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Propaganda, narrative & falsehoods packed in fancy words: How left-liberals over-intellectualise to project holier than thou approach against Hindu sentiments

The recent left liberal to rant was Saurabh Dwivedia who despite an attempt to sound like a political scientist, failed to drive home the point he was trying to make

UK NHS Trust says chemical secretion induced from breast of biological males calling themselves women are same as mother’s milk for newborns

A think tank named Policy Exchange has lashed out at the NHS trust calling it "unbalanced" and "naive".

‘Souls of Gandhi and Ambedkar must be weeping’: The Left ecosystem suffer a meltdown after Mahua Moitra’s expulsion from Lok Sabha

TMC’s Krishnanagar MP Mahua Moitra has been expelled from the Lok Sabha after the Ethics Committee tabled its report on her corruption and bribery. She was expelled after the tabled report was debated and a vote was sought from MPs.

‘Liberals’ and Islamists in India and Pakistan cheer attack on Isreal despite armed Hamas terrorists slaughtering innocent Israeli civilians

Amidst all the brutality and torture being inflicted on innocent Israelis by the Palestinian terrorists, there is this usual bunch of Indian and Pakistani Islamists and Indian liberals who seem to be elated at the unprecedented attack on innocent Israelis

‘Massacre of thousands of Muslims’: While TNM denies Hyderabad genocide of Hindus KTR threatens to move censor board against ‘Razakar’ movie

Netizens have called out The News Minute Editor-in-Chief Dhanya Rajendran and all those lauding the tyrannical Razakars while denying the genocide of Hindus

Elon Musk to file a lawsuit against ADL over lost ad-revenues: How the Tesla CEO plans to take on Omidyar Network-linked George Soros apologist

Musk claims that X's ad revenue is down 60 per cent because of false allegations of anti-semitism by Anti Defamation League (ADL).

X CEO Elon Musk to take legal action to stop the “hate speech” narrative run by George Soros-funded NGOs to silence free speech

A report published by "Public", titled "Soros-funded NGOs demand crackdown on free speech as politicians spread hate misinformation", dismantled this largely left-liberal narrative saying that "increase in the reporting of hate offenses is different from an actual increase."

Islamists, Congress, and left-liberals share old video of Bittu Bajrangi claiming he played victim after police action in Nuh violence

Bittu Bajrangi said the video was released in 2022 with regards to inaction over Kiran Negi murder case, and has nothing to do with Nuh violence

‘Does it matter?’ Former JNU prof and Afzal Guru supporter brazens out when called out for passing off an old video from Colombia as...

Former JNU professor Jayati Ghosh shared an old video from Colombia to take a dig at 'New India' under the Modi government.

Sudha Murthy gets branded as ‘casteist’ by left-liberals for calling herself a “pure vegetarian”  

Sudha Murthy, known for her candour, opened up about her love of vegetarian food and her cooking habits in one of the episodes of the 'Khane Mein Kya Hai?' show.

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