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Modi derangement syndrome? Anurag Kashyap fails to spot obvious sarcasm, makes a fool out of himself

In a tweet, OpIndia CEO Rahul Roushan had mocked the 'secular' media. He has shared a satirical tweet mocking media attempts to whitewash crimes by sharing the stories of childhood trauma or imaginary anecdotes, especially seen in the case of Islamic terrorists.

The ‘anti-Modi’ hatred of the left and ultra-left wing intelligentsia of the country have turned them blind and delusional in such a way that they have completely lost their ability to distinguish between satire and real news on social media.

In one such incident, controversial Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap, who is not only known for his films overloaded with abusive slangs but also for being a fake news peddler, indulged in one such embarrassing incident where he tried to not only ‘fact-check’ a satirical post but also indulged in abusing right-wingers. Following his gaffe, social media users ridiculed the director for his inability to comprehend satire.

On Thursday, Rahul Roushan, the CEO of OpIndia, took to Twitter to express a satirical take on the Jamia shootout where an alleged shooting incident had occurred. Subsequently, the shooter was arrested and turned out to be a Hindu, predictably triggering the leftist media to incessantly peddle the ‘Hindu terror’ narrative.

However, the humanising project that often happens across the “liberal-secular” media to absolve the crimes of the accused by creating a wave of sympathy in support of the accused, even when they are dreaded terrorists, did not happen during the Jamia incident as the accused was not a Muslim.

In an obvious sly to the whitewashing of the crimes of terrorists by we usually see in the ‘liberal-secular’ media, like how the Pulwama suicide bomber was ‘slapped by an army personnel in his adolescent days‘ or how slain Hizbul terrorist Zakir Musa ‘loved sports bikes’, Rahul Roushan had mocked the ‘liberal-secular’ media by taking a sarcastic view of the incident. Thorugh his tweet, he reflected upon the prevailing times on how media would have reported the Jamia shooting incident and had tried to ‘humanise’ the accused shooter if he was a Muslim.

Rahul Roushan through his satirical tweet stated that how media would have narrated the incident by claiming that the attacker was subject to bullying when he had gone to admission at Jamia.

Roushan even cited ‘The Squint’, a parody of the left-wing website Quint which has a history of humanising and absolving even the likes of Islamic terrorist like Taliban leader Osama Bin Laden.

However, the obvious sarcasm of Roushan’s tweet was perhaps too difficult to comprehend for ‘left-liberals’ and their assorted trolls.

Replies to Rahul Roushan’s tweet

Anurag Kashyap, one of the flag bearers of India’s ‘secular-liberal’ intellectuals, also took to Twitter to showcase his ‘intellect’ and expressed his views on Jamia incident. Kashyap who failed to grasp the satire in Rahul Roushan’s tweet began to foul mouth him. Calling Rahul Roushan a ‘Bhakt’, the controversial filmmaker went on to fact-check the sarcastic tweet.

Kashyap’s reaction to OpIndia CEO’s satire

The most ironical of the above tweet by Kashyap is that he went on to ‘fact-check’ a tweet which was an obvious pun on the ‘liberal-secular’ media ecosystem.

Just the hyper-reactive ‘fact-check’ was not enough apparently. Kashyap has even retweeted others foul-mouthing Roushan, totally oblivious to the satire that was literally staring them on the face.

Anurag Kashyap on Twitter

Interestingly, fact-checking memes, sarcastic posts, photoshopped images have become a new trend of self-proclaimed fact-checkers lately. As the credibility of media is dwindling day-by-day, ‘fact-checking’ has now emerged as a new form of propaganda machinery in which any posts that are not ideologically suitable for the left-wing are checked for its authenticity.

Further mocking Kashyap’s rant over a sarcastic tweet, Rahul Roushan had tried to expand Kashyap’s knowledge about sarcasm. However, Kashyap was too reluctant to admit his failure to understand pun, seeing his ‘intellectualism’ challenged, he ranted further. Roushan has shared the screenshot of a Twitter user claiming that he did go to Jamia at 14.

Sparing no sympathy for raving and ranting Kashyap, Roushan took his pun a further notch up. It seems that that life is going to be more difficult fo Kashyap.

Alt-news, the ultra-left wing propaganda website, have a habit of checking the authenticity of memes, cropped videos and satirical images whenever it seems that the pun is not aligned with its political ideology. The left-wing self-proclaimed ‘fact-checking’ outlets like Alt-news has not only allowed their ideological masters to continue their false propaganda but also created a mess in the public discourse, thanks to their biased and selective approach towards exposing the truth.

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Following a similar line, director Anurag Kashyap seems to be carving a niche for himself to uplift his career by resorting to fact-check sarcastic tweets to score some brownie points.

While Kashyap failed to identify an obvious satire, we cannot help but look sadly at the irony that left-wing elements like Anurag Kashyap who often proclaim to be fighting for free-speech often indulge in foul-mouthing social media users who just share a different viewpoint or do not agree with their political opinions.

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