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Sambit Patra holds a mirror to anti-nationals by his Pulitzer tweet, left-liberals expose their hypocrisy by slamming him

Sambit Patra, the fiery spokesperson of the BJP, also took to Twitter to voice his anger, who directed it towards a section pro-Pakistan intelligentsia and media in the country, who often derides Indian security forces and bats on behalf of Pakistan.

On Wednesday, the Pakistan sponsored terrorists in Kashmir killed a CRPF jawan and a civilian in Sopore town of Baramulla district. The heart-wrenching scene of a three-year-old child, sitting on the blood-splattered body of his grandfather, killed by the Pakistan sponsored terrorists went viral on the internet evoking mixed responses within the country.

Several people took to social media to express their shock over the brutality of the terrorists, who killed the civilian grandfather leaving the child alone on the streets only to be rescued by the Indian Army.

Unsurprisingly, the usual Islamists and pro-Pakistan sympathisers in the valley, often backed by the left-liberals in the country, fell prey for the Pakistan propaganda to claim that it was Indian security forces which killed the civilian in Sopore and not the Islamic terrorists in the valley.

The heinous terror attacks which also left a CRPF jawan killed evoked a strong response from nationalist Indians, who expressed their anguish over the inhuman killings of fellow Indians in Kashmir by Islamists. They attacked the pro-Pakistan sympathisers within the country, who peddled anti-India agenda over the dead bodies of the deceased Kashmiri.

Sambit Patra, the fiery spokesperson of the BJP, also took to Twitter to voice his anger, who directed it towards a section pro-Pakistan intelligentsia and media in the country, who often derides Indian security forces and bats on behalf of Pakistan.

In his tweet, Sambit Patra shared an image of the three-year-old child, sitting on the chest of his grandfather and wrote, “Pulitzer lovers?”. The carefully-worded assertion by Sambit Patra was aimed at Pulitzer prize-winning individuals from Kashmir, who are accused of being beneficiaries of an ecosystem which sell one-sided propaganda against India. The award-winning photographs mostly happen to show alleged suffering of the common man in the hand of security forces, but photographs showing terror of Islamic terrorists rarely win such prizes.

This so-called intelligentsia and journalists in Kashmir have been peddling false narrative against India in global fora, resulting in a skewed depiction of Kashmir affairs across the world.

Image Source: Sambit Patra

Through his sharp tweet, Patra questioned the silence of the Pulitzer winning journalists and the pro-Pakistan ecosystem over the death of the 64-year-old Indian citizen, who was brutally killed by the Pakistan sponsored terror in the country.

Questioning the integrity of these Pulitzer-winning ‘journalists’ of Kashmir, Patra indirectly asked whether they would capture the photographs of the dire scenario and subsequently publish them to expose the inhuman actions of Pakistan-sponsored terrorists in the Kashmir valley.

Perhaps, through his tweets, Sambit Patra not only exposed the hypocrisy of Pulitzer-winning ‘journalists’ of Kashmir, who have been selling anti-India stories unchecked for decades now but also held a mirror to the ‘liberal-secular’ ecosystem of the country who often go into hiding when the Islamists target their own in Kashmir.

The ‘no-holds-barred’ approach of Sambit Patra, even though slightly political, to denounce pro-Pakistan sympathisers’ nefarious designs in the country, however, strangely evoked sharp reaction from the ‘liberal-secular’ ecosystem of the country, who deliberately twisted his statements to claim that he was expressing glee over the death of Kashmiris.

Soon, the barrage of hate-filled abuse was hurled at the BJP leader for setting things straight regarding the cost that the country has paid due to the pampering of pro-Pakistan sympathisers in the country.

The so-called celebrities, left-wing ‘activists’, assorted trolls of the opposition parties, self-proclaimed journalists descended on his timeline to abuse the BJP spokesperson by propping up a lopsided view on the whole incident.

The ‘secular-liberals’ were angered by the sharp response of the BJP spokesperson, who then followed it with preaching ‘Humanism’ to Sambit Patra for posting images of a three-year-old sitting on a dead body, which was insensitive according to them.

Dia Mirza, the Bollywood entertainer, who had once shed tears on the issue of malnutrition by posting an image of the Indian child to make a point, on Wednesday targeted Sambit Patra after he had posted a similar image of child to question the hypocrisy of the pro-Pakistan sympathisers.

Image Source: Abhijit Iyer Mitra

Similarly, the husband-wife duo of Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose, who were extremely upset against Sambit Patra, also attacked him for the image he shared on Twitter.

While Rajdeep Sardesai claimed that Sambit Patra used the three-year-old kid to peddle his low-level-political propaganda, his own tweet made in the past reflected that he had himself indulged in posting an image of a child to make an indirect political point against the BJP.

Image Source: Anjali

His wife Sagarika Ghose, following her husband, also peddled the same theory of Sambit Patra being ‘heartless’ and ‘hateful’. However, netizens reminded her of a similar tweet, in which she had used an image of a 6-year-old Munifa Nazirwani who was allegedly hit on her eye by a marble shot.

Ironically, Sagarika Ghose had tweeted an image which won the Pulitzer award, which depicted a one-sided story of Kashmir narrative, as suggested by Sambit Patra, while trying to make a political point.

Image Source: Durga Saxena Rastogi

The self-proclaimed human right champions, who had once grieved the death of Syrian Alan Kurdi and the horrific killing of George Floyd in distant America by expressing solidarity through posting their images to make a political point, were now preaching morality to BJP leader Sambit Patra, asserting that he was wrong to post an image of the three-year-old kid.

The liberals, whose politics is entirely based on manipulating tragic events that occurred in far-away lands to further their political agenda in the country, despite having no relevance to it, on Wednesday pretended that they never indulged in such acts. The very same set of people who time and again indulge in cheap politics over dead bodies of unrelated individuals are now crying over Patra’s objective assessment as it distorted their monopoly on setting narratives during such incidents.

Perhaps, the left-liberals and the members of the elite ecosystem of the country were not angered by the image of three-year-old per se, but for the unhindered courage and the audacity of nationalists like Sambit Patra, to make a straight point without worrying too much about its political correctness.

In a country, where the political class think twice to make a point, Sambit Patra is an exception, who has been extremely confident and unflinching about the so-called political correctness while making an objective assertion. The increasing assertion by the likes Sambit Patra to dismantle the strongly held media-monopoly over setting the political narrative has now led to a sustained campaign to discredit him by manipulating his opinion on a particular issue, which was just evident in the yesterday’s incident.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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