hindu youth for talking with a Muslim lady

A group of Muslims assaulted a Hindu man, named Suresh, a resident of Farangipete, in Bantwal, Karnataka in July 2018 for merely conversing with a Muslim woman. Suresh while driving back from Bantwal to his house, stopped his car at Farangipet on noticing the acquaintance of his and exchanged pleasantries with her before leaving.

A group of youths noticing the interaction waylaid him and launched an attack at Suresh while hurling abuses at him for simply interacting with the lady. The Police registered a case under IPC section 144, 323, 504 r/w 149.

21. Communal Tensions erupts after Hindu tries to save his Muslim friend in a dispute

The village of Khanjahanpur falling under Muzaffarnagar’s Khatauli region in Uttar Pradesh bore witness to communal violence in June 2018. Two village residents, Arshad and Nazim, got into a business-related dispute which soon escalated into a fight. On seeing this, Vikas, a friend of Nazim, came to his rescue.

Later, while Vikas and his brother Praveen were relaxing at their home, Arshad and his associates came barging in to mount an assault. The mob, some of whose members were identified as Bilal, Munna, Usman and Javed were accused of harassing women present. As a result of the assault, tension spread in the village that night, following which the accused fled the area.

22. Muslim youth kill man for protesting the molestation of his daughter

Communal tensions erupted in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda in October 2018 after a 50-year-old man died at the district hospital after three local Muslim youths brutally assaulted him for questioning them about the molestation of his daughter. The incident occurred in a village under Katra Bazaar police station.

The three youths, namely, Shah Mohammed, Dost Mohammed and Yaar Mohammad had molested a minor Hindu girl near Katra Bazaar area while she was going to the toilet. The minor girl then went on to inform her father about what happened to her. The police officials said that the father of the girl went to the house of the accused and complained about the incident to the parents. But the accused along with his other two brothers assaulted him brutally, resulting in serious injuries.

The girl’s father was then taken to the local Community Health Centre of the village for treatment but he couldn’t survive. The death of the person led to a tense situation in the Katra Bazaar area and after which the District administration deployed a large number of police officials in the village.

23. Muslim mob pelts stone at the funeral procession of murdered RSS worker

An RSS worker, Sharath Madivala, 28, was brutally stabbed by a group of unidentified bike-borne assailants on 4 July 2017, at BC Road area in Mangaluru. Hundreds of activists belonging to RSS, BJP and some Hindu organisations had taken part in the funeral procession with black flags tied to their two-wheelers.

As the funeral procession reached near Somayaji Building just before BC Road junction, stones were pelted at them from the building and vicinity. Former Mayor of Mangaluru K Ashraf, Suhail Khadak, Ashraf Kinaar Kudroli, CM Muttappa, Mohammad Hanif, H Meed Kudroli and Naushad Bandaru were arrested for stone-pelting. They were booked for rioting and damaging property.

Several vehicles including three cars, an auto rickshaw and a bus were damaged in the stone-pelting.

24. Muslim mob attacks Kaanvariyas for passing through ‘their area’

Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh witnessed communal clashes in July 2017, leaving hordes of people including policemen injured, after a Muslim mob attacked a convoy of Kaanwariyas (devotees of Lord Shiva) for taking out their Kanwar yatra through ‘their area’.

This supposed ‘Muslim area’ through which any Hindu religious procession can’t be allowed, is a village named Khailam falling under Aliganj police station of Bareilly district. When Kaanwariyas were returning to their homes after offering prayers to Lord Shiva, Muslims of Khailam village objected to them passing through the main road in their area terming it a “new development”.

Kaanwariyas refused to bow down to this diktat and demanded that they be allowed to take the route. As per reports, every year Kaanvariyas pass through the road as it is the only route to reach the river Ramganga.

This led to a stalemate and protests by the Kaanvariyas, which caused a traffic jam for over three hours. In their attempt to break the logjam, local administration and police is reported to have asked the Kaanwariyas to not play any music while passing through the ‘Muslim area’.

