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We need to convert all Hindus to Islam out of compassion because otherwise, they will keep burning in hell: Zakat Foundation member

Maulana Kalim Siddiqui is the council member of Zakat Foundation. We have reported how apart from being extremely anti-Hindu and anti-national, the extremist Islamic organisation also has links with various dubious organisations, like the one belonging to the radical Islamist Zakir Naik.

Twitter user Sanjeev Newar has shared a video where Kalim Siddiqui, a Zakat Foundation Shariah Council member, is heard openly inciting hostility against Hindus. This video is of an interview, which Siddiqui gave to a channel in Saudi Arabia. In the video, the Maulana not only mocks Hindu traditions to brandish Islam as a far more superior religion but also claims that Hindus need to be converted to Islam, bcause if they dont become Muslims, they will burn in hell. He projects the act of coversions as a kindness being offered to the Hindus.

Siddiqui says that every day, over 1 lakh and 54 thousand people die. Among those, over 1 lakh 24 thousand people have to burn in hell because they die as non-Muslims. He insists that it should be the duty of every Muslims to help those non-Muslims escape the fires of hell, by bringing them into the fold of Islam.

Flaunting to be the ‘master of conversion’, Siddiqui explains how it is easy to fool and mass-convert Hindus to Islam because Hindus are intrinsically good and loving people, who treat even enemies with love. He brags how he exploits this vulnerability to convert them.

He says that despite living in a remote area, people approach him and come to him for all corners of the country to embrace Islam.

When the anchor asks him how true is it that making Hindus accept Islam is the biggest challenge, the Maulana replies that maybe it is in Saudi Arabia and the reason is that the preachers in Saudi do not put in the required efforts.

Moving on, the fanatical preacher clearly debunks secularism, asserting that Ram and Allah are not the same. He says that only the Quran can save one from the ‘fire of hell’ as only Islam is the true religion. Saying so, the extremist alludes that he was converting Hindus to help them. Mocking Hindus for using the ‘Swargiya’ before the names of dead people, he says that ignorant and foolish Hindus keep believing that they go to heaven, where they only burn in hell, because they are not Muslims.

What is dangerous is that this fanatical Maulana is a Council member of the Zakat Foundation, which helps Muslims to get recruited in government services. Recently it announced that 27 candidates it had supported had been selected for the civil services.

The Maulana goes on to explains how logic does not work in converting people to Islam. They have to be either lured by the narrative of attaining Jannat or terrorising them by speaking about the hardships faced in Hell. The Maulana brags how he has used this method to create so many Da’is, who in turn convert other Hindus. For the uninitiated, Da’i is someone who engages in da’wah, the act of inviting people to Islam.

The radical preacher goes on to give the examples of a taxi driver who loved him a lot. He says that he exploited the taxi driver’s love and admiration towards him to brainwash him to convert to Islam and make him convert 80 more. The Shariah Council member of Zakat Foundation explains how the goodness of Hindus can be exploited to easily convert them all.

Kalim Siddiqui is the council member of Zakat Foundation. We have reported the dubious credentials of the Islamist organisation. Apart from being extremely anti-Hindu and anti-national, Zakat Foundation has links with fugitive Islamist criminal Zakir Naik and other foreign Islamist organisations. 

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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