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Jewish woman stabbed at her home in France, attacker defaces door with Nazi symbol Hakenkreuz

The victim is said to be in her 30s and was attacked after she opened the door on hearing the doorbell.

YouTube channel ‘The Grade Cricketer’ removes clip of Australian ‘journalist’ comparing Indian cricket fans to Nazis. Here is what happened

Gideon Haigh casually made the outrageous comparison between Indian cricket fans in blue jerseys and a rally of Hitler supporters in Nuremberg city of Germany during the Nazi era.

If he does not know that Hitler fought against Russia, he is an idiot: Putin slams former Canadian Speaker over standing ovation to Nazi...

Putin stated, "(He) has no basic knowledge but if he knows that this man fought on Hitler's side and calls him a hero of Ukraine and a hero of Canada, then, he is a villain."

‘Hunka belonged to a unit that did not commit crime’: American news organisation Politico defends Canada for honouring a Nazi in its Parliament

Politico columnist Keir Giles swept under the rug the bloody history of atrocities committed by Hunka's SS unit during WWII.

Yaroslav Hunka is just 1 example of Canada’s Nazi problem: Read how WWII criminals found a safe haven there after escaping Europe

"Canada is where the Nazis are. Canada is the unknown haven for Nazis. Everybody knows about Argentina, but nobody knows about Canada," Rambam told the Los Angeles Times in 1997.

Canada’s Speaker of the Parliament resigns after global backlash over celebrating a Nazi war criminal, claims it was a ‘mistake’

Canadian Speaker Anthony Rota resigned from his post after facing widespread humiliation for honouring a Nazi war criminal in the Parliament.

Poland seeks extradition of Nazi soldier who was honoured in Canadian Parliament, wants him to face prosecution for war crimes

Polish ambassador to Canada emphasised that the Nazi soldier should be prosecuted for the war crimes his unit committed against the Jewish and Polish communities.

Nazis, Islamists, and Khalistanis: How Canada has been a safe haven for terrorists and extremists since the end of World War II

Canada has been courting a wide range of extremists and terrorists, sheltering them and empowering their subversive activities since the end of World War II.

Justin Trudeau blames ‘Russian propaganda’ after Canada’s parliament faces global shame for celebrating Nazis

Canadian PM blamed Russian propaganda for the goof-up his government made by celebrating a Nazi in the House of Commons

Canada has been, and remains a safe haven for Nazis: Russia lambasts Justin Trudeau for honouring a Nazi soldier who fought for Hitler

The Russian Embassy in Canada has announced that they will send a note to the Canadian Foreign Ministry and the office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for honouring a Ukrainian Nazi who served in the SS division "Galicia" in their parliament.

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