However, when the convoy of Kaanwariyas passed through the village, they were attacked with bricks and stones. The mob even resorted to firing, which further led to a stampede among the Kaanwariyas. Many of the Kaanwariyas were reportedly dragged and beaten up.

25. Teenage Muslim girl tied to a tree and thrashed for falling in love with a Hindu man

In a horrific incident in Bihar, an 18-year old Muslim girl was tied to a tree and thrashed mercilessly for five hours, reportedly on the orders of the local panchayat in Jogiya Maran village of Bihar’s Nawada district. The incident happened in October 2018 and the ‘crime’ of the girl was that she had ‘run away’ with a Hindu man she loved.

The 18-year old girl, daughter of Mohammad Farid Ansari of Jogiya Maran village under Rajauli police station fell in love and had run away with her boyfriend Rupesh Kumar on September 30. The girl had left the village and was living with the boy.

26. Muslim girl attacked with acid by brother for interfaith love

22-year-old Salma, a native of Gulaothi area in Bulandshahr, was attacked with acid on May 9, 2019, by her two brothers Irfan and Rizwan and later dumped from a moving car in Kot village in Greater Noida’s Dadri. She was abandoned by her mother as well.

Salma’s respiratory track was damaged by the acid attack and she had to be put on a life support system. The ghastly incident occurred around 1:30 pm, on May 9, when the girl was travelling in a car along with her two brothers. The accused duo stopped the car near Kot village and pulled the victim out. They hurled a bottle of acid on her and fled away in the car leaving her lying on road, confirmed Avaneesh Kumar Singh, Circle Officer, Dadri.

27. Muslim woman killed by brother and father for being in ‘relationship’ with a Hindu man

In August 2018, a Muslim woman was strangulated and mutilated by her father and brother in Purba Burdwan district, West Bengal, for being in a ‘relationship’ with a Hindu man. The duo, residents of Bihar’s Jamalpur, were later arrested from Kolkata by Purba Burdwan district police.

The accused admitted to killing the woman with a rope inside a moving vehicle, while they were taking her back to Jamalpur and then dumped her body in the agricultural land after defacing her face with a stone, a police officer said.

28. Muslims attack Dalit Wedding Procession, Madhya Pradesh

Last month, a group of local Muslims attacked a Dalit wedding procession in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. The attack took place at 9 PM while the procession was passing in front of a mosque in Pipalarwa village. One person was killed and several were injured.

Dharmendra Shinde, who was part of the procession, sought to intervene and pacify the mob. Unfortunately, he was killed on the spot after a large stone that was hurled at him hit his head. The local Muslims objected to the loud music of the wedding procession and had attacked the wedding party as they refused to comply.

29. Communal Clashes after Muslim mob attacks people returning from a funeral procession

Another incidence of communal violence transpired in Madaidih village in Topchachi Block in Dhanbad District of Jharkhand on Monday (24th June 2019), in which about a dozen people have been injured. Police forces have been deployed in the village. Topchachi police have registered an FIR against the perpetrators.

Bhimlal Mahato, who was allegedly attacked by a Muslim mob while they were returning home after performing the last rites of his eighty-year-old deceased mother, has demanded action against people from the ‘other community’.

Relatives and other people from the community, as a part of a ritual, were playing the drums while returning from Bhimlal’s mother’s funeral. As the group passed near a mosque a group of men allegedly stopped the funeral procession and raised objections on them using drums. A scuffle broke out between the two groups, and the mob attacked the people who were part of the funeral procession with bricks and lathis.

30. Muslims murder Gangaram for accusing them of molesting his minor daughter

On 19 June in Dilari, Uttar Pradesh, a 54-year-old Gangaram was beaten up and killed by a Muslim mob after he had complained to the police about his daughter’s abduction. Gangaram of Pipili Umarpur had accused his neighbour’s son of the abduction. However, it was later found out that the minor girl was kidnapped by another person named Nadeem. The girl has been found and Nadeem has been arrested after relatives staged a protest, blocking a road.

