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Ranvir Shorey’s tweet on ‘independent film crusaders turning mainstream Bollywood flunkies’ triggers Anurag Kashyap’s elaborate meltdown

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has an elaborate meltdown on Twitter amid nepotism controversy raging in Bollywood

It seems like Kangana Ranaut’s recent interview with Arnab Goswami on Republic TV is not going to fade away anytime soon. It is creating a massive gap between people in the Hindi film industry. On Tuesday, Ranvir Shorey posted a tweet in which he pointed out that “independent film crusaders” has turned into “mainstream Bollywood flunkies.” Anurag Kashyap, who has been having periodic meltdowns, took the offence on himself and initiated an argument with Ranvir that caught a lot of eyes on social media.

Ranvir, in his tweet on Tuesday, wrote, “So many independent-film-crusaders have turned mainstream-Bollywood-flunkies now. These are the same people who used to rant 24/7 about the “system” for attention before they were given entry into the pearly gates of mainstream Bollywood. #Hypocrisy much?”

Anurag Kashyap, who attacked Kangana in a series of Tweet hinting that she is being “used”, thought the sly reference of independent film crusaders turning mainstream Bollywood flunkies was on him and threw a fit. He threw an elaborated meltdown and confronted Shorey quoting his tweet. He asked Shorey to tell whom he is referring to. Shorey, who did not take any names in his tweet, asked Anurag ‘try not to be his shrink’ as Kashyap asked him not to mix pain of his past relationship in the debate.

Shorey mentioned that he had worked even more alone than the director that irked him even further. Anurag responded to him and said, “I operate alone and have always done. I am seeing an old friend disintegrating and getting used and I am talking about that.” He added that he is not defending anyone and no one is paying him.

Taking nepotism in the context, Kashyap said that he is one of those artists who had worked with the outsiders the most. He said, “I can see what’s wrong with all that is going on and I see the game being played and people being used. Trust me I am not gutted by what you said, no one could gut me in 27 years.”

Ranvir pointed out Kashyap’s mistake of assuming himself at the centre of “independent film crusader”. He added, “Let me remind you, independent cinema has been and always will be more than you. So you be you, and let others be themselves. Don’t belittle others when they’re crying out.”

Anurag sarcastically replied that he is sorry to take the tweet on himself and he had misread Ranvir. He said, “Oh so you weren’t talking about me? That’s incredible. Totally my fault that I misread you. Which means my replies were totally unnecessary and unwarranted.” Anurag further cornered Ranvir on his allegation that Kashyap was belittling people and asked him to prove it.

Ranvir posted a screenshot of his tweet and asked him why he is trying to control people’s narrative. By doing such, he is belittling people. He said, “Everyone has the right to talk about their pain, just like you! And yes, your replies to me were unnecessary. I’m not here to make a spectacle.”

Anurag further tried to poke Ranvir to take names and said that he ‘agree to disagree’ with him as it seems he took Kangana’s outbursts as ‘pain’. Ranvir again pointed out that he is not making any names and he will keep defending everyone’s right to speak their own truth. He said, “Who is to say who is in real pain and who’s an attention seeker? I’m just defending everyone’s right to speak their own truth. Just like you do. You can agree or disagree with.”

Ranvir posted the tweet hours after Kashyap posted a thread on Twitter alleging Kangana is being used and no one is trying to control her. Anurag said in his thread that Kangana was once his good friend, but her recent outrage is senseless. Kangana in her reply lashed out at him saying the way Urban Naxals protect terrorists, they now protect movie mafia.

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