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‘I demand NYAY as a woman’: Pranab Mukherjee’s daughter writes an open letter to Rahul Gandhi over online abuse by a Congress aide

Sharmistha Mukherjee wrote an open letter to Rahul Gandhi asking him to take action against Congress aide who abused her and her father online.

‘Face the wrath of Allah’: Islamists abuse Aamir Khan over Muslim daughter’s engagement with Hindu partner, call him names

"Aamir G*andu change your Muslim name," one Masab Khan abused the Bollywood actor.

Woman entrepreneur accuses WaPo columnist Rana Ayyub of sending abusive trolls after her: Here is what happened

Divya Ganotra Tandon, a young entrepreneur has accused Rana Ayyub of sending abusive trolls and threatening her with life.

Alt News’ Md Zubair ties himself in knots as he tries to defend himself after raising the ‘Khalistani’ bogey against Arshdeep

Zubair attempted to play victim card after BJP's MS Sirsa filed FIR against him for fanning the 'Khalistani' rants against Arshdeep Singh.

Guwahati Police take cognizance of viral audio clip of Instagram Influencer and her friend on how to ‘rape and kill Hindus’

Guwahati Police in a reply to a Twitter user said that they have already taken up the matter of the viral audio clip of an Instagram influencer and her friend.

Two youths arrested in Pakistan for the suicide of a teen girl in the United States, had posted her explicit visuals on social media

Two men arrested from Faisalabad in Pakistan for causing the suicide of a teenage girl in the USA

Complaint filed in the case of sexual harassment of Hindu women, whose pics were pornographically morphed for ‘stud Muslim men’

Complaint filed against Reddit and users who morphed images of Hindu women in a sexually derogatory manner.

Devdutt Pattnaik invited by Govt to speak at Youth Festival, Netizens share screenshots of his vile, abusive tweets

Sharing screenshots of his abusive and sexually derogatory tweets, Netizens urged Union Minister Anurag Thakur to remove Devdutt Pattnaik from the speakers' panel at the Youth Festival.

Actor Siddharth brazens it out with lame excuses after hurling sexual slurs at Saina Nehwal, NCW asks Twitter to block his account

Instead of apologising or expressing regret for his crass sexual remarks against Saina Nehwal, actor Siddharth came up with a lame excuse to brazen it out.

Actor Siddharth hurls crass sexual comments at Badminton champion Saina Nehwal, after pretending to be concerned about women safety

Tamil actor Siddharth posts crass, sexually derogatory tweet against badminton champion Saina Nehwal.

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