Home Media Habitual offender BBC, who had falsely claimed 'Nationalism drives fake news' now mocks Shastra Puja

Habitual offender BBC, who had falsely claimed ‘Nationalism drives fake news’ now mocks Shastra Puja

Recently, veteran radio show Lord Singh had quit BBC because the organisation had told him that talking about Sikh gurus 'might offend Muslims'.

The BBC is back again with its overt display of Hinduphobia. In a cartoon mocking the Shastra Puja ritual conducted by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh while receiving the Rafale jets in France, the Hindi branch of the news organization took a dig at the thousands of years old Hindu ritual in its efforts to take potshots at the Indian economy.


As part of the Shastra Puja ritual, two lemons were placed in front of the wheels of the aircraft. In the cartoon, two lemons were placed in front of the wheels which had ‘economy’ written on them. The cartoon carried the caption ‘Shayad isse kuch fark padh jaaye (maybe this could change the fortunes)’.

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It is rather unthinkable that the BBC will dare to mock the religious traditions of any other religious community in such a manner. For a news organization that helped create an entire business out of the Islamophobia hoax, it is extremely revolting that they are attacking the sacred religious traditions of Hindus. The BBC, which hasn’t even made any effort to counter the ‘Hijab is a choice’ narrative, is busy mocking the religious faith of Hindus.

Such differential treatment of religious communities has become the hallmark of the Western media. While they mollycoddle radical Islamists and the fundamentalist sections of the Islamic community, they go out of their way to mock the religious traditions of other communities. Such differential treatment only further drives home the narrative that the western media has become the propaganda wing of Radical Islam.

Recently, the BBC Radio said that veteran show host Lord Singh talking about Sikhism would offend Muslims following which he quit in protest. Not too long ago, a producer at NPR was forced to resign after her Hinduphobic tweet went viral on social media. US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has often been attacked by western media due to her Hindu identity as well. The conduct of western media in recent times only shows that Hinduphobia is endemic in Western Media and it is making no effort at all to address the problem.

As for the BBC, it has a problem with anything that unites Hindus. Our readers would remember they had published a ‘research‘ linking Hindu Nationalism with the rise of Fake News in India, which ironically, was the biggest example of Fake News.

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