Gangaram had complained to the police alleging that Danish, his neighbour Safayat Hussein’s son, had kidnapped his daughter. On hearing about the complaint, several relatives of Danish went to Gangaram’s house. They allegedly then beat Gangaram and his family up with sticks for wrongly accusing Danish of the crime. Gangaram was badly injured. His relatives took him to a nearby hospital but he was declared dead by the doctors.

31. Love Jihad, Meerut

A minor Hindu girl residing in Brahmpuri area, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, was abducted the previous month and was forcibly converted and married thereafter.

The incident surfaced when Lata went missing from her house on 4th May 2019. The police who were in the hunt for the youth and the missing girl recovered her from a hotel room in Prayagraj where she was kept forcefully. The police arrested the youth along with his brother and brother-in-law. Fearing arrest, the youth was preparing to file for an anticipatory bail in Uttar Pradesh High court, but before he could, the police apprehended him.

Lata (name changed) confirmed that she was first taken to Deoband where she was forced to convert and then to Prayagraj where she was married. After this, she was sometimes kept in Hyderabad and sometimes in Mumbai. In-between she was also confined to a hotel in Chandigarh, confirmed Lata.

32. Kidnapping accused Imran’s relatives attack police station, threaten to kill policemen

In a shocking incident in Madhya Pradesh, the relatives of a man named Imran along with almost five hundred protesters barged into Cantt Guna police station in Madhya Pradesh on the night of June 23, 2019, and created a ruckus.

The mob demanded the immediate release of Imran, whom the police had arrested for abducting the daughter of a police officer in an apparent case of ‘Love Jihad’. Yusuf Imran, a resident of Guna district, Madhya Pradesh, had allegedly kidnapped a police officer’s daughter recently.

33. Love Jihad, Meerut: 2017

A Hindu girl from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh claimed that she was raped by a Muslim man, who she claimed befriended her by posing as a Hindu. The girl who lived in the Hastinapur police station region was supposedly befriended a couple of months prior to the incident by a man named Amiruddin who introduced himself to her as Amar. Amiruddin was said to be a resident of Nangla Chand village.

Amiruddin and the girl went to watch a movie together in a local theatre. He was accompanied by his friend, Wasim. The duo then allegedly decided to rape her at a secluded place in the cinema hall and even forcibly took her away on a bike.

While being taken away on the bike, which was an attempt to kidnap her, the girl tried to grab the attention of bystanders. Some good Samaritans took notice and managed to catch hold of the accused and handed them over to the police. As per the Special Sub-Inspector Bharatlal Shah, a medical test had proven that the girl was raped.

34. Two Hindu girls forcibly converted to Islam, West Bengal

In a horrific case of Love Jihad, two Hindu girls, including a minor, were forcibly converted to Islam and then married off to Muslim men in Kolkata earlier this year. The father of the girls had alleged in his complaint that Muslim youths had been pursuing various girls in his locality including his daughters. The accused Muslim youth had then threatened to kill the girls and their family, to forcing them to accept Islam and get married, said the victim’s father.

The minor girl was rescued after the police took action on the complaint however they could not trace the elder daughter. The father said that minor girl, who returned home narrated her ordeal. The minor girl had claimed that she and her sister were threatened and forced to marry the accused who promised to kill their parents and brother if they didn’t cooperate. They were also threatened with an acid attack.

35. Love Jihad, West Bengal: 2018

Subhologna Chakraborty was in a relationship with Sultan, who had kept his religious identity hidden, to pose as a Hindu. Things were at an advanced stage and the 35-year-old Subhologna was all set to have a court marriage with Sultan.

But then the marriage was called off after the parents came to known of Sultan’s real identity. This angered Sultan to such an extent that he barged into Subhologna’s house and shot her dead from a point-blank range.

36. Love Jihad, Coimbatore: Girl commits suicide

Earlier this month, a father from Coimbatore had petitioned the Police Commissioner to take immediate action to bring out the truth of his daughter’s suicide, which he alleges was due to ‘love jihad’. In a press conference, he alleged that the police were yet to take action on Jafer, a Muslim student, who had allegedly tortured his daughter to convert to Islam.

