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Congress leaders, members and supporters have always attacked Smriti Irani in the vilest, filthiest and most abusive ways possible.
The Police stated that the accused wanted to malign Balkrishna's reputation.
Javed Akhtar launches a personal attack on a Twitter user when he questions his hypocrisy
The constant hate which was directed at Chandra eventually got the Editor of, who edited the article, to respond
One wonders if political parties would reign in official trolls like Shrivastava once and for all.
If something can go without saying, let it.
EAM Sushma Swaraj has been on the receiving end of abuses and threats on social media recently.
Wish you had stood up for your colleagues earlier
This drama has gone on long enough, and it is time to stop
Till now, AAP supporters only harassed those who were critical of the government.
He has also been a very vocal Aam Aadmi Party supporter.
An apparent viral article on The Wire has declared war and gifted a soldier to the right-wing.
The abuser is followed on Twitter by many Congress leaders and self proclaimed liberals and feminists.
Twitter India and Mumbai Police have not acted against Ajaz Khan's unruly behavior on social media
There seems to be ample evidence that he may have wronged women
'Liberals' resort to wishing ill for children just because they don't agree with parents' views.
It does not take too long for trolling to end up being abusive.
The troll had issued death threats and rape threats on Twitter earlier, for which he was even arrested by the police.
If you find an Indian standup comic unfunny, you're either abused or worse, threatened
Mir Ali had written 'My father.. My Allah' on Facebook for his father, which was alleged as being against Islam.
Trolls with Islamist streak attacked and abused Dr. Hina Shafi Bhat, a BJP woman leader from Kashmir, on Facebook.
Journalist Manu Joseph poured bile and misogyny while talking to Amrit Bhinder and likes. Know her better.
Some of the users named have direct links to AAP
They were offended by the fact that Gambhir chose to stand up for our Jawans
Hindu-Muslim clashes in Bhadrak, Odisha – what happened and why it happened.
The fake screenshot was taken from a prominent Facebook troll page to humiliate filmmaker Ashoke Pandit.

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