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Citizens of parody country Pakistan want Imran Khan to nuke France for calling out radical Islam

For a country that is struggling to put rotis on the plate of its citizens, the bots think way too highly of themselves.

Parody country Pakistan is at it again. This time, Pakistan-based bots including its citizens now want their country led by Imran Khan, to ‘Do Atomic Attack’ on France. No, it is not a joke, they are saying it in all seriousness. Here is how it all started.

Samuel Paty beheading

Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Islam is in crisis all over the world. The French President had also suggested closing down of places of worship that are suspected of radicalisation. Shockingly, just two weeks later, a school teacher Samuel Paty was publicly beheaded by a radical Islamist. Paty’s ‘crime’ was to show a caricature of Prophet Muhammad to his students.

An online campaign was run against Paty for ‘blasphemy’. Inspired, Abdoullakh Abouyezidovitch A, a Russian refugee in France took it upon himself to ‘punish’ Paty.

Enraged, French public took to streets in solidarity with Paty. So much that it has now become a mass movement. This, of course, has not gone down too well with Islamic nations.

Islamic nations condemn France

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was upset over Macron’s “Islam is in crisis” speech. Four days after French President Macron’s speech, Erdogan condemned it and said “What is the problem of this person called Macron with Muslims and Islam? Macron needs treatment on a mental level…”

Following Erdogan’s statement, France recalled its ambassador from Turkey saying that outrage and insult are not method. Soon, Kuwait also removed French products from markets over the ‘blasphemous’ cartoon. Not wanting to be left out, Pakistani bots also joined in.

Inspired by the bots, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, too, attacked Emmanuel Macron. In fact, Khan suggested how calling out radicalisation will actually lead to more radicalisation and hence, Macron should’ve used a ‘healing touch’.

French authority has denounced the Turkish propaganda against France and has mobilised its diplomats in countries where calls to boycott French products are being made to ask assurances from these countries that its citizens in these countries would be safe.

Pakistani bots continue threatening France

Meanwhile, Pakistani bots and individuals inspired by these bots are still at it.

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar issued sermons to French President that if France has ‘freedom to hate’ (show caricature of Prophet Muhammad), Pakistanis have freedom to ‘reject hate’. Amusingly, the paper tiger that Shoaib Akhtar is, he had to delete his video criticising China for spread of Chinese coronavirus earlier this year. In a now deleted video, Akhtar had questioned Chinese for eating a non-halal ‘bat’ when there are abundant ‘halal’ animals, given by Allah, available to devour. “Is it necessary to eat bats? Drink their urine, their blood and then spread the virus across the world? I am talking about the Chinese,” he had said in the video.

However, perhaps fearing backlash from the ‘friend’ China, Akhtar had edited out this portion.

However, it is not just Akhtar, but many Pakistanis who now want to attack France. And since they cannot really engage themselves in cross-border terrorism as it does not share a border with it, they want their Prime Minister to nuke France.

Except, Pakistani threats have led to some serious amusement on Twitter.

Shame on Macro

Like, this Pakistani individual is shaming one ‘Macro’.

Shame on Macro!

Pakistan’s Aysha Khan, with ‘Doctor’ in Twitter bio and 7 followers wants Twitter to ‘suspend Macro’ for ‘spreading hate and urging violence’.

In fact, Pakistanis are so triggered that they want to send ballistic missiles to France.

Pakistanis want to send ballistic missiles to France

Shaheen 3’s effective firing range is 2,750 kms. Distance between Pakistan to France is almost 6,000 kms.

Ali demanding Imran Khan to pay heed to demand of Pakistanis

Ali is so enraged that he has been urging Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to ‘meet the demand of the people’ and that is to nuke France.

Some want to ‘hit’ the French Ambassador out of their country.

In fact, Pakistanis have now become innovative and want to send France to outer space.

Apparently, now is the ‘right time’ to nuke France.

Far-right Islamist political party Tehreek-e-Labbik supporters on Twitter even quoted the Hadith and Quran to justify nuking France.

For a country that is struggling to put rotis on the plate of its citizens, the bots think way too highly of themselves.

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