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Hayat Baloch: Dragged and murdered by the Pakistani establishment, with 8 bullets fired point black

In Pakistan, it does not matter what you do or who you are. If your surname is 'Baloch', you will be hunted by the Pakistani establishment.

On 13th of August 2020, once again the Baloch social media activist started criticising and protesting against the Pakistani paramilitary forces and condemned the killing of another innocent and non-combatant Baloch student Hayat Baloch. 

Hayat Baloch an educated young Baloch man of Turbat, Balochistan. Went to his hometown because of the COVID-19 and he was planning once the pandemic ends he will sit in for CSS exams. Unfortunately Hayat Baloch a student of Master’s from Karachi University did not know that the state forces have different ideas about his future and life. 

According to reports on 13th of August 2020 on the evening of so-called Pakistan’s Independence Day, Pakistani paramilitary forces (FC) were attacked in Turbat with an IED blast, in response to which FC personnel did what they normally do. They went for the innocent non-combatant civilians and this Hayat Baloch became their target.

He was working along with his father on their Palm fields, when personnel of the frontier corps grabbed him, blindfolded him and dragged him towards the road. His family, his mother and father were crying and requesting them to please spare their son. He is innocent and he has nothing to do with anything. But the personnel of oppressive forces did not listen to them. They brutally attacked Hayat first and then they fired 8 bullets on his body. 

Mother and father of Hayat Baloch crying over the body of their son (Image credit:
Mother and father of Hayat Baloch crying over the body of their son (Image credit:

News of Hayat’s murder came out within minutes and people of the area displayed extreme anger against this action of paramilitary forces. That is why one of the FC personnel was arrested by the police, personnel named Naik Shahidi Ullah is under police custody and the whole tragic killing is being portrayed as an act of an individual. However, in reality, everyone in Balochistan knows that the FC sepoy or any other Military personnel only follow the orders of their commanding officers. 

Since the brutal murder of Hayat Mirza, Baloch people have been protesting across Balochistan and demanding justice for Hayat Baloch. According to the protesters that this murder was not the action of an individual but was a part of the state policy, which orders the killing of Baloch youths mercilessly and keeping them away from education and from their struggle. 

In the last two decades, abduction or murder of any activist or sympathiser of the Baloch National cause became very normal in Balochistan. Thousands of people were killed because they believed in the freedom of Balochistan. Over 40 thousands people are still missing because of their political views which differ from the views of the occupier (Pakistan). 

Surprisingly Hayat Baloch was not a sympathiser nor a supporter of any of the political and human rights campaigns or activities. He wanted to finish his education and get a good job to help his family and live a normal life, but he was not aware that the society where he belongs to is still occupied and even his dreams are not free and he has no right to think any differently than the occupier wants all the slaves to think.

Reading from Hayat’s friends and colleagues stories he even many times said that “I am scared to talk or take part in any demonstrations or protest”. This simply shows Hayat has different hopes for his future. 

The case of Hayat Baloch after receiving such an overwhelming response and support from the masses. Now the frontier corps officials are trying their best to throw all the burden on the shoulder of one person and to close this chapter as soon as possible. To ensure that the family of Hayat Mirza remains silent and not speak against the FC brutality the Inspector General of Frontier Corps Balochistan Major General Fayyaz Hussain Shah visited the house of Hayat Mirza.

This is one of the rarest things that happens in Balochistan when the FC or Army Major or General visit any victims or their families. Many believe that FC has already provided their scapegoat to police and now visiting the house of the victim’s family is simply an attempt to make sure that this case should not get any more attention. 

The case of Hayat Baloch simply leaves a message to all of the Baloch youths whether you are speaking or not. Whether you are doing anything or not. Whether you are ignoring all the injustices or not. You are still in a dangerous condition because of your surname (Baloch). I hope all the educated and knowledgeable youth of Balochistan will not forget this inhuman treatment of Pakistani state and keep demanding justice for Hayat Mirza and thousands of other Hayat Baloch.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Hakeem Baloch
Hakeem Baloch
President of Baloch National Movement UK Zone. Freelance journalist. Studying Media Production.

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