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“Allah will burn this woman in Hell”, Islamists attack TMC leader Nusrat Jahan for participating in Durga Puja

TMC leader and actress Nusrat Jahan has been regularly attacked by fundamentalists for celebrating and participating in Hindu festivals

Hours after Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader and actress Nusrat Jahan participated in the festivities of Durga Puja, she was abused by radical Islamists for committing ‘sin’ and bringing disrepute to Islam.

ANI had shared videos and pictures on Twitter wherein the actress was seen playing the dhaak, folding hands before Goddess Durga and dancing in jubilation.

Despite being a target of online hate in the past, Nusrat Jahan nevertheless uploaded a video of her dancing to the tunes of dhaak on the occasion of Durga Puja. However, she was immediately harassed by intolerant bigots from both India and Bangladesh.

Islamists slam Nusrat Jahan for worshipping idols

Mohammed Wasim tweeted, “You should feel ashamed, Nusrat Jahan. You need to respect our religion. None is stopping you from celebrating but you are worshipping idols. Shame on you. You are a blot on the name of Muslims. I will suggest you read our Hadiths. “

Screengrab of the comments on Nusrat Jahan’s Instagram post

Mohamad Tarik wrote on Twitter, “Lokpriyata ke liya kuchi bhi karegi, naachna gaana toh iska pehela se dhanda hai, koi apna dhanda bada raha hai kaya buri baat hai (She will do anything for fame. Dancing and singing is her trade. If someone is expanding on such immoral business, then, there is nothing bad in it).” It is pertinent to remember that singing and dance are considered ‘Haaram’ in Islam. Tarik, therefore, insuinated that Nusrat Jahan was characterless for engaging in such ‘dirty business’.

Screengrab of the comments on Nusrat Jahan’s Instagram post

Instagram user Asif Ismail said that Nusrat Jahan was a blot on the name of Islam. “Muslim name kolonko (You are a blot on the name of Islam). Another Instagrammer (@kiana_mahek) claimed, “Sirk Kari Mohila (Sinful woman)”

Screengrab of the comments on Nusrat Jahan’s Instagram post

Radical Islamists dehumanise Nusrat Jahan, calls her Satan and wh*re

The radical Islamists also resorted to dehumanise the actress with terms such as ‘Satan’, ‘wh*re’, and ‘jahaanami.’ A radical Islamist (@dildo_kumar.bappaditya01), wrote, “Allah er gazab puduk jahnammir upar (Allah will burn this woman in Hell).” Another Instagram user named Ali referred to her as ‘daughter of a wh*re’. Meanwhile, a disenchanted Shaifuddin wrote, “Shaitan ki nasal ho tum sharm nhi aati tumko itna ganda kaam karne see (You are the descendant of Satan -Evil. Don’t you feel any shame for doing such dirty things?)

Screengrab of the comments on Nusrat Jahan’s Instagram post

Death threats to the actress

One Instagram user (@shahbuzgalisa) told the actress to fear death as the judgment day is inching closer on her. “Mritu ke bhoi koro, Kayamat ati nikat (Fear Death! The Judgment day is near.)” Another user (@mushrura4) asked, “wow, tomra nijeke musalman bolo (Wow! You guys call yourselves Muslims (even after celebrating Durga Puja)?” Another follower of Allah (@babulgazi003003) wondered why He hasn’t taken out the actress from the world. The user wrote, “Allah er gazab dekho agulo more na ader corona o dhore na (Look at the doings of Allah! These guys neither die nor get infected with the deadly Coronavirus).”

Screengrab of the comments on Nusrat Jahan’s Instagram post

Islamists issue death threats to Nusrat Jahan ahead of Durga Puja

This is not the first time that Nusrat Jahan has been issued threats by Radical Islamists. Last month, she was abused with the choicest of expletives by radical Islamists from both India and Bangladesh for dressing up as Goddess Durga on Mahalaya. The fanatics questioned her integrity for not following Islam and also issued death threats.

While issuing death threats and the need for ‘modesty’, an Instagram user (@mkkhan486) wrote, ‘Your time of death has come. Fear Allah. Can’t you keep your body covered? Chi Chi Chi.’ While emphasising that the actress will be doomed to Hell and how Allah is watching over everything, another Instagram user (@alisk217) wrote, “Shame on you for doing this as a Mulsim. You have no shame left in you. You are condemned to go to Jahanam aka Hell. No shame. Allah is watching everything.”

Muslim clerics attack Nusrat Jahan for participating in Durga Puja

Last year, a cleric from the Darul Uloom Deoband in Uttar Pradesh, named Mufti Azad Wasmi, had slammed the Trinamool Congress leader saying that a Muslim should not offer prayers to any God other than Allah. “She has been participating in such prayers, there is nothing new in this. However, under Islam, a follower is not allowed to offer prayers to any God other than Allah, this is ‘haram’. She should change her name and religion,” the cleric said on camera.

Last year, photographs of Nusrat Jahan attending Durga Puja wither her husband Nikhil Jain had gone viral, which had resulted in similar attack from Islamists. She was also targeted by Islamists due to her marriage with a Jain man.

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