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They are coming for our children: Why it is time to put the foot down and prevent Gender Identity politics from gaining acceptance in India

Gender Identity politics is receiving an intense backlash even in the West. Someone as influential as famed author J.K. Rowling has spoken about it as well. At a time when even the West is trying to discard such ideas, the import of it in India should concern us all.

In recent years, we in India have witnessed the havoc that politics over the mythical construct of ‘gender identity’ has wreaked havoc on the social fabric of western society. And now, it appears that the same is coming to India. Indian liberalism is Western Progressivism with a time lag. And now, the monstrosity of western society is making its headway into India.

Recently, there was great outrage on social media after Harish Iyer, a prominent LGBT activist, said on the micro-blogging site Twitter that he had conducted a workshop on sex, orientation, gender identity and gender expression at a school in Mumbai. Several sessions of the same were conducted on the same day and in the tweet, he mentioned that it was the 4th session that was then underway.

Harish Iyer’s tweet

After the tweet caused outrage among users on social media, Harish Iyer proceeded to delete the said tweet. There’s no reason for us to doubt the fact that such individuals are acting in good faith, unless they give us reasons to doubt so, however, it ought to remembered that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

There is good reason why people on social media were outraged by the whole affair. Quite clearly, it is not education but the indoctrination of children and brainwashing them to conform to an ideology that has devastating impact on society. It also needs to be remembered that claims such as ‘gender identity’ has no basis in science at all.

Until even a decade ago, the terms ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ was used interchangeably and it was widely understood that there are only two genders that could be considered normal, while transgenders are considered a deviation from the norm and was understood as an anomaly and rightly so. But as it turns out, certain bunch of ‘intellectuals’ in their echo chambers had conjured the hypothesis that gender identity is completely independent of biological, which is utterly ridiculous.

Unbeknownst to everyone, these intellectuals with their radical ideas managed to conquer the branches of the academia with political patronage. And thus, when they managed to acquire enough political power, these intellectuals attempted to force society at large to accept their ridiculous opinions. Their activism has already succeeded in the West, the consequences of which have been devastating, and now they are trying to do the same in India.

The Gender Identity Propaganda

What caught people’s attention in Harish Iyer’s tweet was the reference to a ‘gender identity class video’ composed by Abish Mathew of All India Bakchod fame and one Anuya Jakatdar. One social media user soon discovered the video that the LGBT activist was referring to in his tweet where he announced his workshop in a Mumbai school.

The video in question is titled on YouTube as the ‘Gender Identity Song’ and is quite disturbing, to put it mildly. It is tailor-made to target its intended constituency, that is, children and is entirely a tool for brainwashing. There is not even an attempt made to make it seem anything other than a propaganda tool.

In the video, there is an entity which calls itself ‘Angel’ and claims it is gender fluid. He is, apparently, sometimes a boy and sometimes a girl, sometimes both and sometimes neither. :That is my gender identity. It could be different from my gender expression and my biological sex,” Angel says.

Then, Angel proceeds to sing. “If it hangs between your legs, it’s your sex. It physically manifests, it’s your sex. But society thinks in two’s, doesn’t mean that it is true, Gender Identity is what’s inside of you.” The song continues, “If you want to be a boy or a girl, or you want your special fashion to unfurl, you get to choose how you and the way you want to dress. You get to choose how you would like to be addressed.”

Then, the person proceeds to brainwash the children in the concept of gender pronouns. There is also a point in the video where it speaks of ‘gender neutral toilets’. The core message of the sermon is, “You don’t have to get it. You just have to respect it.” This message perfectly captures the central theme of the whole philosophy. It is not about science or empathy, it is about power.

You stupid masses don’t have to understand everything that your overlords say, you are not smart enough for it. You just have to respect the wishes of your overlords. And you have to do so even if you do not understand what the whole issue is about. You just have to obey.

The video also conflates the issue of being respectful towards the Gender Identity Overlords as being ‘decent human beings’. The video also features certain individuals who claim to be gender fluid who have pronouns such as ‘They’ and ‘Them’ and other unconventional pronouns.

