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Mother-son spiked father’s drink, slit his throat before chopping his body into pieces: Chilling details emerge in Delhi’s Pandav Nagar murder case

Delhi police arrested a mother-son duo for killing father, chopping his body in 10 pieces, and storing them in the fridge.

Shraddha murder redux: Delhi police arrests mother-son duo for killing father; had chopped his body parts into pieces and stored them in the fridge

A woman, along with her son, killed her husband and chopped her into pieces before disposing his body parts in Delhi.

Uttar Pradesh: Factory manager dies after falling into blast furnace, family members say he was murdered by owner Asif Ali

Anurag Tyagi, the manager of the smelting factory in Hapur, died suspiciously hours after he allegedly had an argument with the factory owner.

Shakib and his family members, accused of chopping Ekta Deshwal into pieces are now out of jail, ‘no criminal history’ cited as grounds for...

In 2019, Ekta was killed by Shakib and his associates. She was first beheaded and then her body was chopped into several pieces and buried, as per police report.

Chandigarh: ‘Jilted lover’ Mohammed Shariq kills 18-year-old girlfriend Mamata after break up, arrested

According to Chandigarh Police, accused Shariq lived in the victim's neighbourhood and killed her at her home on Saturday when she was alone

Delhi: Police arrest four students of Don Bosco Technical Institute for brutally beating a pregnant dog to death

Four students of Don Bosco Technical Institute arrested by Delhi Police for brutally beating a pregnant dog to death in the New Friends Colony area.

Mathura murder case: Father shot dead daughter, mother helped him in stuffing body in a suitcase

The Mathura police discovered the body of a girl stuffed in a trolley bag near Yamuna Expressway in Mathura last week.

Chennai: Police arrest Najibuddin over sexual assault and murder of his lover’s 18-year-old daughter; media outlets choose to refer to him by his alias...

Najibbudin strangulated 18-year-old daughter of his lover and then allegedly had intercourse with the victim's corpse.

Madhya Pradesh: Yunus Ansari killed and chopped his business aide Vikas Giri into 80 pieces before disposing of remains in a forest, arrested

Yunus Ansari had brutally killed and dismembered his business partner Vikas Giri's body in February of this year before disposing of it in the Dudhmuniya forest in Madhya Pradesh

‘Why she didn’t leave’: Why do victims find it difficult to walk away from abusive relationships

That haunting, painful photo of a smiling Shraddha with multiple bruises on her face has been doing rounds, triggering many to question the same thing, "Why didn't she just leave him?"

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