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Islamic Terrorism

‘Are you saying Hindu groups orchestrated train burning? There is a limit, this is absurd’: What SIT said in court on Zakia Jafri’s plea

The arguments were inconclusive and will be heard again on December 1. Congress leader Kapil Sibal is representing the petitioner in the case.

Madarsas produce terrorists, all terrorists have studied at madarsas, will shut them all down if given a chance: UP minister

Thakur Raghuraj Singh, Minister of State (MoS) in Yogi Adityanath govt, has pushed for the closure of all operating madarsas in the country, accusing madarsas of fostering extremism.

‘Only matter of time before you are beheaded’: Kashmiri Pandit journalist receives death threat from ISIS Kashmir

Journalist Aditya Raj Kaul has received death threats from a group that calls itself 'ISIS Kashmir'.

‘Was groomed by older men online before I left to join ISIS’: Shamima Begum claims she does not hate Britain

Shamima Begum, an ISIS bride, claimed she was groomed by older men and friends online before she left for Syria with two friends to join the Islamic Jihad.

ISIS using TikTok to recruit suicide bombers to carry out attacks around Christmas: Report

ISIS using TikTok to recruit suicide bombers in UK to carry out attacks on Christmas, says report.

Grand Mosque siege: How the attack on Mecca masjid turned Saudi Arabia into a more regressive Islamic kingdom

The Grand Mosque seizure of November 20, 1979 remains the deadliest terror attack on Saudi Kingdom to date.

Former ‘president’ of POK Masood Khan named as Pakistan’s ambassador to US: Here is his history of supporting terrorist organisations

Masood Khan, the new Pakistani Ambassador to the US, has openly supported terrorist and jihadists organizations in Pakistan and abroad.

Quint journalist complains about negative Muslim character in Sooryavanshi, Rohit Shetty gives extra befitting reply

Sooryavanshi maker Rohit Shetty questioned Quint journalist Abira Dhar, "If there is a terrorist who is from Pakistan, what caste will he be?"

Once a breeding ground of terrorism, new university change face of Azamgarh: Yogi Adityanath after Amit Shah laid foundation stone

Amit Shah laid the foundation stone of a state university in Azamgarh, which is infamous due to alleged links with terrorist activities

Sooryavanshi and Family Man called ‘Islamophobic’ shows how whitewashing of Islamism is a religious duty of liberals

Liberals are outraged with Sooryavanshi because a villain in the movie is a Muslim, despite the movie's attempts to 'secularise' Islamic terrorism and its root cause.

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