Tuesday, January 25, 2022


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In a Clubhouse room called ‘Sexual frustration of RW r*ndis’, woman threatens Hindu man saying she will get his mother and sisters raped

In an audio clip from a Clubhouse discussion, a woman was heard threatening a man to get women in his family raped by goons

The Left’s refusal to condemn Siddharth and Kanhaiya Kumar for their innuendos reveals their hollow commitment to feminism

Even as the Left fashions itself as the champion of "feminism", their silence on innuendos by Siddharth and Kanhaiya Kumar betrays their hypocrisy

Actor Siddharth brazens it out with lame excuses after hurling sexual slurs at Saina Nehwal, NCW asks Twitter to block his account

Instead of apologising or expressing regret for his crass sexual remarks against Saina Nehwal, actor Siddharth came up with a lame excuse to brazen it out.

Actor Siddharth hurls crass sexual comments at Badminton champion Saina Nehwal, after pretending to be concerned about women safety

Tamil actor Siddharth posts crass, sexually derogatory tweet against badminton champion Saina Nehwal.

How political mudslinging over Saket Gokhale saga betrays the biggest hate speech that goes around unchecked in India

The left-leaning liberals have attacked Saket Gokhale over his Brahmin roots after he was accused of misappropriating crowdfunded money

The Atlantic, Caravan Magazine columnist goes hysterical, calls Indian diaspora ‘termites’ over ‘Hindu homeland’ rant

Vidya Krishnan, columnist with The Atlantic and Caravan Magazine, goes on hysterical rant against Indian diaspora, calls them 'termites'

Karnataka CM assures legal action against ‘perverted minds’ posting derogative messages about the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat

Karnataka CM said that he has directed legal action against those who made derogatory comments on social media on General Rawat's death

Some recent deaths of political opponents that have been celebrated by the Islamists and so-called secular ‘liberals’

Islamists and so-called secular 'liberals' often get into a celebratory mood as soon as they hear the news of the death of their ideological opponent

Know why only certain kinds of NRIs and Indian-origin ‘achievers’ are liked by the Leftists of India

When an Indian achieves success at global level, leftists start attacking that person for being of “privileged birth”, unless that person is also leftist

‘If you say so Mr Secular’: Chess Grandmaster Ramachandran Ramesh goes off at critics offering sermons over his cracker celebration

Indian chess grandmaster Ramachandran Ramesh endorsed the celebration of the Hindu festival 'Diwali' by burning firecrackers.

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