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Not just Tiananmen Square: There are torture rooms in colleges in Communist ruled Kerala

Our kids are literally getting stabbed in the chest, being thrown into dungeons and torture rooms by Communism. The same deadly ideology that set tanks upon students at Tiananmenn Square.

It’s June 4, the anniversary of the 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Some say that lakhs had gathered to protest the Communist regime. How many were killed? How many were wounded? The Chinese state says 200 were killed. Others say as many as 10,000 were killed. What are the real numbers? Only China knows.

Instead, this is what the Communist government of China has to say to the world.

The iconic picture at Tiananmen Square

The really scary part is that it doesn’t even matter whether the actual number of dead was closer to 200 or to 10,000. Over the last century, Communism has killed 1000 lakh people across the globe. So, whether 200 or 10,000, the Tiananmen Square incident is a just a drop in the grim bucket of Communism.

What we should really be worrying about is not Tiananmen Square, but the fact that the same deadly ideology is still around us. We’ve now brought them down from three states (Kerala, Bengal and Tripura) to just one. That is good news, but cold comfort considering that Communists still control multiple levers of power within the media and intelligentsia, which often gets to set the narrative. How safe are we while the Communists still get to set the narrative? And, they still have Kerala! Over three crore Indians live there.

The victims at Tiananmen Square became famous. But as I mentioned, they are just a drop in the Communist bucket. We should worry about the victims who are forgotten.

Kerala colleges with ‘torture rooms’

Did you know about this? Let me quote from the article.

Colleges in Kerala have turned into places of torture, according to a report by former Kerala High Court Justice (retd) P.K. Shamsuddin that has been submitted to the state governor and the Chief Minister’s Office. The report reveals that several colleges and universities have “torture rooms” for students who do not fall in line with the directives of student political parties or unions, in particular the Students’ Federation of India (SFI), student wing of ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist).”

So why won’t the college teachers intervene when this horror takes place? Again, I quote:

Even amongst the teachers, there are many who support the Left-wing parties, and when a case of torture is reported, they do not take action against it.”

This is from a report by retired Justice P K Shamsuddin, formerly of the Kerala High Court. The report was submitted to the Governor and the Chief Minister’s Office. The Commission was set up after an SFI member was stabbed in the chest because he had a disagreement with his fellow comrades.

Our kids are literally getting stabbed in the chest, being thrown into dungeons and torture rooms by Communism. The same deadly ideology that set tanks upon students at Tiananmenn Square.

Did you know about this? In an age when the smartphone and social media picks up every act of fashionable “dissent” by any student anywhere, the report of the Shamsuddin Commission came and went. No cable news coverage, no newspaper headlines, no dizzying social media storm, no inspiring poems, no murals or graffiti. Just an inconvenient truth, which slipped by without mention.

There are two kinds of dissent that students can choose in this country. There’s the fashionable version. That’s the one where you need five meters of bandage to cover up a single scratch on the head. The one where you have back to back media interviews scheduled for the next one month and an admission to a social “science” course arranged for you at a prestigious foreign university.

And then there’s the other, unfashionable, forgotten one. It happens in torture rooms in colleges in Communist ruled Kerala. If those walls had eyes, the Communists would surely have gouged them out.

And, thousands of kilometers away from the torture rooms of Kerala, we have the cozy living rooms of Delhi. Here the Communists rule as well, certifying who gets to be a ‘free speech hero.’ This testimony records how Sitaram Yechury came to JNU at the time, carrying a Chinese propaganda film that denounced the protesting students as CIA operatives.

Sitaram Yechury with Chinese propaganda film

This is not a one off event. In fact, the CPI(M) officially supported the massacre.

CPI(M) supported massacre

Perhaps you think this was so long ago that it is not relevant today. In that case, let me remind you that Kerala’s Communist Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un at a party meeting in Jan 2018. That is just two years ago.

Indeed. In between spotting India’s next big protest talent and denouncing Modi sarkar as fascist, the Communists always have time to pay tribute to their supreme leader : Kim Jong Un.

The ones who cheered the tanks at Tiananmenn Square are in charge of deciding youth icons for India today. Let that sink in.

No wonder that their heroes and ‘sheroes’ turn out to be supporters of Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru.

As a nation, we need to open our eyes and understand what a real hero is. And who the real victims are. You see that man in the famous photo facing off against a line of armored tanks? That man is a real hero. The forgotten students in the torture rooms of Communist ruled Kerala are the real victims.

In the media glare, we have forgotten both the real heroes and the real victims. Therein lies the pity.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
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