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After allegations of widespread rigging in the US elections, ‘liberals’ accidentally reveal what Rahul Gandhi’s strategy in Indian elections would be

Interestingly, just a day after Rahul Gandhi had raised his usual 'EVM tampering' rhetoric, the left-liberals have jumped on to the scene to push for the return of 'ballot system' in place of the existing system of EVMs.

The Gandhi-scion Rahul Gandhi, during the ongoing Bihar assembly elections, had attempted to push the usual ‘EVM tampering’ bogey to question the integrity of elections in the country. Addressing a rally in Bihar’s Araria on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi described EVM as ‘MVM –  Modi Voting Machine’. 

Every time the Congress foresees a humiliating election defeat, the party and its ecosystem raise the mythical ‘EVM tampering’ theory to claim that the BJP and its allies emerge victorious in the elections through the process of rigging these elections.

The ‘left-liberals’, in their efforts to keep their masters happy, have time-and-again peddled the same fantasy theories of EVM hacking just as Rahul Gandhi and have often gone to the extent of demanding the Election Commission of India (ECI) to return back to the earlier ‘ballot-voting’ system.

Interestingly, just a day after Rahul Gandhi had raised his usual ‘EVM tampering’ rhetoric, the left-liberals have jumped on to the scene to push for the return of ‘ballot system’ in place of the existing system of EVMs.

Indian liberals take inspiration from ‘rigging’ in US elections

However, the major push for the Congress ecosystem to discredit the EVMs and weave another set of conspiracy theories against the current system came at the backdrop of the ongoing elections in the United States.

As we know, the ongoing US Presidential Elections have been marred by controversies. There have been shocking allegations of massive election fraud against the Democratic party, who according to their opponents have indulged in the act of ‘rigging’ elections through ballot papers to gain a lead in key swing states. The Trump campaign has alleged that there is serious voter fraud as they demanded a stop to the counting process in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan after several inconsistencies were found in the counting process.

The allegations of rigging in the US election process surfaced after several persons pointed out about the sudden halt of the vote count process on Tuesday night and the subsequent overnight increase in votes for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, especially in states like Michigan and Wisconsin without adding a single vote to President Donald Trump or to any other candidates.

Image Source: Millie Weaver

Even as the American voters point out the serious election fraud, especially the act of massive rigging in the ballot system, the Indian ‘liberals’ and the Congress ecosystem seems to have found it inspirational and are now glorifying the dubious ‘ballot system’ in the US, whose integrity is being currently questioned across the world.

Left-Liberals want Indian to return to ballot system

Influenced by the act of ‘rigging’ of elections through a ballot system in the US, the Indian liberals are in awe of the ‘ballot’ system and have now found a new way to create a pro-ballot system narrative in India. The liberals have now hailed the election process in the US by calling the ballot system as the ‘most-efficient’ election process.

Taking a cue from Rahul Gandhi’s recent rant against EVMs, the known Congress party sympathiser Sagarika Ghose took to Twitter to indirectly bat for the return of ballot papers. Calling the US elections as ‘transparent’, Sagarika Ghose hailed the US elections and asked Indians to learn from US regarding the citizen involvement, transparency in the US elections.

“It’s slow because it’s free and fair!,” said Sagarika Ghose suggesting that US election process are much better than India.

She, however, did not stop there. Sagarika Ghose also dreamt of India returning to a system where elections can be conducted with a combination of paper ballots and digital counting, which according to her made recounts possible and gives credible results.

MK Venu, the far-left ‘journalist’ notoriously known for spreading fake news on social media, echoed similar sentiments as other liberals advising India to retun to ballot papers even if its time consuming.

“India must have faith in her ability to return to the transparency of the paper ballot process,” said MK Venu adding that the use of ballot papers in the Indian elections will also create employment.

Another self-proclaimed intellectual – Nitin Pai was too impressed by the sophistication of the US constitutional setup and its election system.

“What you see is a feature, not a bug as many seem to think it is, ” he added.

DP Satish, another person claiming to be a ‘journalist’ questioned people for mocking the US elections over allegations of ‘rigging’. He said that one must understand that the system (ballot papers) is effectively working there. “A truly federal democracy function like this. Not like ours,” Sathish claimed to insinuate that the Indian election process was undemocratic.

Ironically, the Indian liberals are praising the US ‘ballot’ system at a time when several American citizens have themselves questioned the integrity of the process as they have made allegations of ‘rigging’ in the ongoing Presidential elections.

Apart from the allegations of rigging, the US elections are also highly complicated and confusing, with each state having its own rules on running the elections, where the state govts themselves run the elections, not an independent entity like the ECI in India. Instead of one presidential elections, there are actually 50 different presidential elections in the USA, each run with different rules and regulations. Opposed to that, India has one uniform election across the country with simplified rules.

Did left-liberals accidentally reveal Rahul Gandhi’s sinister agenda?

With all their past efforts and propaganda to force the Election Commission of India to return back to the age-old system failed, the opposition parties and its ‘left-liberal’ ecosystem have now found a new enthusiasm in the form of US elections and its ‘clean’ postal ballots to influence ECI to return back a system where they can influence free-and-fair elections.

Essentially, the far-left and the opposition ecosystem want the country to return to the age-old system of voting by ballot, years after the Indian electorates discarded the highly-corrupt ‘ballot’ system to introduce EVMs.

Interestingly, the far-left and the intelligentsia aligned to the Congress party have come together to forward their pro-ballot paper theory just a day after Rahul Gandhi spoke against the EVMs and raised questions on the integrity of Election Commission of India.

Maybe, the ongoing elections in the US have given a much-needed impetus to the left-liberal lobby to further false propaganda on EVM, which has now led them to accidentally reveal the real sinister agenda of the Rahul Gandhi who has been busy in his ranting-spree against EVMs.

Perhaps, the likes of Rahul Gandhi and his ecosystem are aware that it is extremely tough for them to defeat Modi through an open and independent election process through EVMs and are now desperate to win it by other means. By hailing the US ballot systems and falsely presenting them as the most efficient system, the pro-Congress party ecosystem thinks that they could now pressurise the ECI by creating a narrative in favour of ‘ballot’ system in the country.

As we know, the ‘ballot’ system existed in the country before the introduction of much-efficient EVMs. The ‘ballot’ system was a symbol of a corrupt and undemocratic election system that was manifested through incidents such as booth captures, hijacking the voting booths, rampant violence during the elections.

However, with the adoption of technologies for electioneering in the country, especially with the introduction of EVMs in the country, the process of conducting elections has become much more transparent and effective. Today, it is almost impossible to resort to booth captures, burning of ballot boxes or hijacking the ‘ballot’ votes to create chaos and confusion among the citizens of the country, just as it is currently happening in the USA.

It seems that the Congress party and its ecosystem hopes that the country returns to the age-old ‘ballot system’ so that it enables them to create chaos and use undemocratic means to win elections. To enable this, perhaps the Congress party ecosystem has been aggressively pushing the idea of re-introduction of the ballot system of voting in the country and in doing so have unveiled Rahul Gandhi’s dangerous ploy.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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