The Gender Identity Reality

Thus far, ordinary people who are not aware of the nitty-gritty of the issues might believe, as decent people, that there’s nothing obnoxious about their demands. They might have certain problems with their children being exposed to language such as ‘gender is what’s between your legs’ but they might not disagree with the overarching message. But we should remember here that this is a work of propaganda and thus, deliberately hides reality.

For instance, the matter of ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender pronouns’ is an extremely controversial topic in the academia and there is absolutely no scientific consensus. And contrary to what the video claims, the whole thing is not about giving people the space to be whatever they want to be. Truth be told, individuals are still at complete liberty to be whatever they want to be but they cannot dictate society to accept something which is in obvious denial of reality in order to prevent their feelings from being hurt.

The video might claim that it’s only concern is to give people the space to be whatever they want to be. However, as we know from recent developments in the West that it is certainly not the case. Their primary demand is that if suddenly a man claims to be a woman and a woman claims to be a man, then society must treat them according to their wishes. That is the essential point behind the emphasis on addressing people with their preferred pronouns. It is a distant cry from just ‘respect’.

Take the example of Alok Vaid Menon, for instance. Alok Vaid Menon has typical male features. He has a broad chest, an unusually great amount of body hair, and his physical features are unmistakably that of a man. However. he insists that he is gender non-conforming and demands that society address him with the pronouns of his choice which are They/Them.

Image Credit: Man Repeller

It is easy to understand why people might have some difficulty to treat him as a woman. While most people, due to their inherent aversion towards unpleasantness, might not say it to his face but surely, they will be unwilling to treat him as a woman. According to gender identity overlords, their unwillingness can be solely attributed to their bigotry, which is completely farcical.

When I refer to the fact that gender identity overlords wants society to treat people as women or men based solely on subjective feelings, I do mean it quite literally. They are of the opinion that if a man with the complete features of a biological man wishes to use a women’s toilet, then they should have the complete liberty to do so. Now, it is completely natural for women to feel uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a toilet with biological men. But gender identity overlords believe it is bigotry.

At the same time, gender identity overlords also believe biological men should be at liberty to participate in women sports if they identify as female despite the fact that men have an undue biological advantage in matters of sports. The matter has reached a point where transgender athletes are registering victories at all levels and helping their teams win in female sports. When people criticise this move and say that the transgender athletes have an unfair advantage due to their biology, they are quickly silenced and branded bigots.

Thus, quite clearly, unlike what the video suggests, it is not all about ‘respect’ and just giving people their own spaces, it is about power and very much so.

Gender Identity Politics Horror Stories

One of the most horrific stories of gender identity politics is the case of Jessica Yaniv. The transgender individual was born a man, claims to have transitioned into a woman but still has male genitalia. He sued 16 aestheticians, all of them female, for refusing to wax her male genitalia. Quite obviously, the women were uncomfortable with the idea of handling male genitalia but Yaniv demanded that she be treated as a woman.

There are other extremely troubling aspects to the whole affair, however, this is inevitably where gender identity politics leads to. It’s not about respect but about forcing society to treat them according to their preferred gender. The consequences are, predictably, horrific.

Then, there are the matter of drag queens. While LGBT groups are organising ‘educative’ drag queen sessions for students across schools, even in India, there is one particular issue that is a cause for extreme concern. Certain children are being brainwashed into becoming drag queens, which is nothing less than child abuse.

There was the case of Desmond is Amazing, an eleven year old at the time, who danced at a gay nightclub while adult men threw money at him. The whole thing reeks of pedophilia and had sharp similarities with the ‘Bachchabaazi’ culture in Afghanistan. Desmond is Amazing is still glorified by gender identity overlords and propped up as a ‘hero’ despite the obvious instance of child abuse.

Source: Daily Wire

Then, there has been instances of transgender inmates, who were born male, raping female convicts when they were placed in women prisons. Official figures from the United Kingdom showed that transgender prisoners are five times more likely to carry out sex attacks against inmates in women prisons.

Then, there is the case of Alok Vaid Menon. In a Facebook post, regarding sexual abuse victims, AVM is claimed to have written, “We totally need to challenge the white Christian supremacist, right-wing rhetoric around trans bodies, absolutely. But we also need to seriously overhaul the idea that there is a perfect victim anywhere.”

