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Low IQ Bollywood entertainers in their mad rush to appear ‘concerned secular citizens’ end up spreading falsehood, endorsing Pakistan

With the partaaay season up for the woke crowd of 'South Bombay', one wonders whether the graduates of Instagram school of public policy will head to Goa for the 31st or come to Delhi's Jantar Mantar.

The Indian entertainment industry has a severe dearth of people who could break the stereotype that good looking people cannot be intelligent. Rang De Basanti actor Siddharth, who thinks real-life apes fiction and not the other way around. While tweeting on CAA and protesting against it, Siddharth says citizenship should be open to all.

Now, here’s the thing. CAA is applicable only for the religious persecuted minorities from three Islamic neighbouring countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It does not apply to Indians, Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The Muslims of these countries, as well as others from other neighbouring countries who seek citizenship of India, can follow due process, which is currently going on parallelly. A Muslim woman from Pakistan, Haseena, was given Indian citizenship in Gujarat on 18th December 2019.

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So, clearly, the virtue signalling is quite misplaced and might one say, misinformed. Siddharth, however, is not the only one. Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha who urged Pakistanis to watch his flop film ‘Mulk’ illegally, took this opportunity to indulge in fear-monger about NRC.

It is pertinent to mention here that NRC (National Register of Citizens) is not even ready in its draft form. Hence, anything being talked about it, especially the ‘documents needed’ is purely speculative. Sinha doesn’t really like to get facts get in his way of validation.

Speaking of validation, one rapper Dilin Nair alias ‘Raftaar’, who most people hadn’t quite heard of till two days back is the newest icon of ‘resistance’ against the ‘fascist regime’.

Drawing a leaf from Bollywood actor Sushant Singh who used these protests as his way to show he’s ‘martyr’ of some sort when he was kicked out of tv show Savdhaan India, very conveniently ‘Raftaar’ begins his revolutionary speech by adding a disclaimer how he does not care about his career. To a cheering crowd, ‘Raftaar’ then speaks about Arshad, who is presumably his aide or assistant who looks after his needs. “Agar koi isko desh se nikalne ki baat karega to saamne goli khaunga, beh*n k* ch*t (if anyone talks about removing him from the country, I’ll take a bullet for him, )” he said to a whistling crowd. Wonder which law he is speaking of since CAA applies neither to Arshad nor to Dilin Nair and NRC is not even out in draft form yet. (PS: Sushant Singh was replaced earlier this year as host of the show for a period of nine months and the decision to replace him again from January next year was in the pipeline from December 5, days before the Act came into being.)

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The amount of misinformation and bravado over the same is mind-boggling. Speaking of mind-boggling misinformation, the award for it should actually go to Farhan Akhtar. On 18th December, he tweeted this:

Other than the fact that he is factually incorrect in ALL the points he has stated above, he has also given in to Kashmiri separatist and Pakistani propaganda. See the map of India he has used? Do you see how Kashmir in his map has been given away to Pakistan and China? Now see the little ‘dove’ with maple leaves in its beak next to Kashmir. The logo is that of a bird with only ‘Kashmir’ written beside it that can be observed clearly. After investigation, we discovered that the logo is that of an organization called ‘Stand With Kashmir’. What is Stand With Kashmir? As per its website, it is a “Kashmiri diaspora-driven independent global citizen grassroots group committed to standing in solidarity with the people of Kashmir in ending the occupation and supporting their right to self-determination.” Calling India’s military presence in Kashmir an ‘occupation’ reveals amply the ideological orientation of the network. The organization further says, “We believe any proposed resolutions must foreground Kashmiri aspirations. We condemn the use of Islamophobia to undermine Kashmiri aspirations for freedom.”

SWK has labelled the Islamic terrorist organization Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) as ‘secular’ and ‘pro-independence’. In reality, Maqbool Bhat, the cofounder of JKLF was a terrorist who was sentenced to death for the murder of a constable. He also masterminded the hijacking of an Indian plane in 1971. It was the murder of the judge who first convicted Maqbool Bhat and awarded him the death sentence that marked the beginning of the cycle of violence that led to the genocide of the Kashmiri Hindus. It is this organization that is being called ‘secular’. Yasin Malik, another prominent face of the JKLF, is accused to have murdered 5 IAF personnel in early 1990.

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Either Akhtar is really naive or he is a closet separatist whose heart bleeds for Pakistan. And while we’re at low IQ Bollywood popcorns whose hearts bleed for Pakistan, here’s Farah Khan Ali. Now many may never have heard of her, but everyone knows Hrithik Roshan. Farah is Hrithik’s ex-wife Suzanne Khan’s sister. She is also the daughter of Sanjay Khan who played the role of Tipu Sultan in popular television series in the early 1990s.

Farah Khan Ali retweets Pakistan’s Army spokesperson

In his tweet, Ghafoor refers to Kashmir as ‘India-occupied Jammu & Kashmir’. He refers to the current riots against CAA as ‘beginning of the end’. Farah Khan retweeted this, perhaps because she agrees with what Ghafoor is saying. Same Pakistan and its army which has extensively used social media to spread fake and malicious news to fear-monger following the abrogation of Article 370.

She then defended her action by saying how she did not read the tweet, but just saw the handle of Ghafoor ‘peace for change’ and took it on its face value.

Eyes have been rolling so hard at this that they have attained escape velocity of Jupiter.

However, with the partaaay season up for the woke crowd of ‘South Bombay’, one wonders whether the graduates of the Instagram school of public policy (inspired from this tweet) will head to Goa for the 31st or come to Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

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