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Canadian Cancer Society calls cervix ‘the front hole’ so that trans people don’t get offended by their cervical cancer awareness page for LGBTQ

As if the mere existence of women's body parts is offensive to the so-called trans community, the Canadian Cancer Society has appealed to trans people not to get offended by the term 'cervix'.

UK: Biological male dressed up as a woman reports Harry Potter author JK Rowling to police, wants her arrested for ‘misgendering’ him

The Harry Potter author, slammed the ‘trans activist’, calling Willoughby a “trans-identified man” adding that “there is no human right to universal validation.

Christian militant group asks LGBTQ groups to leave Nagaland within 3 days, terms them ‘evil forces trying to destroy society’

The group said it would not be responsible for any adverse reaction if the non-locals propagating and encouraging LGBTQ in the state fail to leave within three days

You can live in Russia, but stay away from children: Putin warns homosexuals against influencing minors

Reaffirming Russia's reservations about openly promoting LGBTQ ideologies in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that while Russia is not adverse to homosexuals, they should stay away from children

Russia: Gay activists fear arrest as country’s supreme court bans ‘international LGBTQ movement’ and labels it as ‘extremist’

Russia's Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ activists should be designated as extremists in the country.

US Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy calls out LGBTQ+ movement, points out the staggering hypocrisy of their activism

Vivek Ramaswamy, the Republican candidate for president of the United States exposed the contradictions in the convoluted concepts that LGBTQ activists support

No adoption rights for LGBTQ+ couples: Supreme Court rules in a 3-2 verdict while delivering its verdict on same-sex marriage plea

Supreme Court, while delivering the verdict on same-sex marriage, also refused to grant adoption rights to Queer couples

Kuwait bans ‘Barbie’ film for ‘promoting homosexuality’; film also under fire in Lebanon

The prohibition of Barbie adds to the trend of banning films in the Middle East due to apprehensions surrounding homosexuality. Within the past few years, movies, like Call Me by Your Name, Moonlight, and The Danish Girl, have encountered bans in the region.

Pakistan: Punjab province halts screening of ‘Barbie’ movie over LGBTQ content, later releases after cuts

LGBTQ+ content in Barbie movie led to temporary ban in Punjab province of Pakistan

‘Do you want to promote p*rnographic books for children’? Barack Obama faces backlash over letter against book banning in USA

Barack Obama shared link to website that promotes books like 'Gender Queer', containing explicit sexual imagery targeted at children.

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