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Nazism in Kashmir? How a liberal dehumanizes “Bihari beggars”

Who are we kidding? The mentality of the 1991 genocide of Hindus in Kashmir is still very much around. That mentality lives on in the heart of Indian liberalism.

Picture this. Someone is driving down the roads of an Indian city. The car slows down in traffic or has to stop at a signal. Through the glass, the driver sees a poor man on the street, selling little bits of colored paper and other knick-knacks. He realizes the man is from a different religion. He clicks a photo. The photo starts doing the rounds on social media, with a warning that the outsiders are coming to take your land!

That’s Nazism 101. That’s the kind of mentality that starts genocide as in Rwanda.

It’s happening in liberal circles in India right now. See this thread, which is currently gathering hundreds of retweets on the liberal side of Indian Twitter.

Kashmiri Muslim ‘afraid’ on seeing man in saffron scarf

This is Indian secularism and liberalism today. Peek out of your car, see a poor street hawker and then go on a hate rant dehumanizing him for belonging to a different religion.

The Twitter handle appears to belong to one Khaleel Tickoo, who claims to be an accountant and passionate human rights advocate.

‘Passionate human rights advocate’

He is based out of Netherlands and “Tral, IOK.” I leave to your imagination what he could mean by “IOK.”

No, he didn’t stop with this one tweet. What else do these outsiders do? They peek into every car it seems! Imagine that…

Tweets by Khaleel Tickoo

Now, no normal human being would be surprised at a street hawker trying to peek into his car. Or not being able to answer questions about the supply chain of where this or that is manufactured.

Only a mind deeply poisoned by hate would see this as sinister. Or, you know, passionate human rights advocates.

That’s not the end of this thread. The Nazi mind of the Indian liberal is capable of going much lower.

‘Human rights advocate’ stooping lower

This is Indian liberalism today. From their car window, they take photos of poor people on the street. Then, they accuse the “Bihari beggars” of not begging seriously and instead being part of some racial invasion.

You can see all that secularism and humanism is being put to good use by “human rights advocates.” All that liberalism is coming out in racist slurs by dehumanizing poor people they see on the street.

Who are we kidding? The mentality of the 1991 genocide of Hindus in Kashmir is still very much around. That mentality lives on in the heart of Indian liberalism.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  

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