The post states further, “I believe in the radical notion that little girls, like the rest of us, are complicated people. There are no fairy tales and no princesses here. Little girls are also queer, trans, kinky, deviant, kind, mean, beautiful, ugly, tremendous and peculiar.” To be clear, this was in the context of sex abuse victims. It doesn’t need any elaboration as to why this is so problematic.

In addition to this, gender identity overlords in the West have made ‘misgendering’ a punishable offence and people are punished for refusing to bow to their brand of toxic politics. Thus, quite clearly, Gender Identity politics begins with cartoon videos as shown by Harish Iyer to brainwash children but inevitably ends with horror stories.

The Harmful Effects of Gender Politics on Children

The normalisation of such toxic politics has led to a situation where countries in the West are suddenly seeing a sudden spike in the number of teenage girls who want to transition to male. Lisa Littman, an American Academic, said that ‘socially-awkward’ girls self-identified as transgender after being drawn together in chat rooms where they reinforced each other’s beliefs about their identity. She was ostracised by the academia for observing this particular trend.

Furthermore, gender identity overlords advocate the use of puberty blockers for underage children. Puberty blockers are drugs that postpone or inhibit puberty in children who feel they are of a different gender. This is not to say that gender dysphoria is not a real issue but it’s particularly concerning because research indicates that over 90 per cent of the children (94% to be precise) grow out of it by the time they reach puberty.

Thus, gender identity overlords are irrevocably altering the natural growth of children and scarring them for life due to their petty politics when most of the children would go on to have a completely normal life without it. And their justification for such life altering events at such a tender age is that children ‘feel’ that they are a ‘boy trapped in a girl’s body’ or vice versa.

Children are basically children at that age. They might say a lot of things and do a lot of things but it is the responsibility of adults to ensure that they do not let them harm themselves. But hundreds of children under the age of fourteen, many as young as 10 year old, have been injected with these life altering drugs merely because of their feelings, something that the children could come to regret later.

There is also evidence to suggest that normalisation of such gender identity politics leads to confusion among little children, which makes them question their gender. Thus, it is more reason to prevent our children from being exposed to such toxic rhetoric. And the whole thing is just propaganda and power play.

Why Gender Identity workshops in schools ought to concern us

Gender Identity politics is receiving an intense backlash even in the West. Someone as influential as famed author J.K. Rowling has spoken about it as well. At a time when even the West is trying to discard such ideas, the import of it in India should concern us all. And it should concern that they are coming for our children.

Politics regarding gender and gender identity should never be an issue in our country. Children are far too young to be exposed to such propaganda. Children should not be taught about matters where even the academia disagrees quite sharply on. Furthermore, they are only deviously being exposed to only one side of the story and they are not being exposed to the entire controversy surrounding it.

Of course, the matter at hand is so complicated that the young minds of children will not be able to grasp the intricacies of the issue. And that is why even the video by Abish says that they don’t have to understand the whole thing, they just have to respect it. The ultimate objective of such workshops is to turn children into footsoldiers for the gender identity overlords and propaganda tools.

The children of today will decide the future of tomorrow. And that is why, gender identity overlords seek to capture children while they are still young and brainwash them into their ideology. The overlords claim, quite ridiculously, that it is society that brainwashes children into believing that there are just two normal genders.

They shamelessly ignore the fact that the binary classification of gender is the reality of all animals who reproduce sexually. There might be one or two exceptions but norms are made on the basis of what is normative, not the exception. Thus, parents must decide whether they are willing for their children to be turned into footsoldiers for people who prioritise power over the interests of their children.

Needless to say, governments also have to work actively to stop such gender identity overlords from brainwashing children. It is the foremost duty of any government to protect their citizens. And the welfare of our children should come before all. Unfortunately, the central government has not paid sufficient attention to such developments and have largely ignored the issue. It is sufficiently proven by the disastrous Transgender persons (Protection of Rights) Rules, 2020.

The Rules mentioned above will; be discussed at length in a separate piece. However, it is time that the governments put their feet down and prevent the toxic ideology from gaining ground.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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