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Third anniversary of Section 377 verdict: How Manmohan Singh govt stonewalled the removal of a colonial law that criminalised gay relationships

In 2009, the UPA-II government had the golden opportunity to outlaw the controversial provisions under Section 377, but it had it squandered the opportunity, choosing instead to take a conflicting stand and avoid responsibility.

UK: Police to now use ‘rainbow coloured’ patrol cars to help the LGBT community

An NPCC spokesperson informed that it was up to individual forces to decide on the number of cars that they want to convert.

Image of a girl child surrounded by men in bondage sex costume wins award at Dutch Pride event

Photograph of a little girl with several men in bondage gear wins award at Dutch Pride event.

JK Rowling receives death threats from LGBTQ activists for flagging the dangers women face in public toilets by men identifying themselves as women

The author of the famous “Harry Potter” series said hundreds of transgender activists threatened her with rape, assassination and bomb for her comment expressing concern for the safety of women sharing toilets/changing rooms with men who identified themselves as women

London: Library brings a performer in monkey costume with hanging genitalia, exposed buttocks, says it was to ‘encourage kids to read’

London Library criticized for displaying obscene costumes and gestures in event meant for promoting reading habits among kids.

China’s WeChat deletes LGBT+ and other groups at most major universities overnight

Homosexuality is legal in China but was classified as a mental disorder until 2001. However, same sex marriage is not recognised.

Washington Post author supports inclusion of kinks in Pride marches, celebrates taking her minor children to Pride rallies attended by kinksters in gay bondages

Washington Post author Lauren Rowello wrote that is ok to expose toddlers to Pride rallies attended by Kinks displaying sexual acts

Multiple resignations rock Mumbai-based LGBT Feminist group LABIA after sex assault allegations against mental health therapist

The future of Mumbai based LABIA is in serious doubt after multiple resignations in the wake of the allegations going public.

USA: Local judge and former president of foundation that runs ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for children arrested on 7 counts of child pornography

Milwaukee County Judge Brett Blomme was arrested on Tuesday and charged on seven counts for possessing child pornography.

Chinese court rules that a university book describing homosexuality as a mental disorder is correct

The court upheld the ruling of a lower court that termed the description of homosexuality as a perceptual difference.

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