Ashwini Ganga, a first-year B.Com student of Sree Narayana Guru College committed suicide on 25 April at their house in Kuniyamutyhur, Coimbatore. In the press conference the father, Gangadharan, along with a Hindu Munnani activist and advocate, Sridhar Moorthy, alleged that she had committed suicide after Jafer scolded her when he visited her house, while she was alone.

Ashwini had been receiving threatening messages from Jafer prior to his visit. From the text messages, it could be seen that Ashwini had been ignoring him for a period of time, she wasn’t going to college nor was she picking up his calls. Jafer had clearly threatened to visit her home and deal with her.

In a suicide note, that allegedly has been kept hidden by the police, Sridhar Moorthy said that Jafer had been in Ashwini’s house for 30 mins and threatened her to convert. He had even threatened that her family wouldn’t be safe in the city if it was found that she had informed them. It was then that she had decided to hang herself.

37. Love Jihad, Meerut: Dalit woman gang-raped after refusing to convert

In January 2018, a Dalit girl accused a Muslim youth of forcibly trying to convert and marry her. When she resisted the same, the youth and a few of his associates kidnapped her, after which they gang-raped her for a week. As per the girl, the accused even recorded a lewd video of her.

The accused named Bittu, son of Iqbal used to regularly harass her. On 18th of December, 2017, at about 3 PM, Bittu allegedly took the victim with him after threatening her. After noticing the disappearance, the girl’s family members promptly filed a disappearance complaint with the Mewana police, but the latter allegedly failed to carry out a proper investigation. The girl was finally located roaming on the Meerut-Mawana road in a dazed state on the 25th. Soon her family members rushed to the spot and brought her back home.

38. Dalit murdered for not converting after marrying Muslim neighbour

Twenty-two year old Sanjay Kumar’s decaying body was found on August 21, 2018, in the national capital. The accused in the matter is one Saleem, the wife’s mother told a neighbour, as per Swarajya.

Swarajya reported that Rukhsar’s family’s only concern was that Sanjay did not agree to convert. One of the neighbours, Sunita, had told Swarajya that Rukhsar’s mother had expressed relief at separating the two because now she had ‘saved her daughter from being cremated’.

Here are details from Kumar’s post-mortem report, as mentioned by Swarajya: His rectum was missing, suggesting that an object was inserted into his anus and forcibly pulled out. His penis was not found intact, suggesting it was chopped off. His lungs were missing, suggesting his body was cut open. Eyeballs were missing and eye sockets were lying empty, suggesting that they were gouged out. Many of his teeth were missing. The skin on both the hands and on his right foot was de-gloved, suggesting he was tied up and dragged. The skin was peeled off at some places, including a patch where a tattoo of ‘Om’ was present.

39. The gruesome murder of Sadhus, Uttar Pradesh

Last year in September, UP police arrested the mastermind behind a series of murders in UP’s Aligarh. Sabir Ali, a former councillor from Etah, was arrested with four others for the murders of six people including 3 sadhus in the previous month. Sabir Ali was formerly known as Dinesh Pratap Singh who had changed his name after conversion to Islam. Ali’s son Nadeem and three of their associates named Irfan, Salman and Yaseen have been arrested by the police.

Ali and his associates were arrested for murder in 2016. According to the police, Ali had hatched a conspiracy to frame the key witnesses in the murder case named Haji Kesar, Jaan Mohammad, Firoz and Shoaib.

Acting on his plan, Sabir had deliberately targetted Sadhus because the CM of UP is a Yogi and the murder of Sadhus in the area was bound to attract media attention and prompt action from the police and framing the witnesses of the case against him would have been easier.

40. Two Sadhus opposed to cow slaughter found brutally murdered inside temple premises

Two Sadhu’s were mercilessly stabbed to death and another severely injured inside temple premises by unidentified persons in August 2018 triggering mob violence in the Bidhuna area of Auraiya district. The cops suspected that the victims’ opposition to cow slaughter was one of the prime reasons behind the murder.

