Topic: BBC Fake News Research's rejection by IFCN further confirms that the organization of fact-checkers is merely another liberal echo-chamber. It also shows that IFCN is concerned less about the quality of fact-checking and more about the political inclinations of the applicant.
The BBC must come out clean and admit that it's research on Fake News on does not adhere to academic standards and issue an unconditional apology.
The BBC in its amended report on its research on Fake News has corrected only minor mistakes while ignoring the great flaws in their research.
I’d love to see a BBC staffer go flying in a plane at 30,000 feet that has only been “ethnographically tested”.
BBC 'fake news' research on Kenya and Nigeria pulled down too
Here are just 20 instances of fake news that were furthered by the BBC
The BBC has been busy removing its Fake News research from its website, uploading it, then removing it again.
BBC had recently published a 'research' paper on fake news which had created quite the brouhaha. The research was conducted based on shoddy methodology, based on questionable sources and had been comprehensively debunked by
BBC has chosen to throw caution, diligence and integrity to the wind.
BBC's research is an assault on intellectual and academic rigour.
Not only Pratik Sinha wrongly accused OpIndia of spreading misinformation, he exposed another chink in the BBC's armour.
BBC published a research paper on 'fake news' that itself can be termed as fake news

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