The two sadhus identified as Lajja Ram Yadav and Harbhajan were overpowered and attacked with sharp objects by unidentified persons on the intervening night of 14th and 15th August in 2018, Inspector-General (Kanpur Range) Alok Singh had said. They were found dead at the Bhayanak Nath temple in Kundarkot village, with their limbs stretched over the cots and tied with clothes. The third Sadhu, Ram Sharan, was critically injured and referred to a hospital at Saifai in Etawah.

41. Love Jihad, Vadodara

In Vadodara, a Muslim man repeatedly raped a 14-year-old class X girl and recorded it on his mobile phone. Allegedly the man had also attempted to brainwash her to convert to Islam by taking her to various religious places.

19-year-old Tausif Imran Khan, a class XII student who lived in Manjalpur, had been booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act for sexually exploiting a minor. Police said that he used to take the girl to Lalbaug garden and also near the ONGC campus on Pratapnag to sexually exploit her. Her parents have claimed that Khan used to force her to commit sexual acts while being recorded.

The police investigation has revealed that Khan used to share pictures and videos of the girl on Tik Tok. He didn’t share any obscene content of the girl. However, he threatened to use them when the girl’s parents confronted him. He had also been previously booked under POSCO for molesting a minor in 2017.

42. Muslim man slaughters a cow to create communal tension, Delhi

Earlier this month, a Muslim man called Imran was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police on the charge of attempting to create communal tension in Delhi. Imran, along with his friends Parvez, Lukmaan and Inshallahum had conspired to create communal disharmony on the day of Holi.

During interrogation, Imran has admitted that on the day of Holi, he had deliberately slaughtered a cow in Delhi’s Harsh Vihaar to incite communal tension between Hindus and Muslims. It was also being reported that Imran has a criminal background and currently the Delhi police is in the process of interrogating him.

43. Muslims attack Hindu family, forced to sell the house, Begusarai

In a shocking incident, a Muslim mob in Nurpur, Begusarai, Bihar attacked a family and sexually assaulted two women belonging to Mahadalit community, while trying to kill one of the members of the family on the night of June 10.

According to a special investigation report by Swarajya, a Hindu family was attacked by a few locals Muslims who were pressuring them to sell their house and leave. The Muslim mob had previously threatened the family saying that the locality has few Hindu families and thus they wouldn’t be able to help them with the issue. “Even Bajrang Dal won’t help you,” the men allegedly told the family, that lives in refinery area of Barauni tehsil’s Nurpur village.

44. Muslim mob vandalizes petrol pump, beats up staffers because they were getting late for Namaz

An FIR was lodged against a mob for ransacking a petrol pump in the Malad suburban area of Mumbai and mercilessly beating up the staffers there. The police arrested five men, Zahid, Javed, Siraj, Firoz and Abdul in connection with the incident. The incident happened on the Sachadeva HP petrol pump on the SV road in Malad.

An altercation broke out between petrol pump staffers in Malad with two bike-borne men when one of the staffers asked the two men to get in the queue after they had jumped the line to get the petrol filled. The two men then rallied a mob of approximately 20 people sometime later, who vandalised the petrol pump, thrashed the petrol pump staffers and looted Rs 35000 from the petrol pump.

45. Bajrang Dal workers attacked by Muslims, mob attacks Police to help the accused escape

In a shocking incident in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh earlier this month, a group of Muslim youths attacked two Bajrang Dal workers, seriously injuring them over the issue of ‘momos’. A mob of Muslims gathered up to beat up police personnel and managed to rescue their arrested friend.

A group of Muslim men, Sajid, Abid and Taufeeq had come to Ajudhya Chowk of the city to have Momos. Two Bajrang Dal workers – Himanshu and Harsh, were also present at the spot. Soon, a war of words took place at the spot, which later turned violent. The Muslim youth were soon joined by a group of their associates, who thrashed Himanshu and Harsh leaving them seriously injured.

As Bajrang Dal workers were attacked, several others present at the market stood for their support and rescued them. They also informed the local police regarding the incident.

46. Muslim mob thrashed Hindu shop owner to death calling him Kaafir, Mathura

On 18th May, an agitated Muslim mob in the town of Mathura descended upon two Hindu lassi shopowners- both brothers, located at the crammed Chowk Bazaar of Mathura, close to the Krishna Janmabhoomi temple. Following a minor tiff, a burqa-clad woman brought along with her a bloodthirsty mob at the iconic ‘Nattho Yadav Lassiwale’ to exact revenge for the perceived inequity meted out to her. The mob indulged in brutally thrashing the lassi shop owners while addressing them ‘Kaafir’, a pejorative reference to non-Muslims.

As per the report by Swati Goel Sharma of Swarajya Magazine, the Muslim mob attacked the brothers on the instructions from the burqa-clad woman who addressed the shopowners as ‘Kaafirs’ while goading on the mob to attack them. Pankaj Yadav and Bharat Yadav, the two brothers who were managing the shop at that time were severely injured in the attack. Though the brothers were taken for dressing their external wounds, the elder brother Bharat sustained internal injuries and within a week’s time on May 24, his health deteriorated and on the following day, he died. The post-mortem revealed that Bharat’s brain and nerves were damaged in the attack.

47. Muslim mob ransacks temple to protest against loudspeakers being used for bhajan-kirtan, Uttar Pradesh

Communal tensions prevail in Rohanya village in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, during Eid after a Muslim mob ransacked a temple to oppose loudspeakers. The mob broke the loudspeaker and took away the idols of the temple along with them. Five men, Mehboob, Monis, Israel, Azaad and Alanoor were arrested and a case was registered for trying to create enmity between religious groups.

48. Muslim mob attacks police for opposing cow slaughter, Jharkhand

Communal tension prevailed in parts of Jharkhand after beef was found despite a ban on cow slaughter in the state. When the Police reached the spot to intervene, a mob threw bombs on the police. In Ranchi, a cow was being openly slaughtered. But before the police could stop it, the animal had already been killed. The police arrested on Bashir Ansari, but that led to a violent protest by the mob of villagers who gheraoed the police, pelted stones and even shouted pro-Pakistan slogans.

Even as the Police tried to contain the curfew-like situation, tensions flared in Badgai area of Ranchi. The mob even pelted stones on the police, following which the Rapid Action Force was called to help contain the tension. Over two dozen people were arrested and the Bengal border was sealed.

49. Muslim mob running illegal cow slaughterhouse attacks journalist, Karnataka

A Journalist from India Today group was attacked by a Muslim mob in Ramnagar district of Karnataka. The incident took place during a search operation conducted by the animal activists and the police officials in Kodipalya village of the district.

The activists raided the slaughterhouse to find out a large number of bones, skulls, calf intestines on the ground along with the blood. More than 200 newborn calves were being slaughtered at that place every day. Animal rights activist Joshine Anthony was also on the site when the raid was conducted.

The situation near the slaughterhouse became life-threatening for the activists, as an angry Muslim mob started gathering outside the slaughterhouse despite the presence of the officials. They started attacking the journalist and started pelting stones at the activists and the journalist.

The Muslim mob also broke his phone and threatened the journalists, as the police were just mute spectators. It was alleged that there is some nexus between the meat mafia and the police, as the information about the raid got leaked as soon as the activists had informed the police.

The goons are identified as Gazipeer, Khasi, Syed, Mubarakhan, Noor, Imthiaz and Tabrez, all hailing from Ramnagar district. The police had lodged FIR against all the seven accused under IPC sections 428 and 429 (mischief by killing or maiming animal).

50. Love Jihad, Bokaro

A Hindu woman was raped and later murdered by her in-laws as she refused to convert to Islam. The incident occurred at the Bokaro district in Jharkhand in November 2017.

The girl, a resident of state’s Ramgarh district, was first reported missing on 6th November, 2017 and her body, with its hands and legs tied was recovered from Bokaro’s Garna river. Postmortem analysis revealed that the girl was first raped before being murdered.

The police acted swiftly after the body’s recovery and arrested the girl’s husband named Adil Ansari, who spilt the beans during the investigation.

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