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‘She said my time was up, and I was suspended’: TrueIndology says on Facebook after being suspended from Twitter

TrueIndology has been arguing that contrary to what D Roopa claims, firecrackers have been mentioned in old texts and are very much a part of Hindu celebrations in Diwali. The account's suspension just a day after this online spat with a senior IPS officer is making several social media users speculate whether it was the reason behind the suspension by Twitter.

The Twitter account of ‘True Indology’, an activist and social media commentator, has been suspended yet again arbitrarily. On Wednesday, Twitter barred TrueIndology from posting tweets after suspending the account. So far, the reasons for the suspension are not known.

Twitter suspends True Indology’s account

The TrueIndology account is very popular and has thousands of followers. The person behind the account is a meticulous fact-checker who corrects wrong and distorted claims often pushed as history mostly by left-liberals, and cites actual sources to debunk myths and leftist propaganda on Indian history. Though the reasons for the accoun suspension are not clear, it comes just a day after he had ‘fact-checked’ and had idulged in an online arguement with senior IPS officer D Roopa.

Twitter suspends TI’s account a day after online banter with senior IPS officer

Recently, Karnataka police officer D Roopa had taken to Twitter to justify the ban of crackers and had even argued that there was no mention of crackers in the Hindu scriptures. Her argument was that bursting of crackers was not an integral part of celebrating Diwali and hence, the ban on firecrackers is justified.

TrueIndology had objected to the claims made by D Roopa and had asserted that firecrackers find a mention even in old scriptures and have been a part of Deepavali celebrations. Overall, in the long online argument between the two, D Roopa’s stand was that since firecrackers have not been a part of ancient Diwali celebrations, they should not be seen as a part of Hindu traditions of Diwali and the ban on firecrackers should not be seen as an attack on Hindu practices.

Tweet by D Roopa

TrueIndology has been arguing that the firecrackers have been mentioned in old texts and are very much a part of Hindu celebrations in Diwali.

Tweet by D Roopa

D Roopa’s assertions, however, were severely rejected by many social media users. Later, she had asked TrueIndology to reveal his identity and stop his followers from objecting to her opinions and ‘trolling’ her online’.

Tweet by D Roopa

As the argument continued and many other people joined in to offer counter-arguments to D Roopa, in another tweet, Roopa had written to TrueIndology, “Your time is up”.

Tweet by D Roopa

It is this tweet in particular, where the senior IPS officer says “Your time is up” to TrueIndology, that is being cited by many social media users who are claiming that the online banter with the senior officer may have been the reason behind the suspension of the account of TrueIndology. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

In a Facebook post, TrueIndology has shared that his account has been suspended by Twitter and this has happened after D Roopa asked him to share his identity and personal details and he refused to do so.

Facebook post by TrueIndology

TrueIndology has stated that Twitter India has sent him no emails and have given him no reasons for suspending his account. He has also claimed that he has been ‘digitally eliminated’ for refusing to divulge his personal details to the IPS officer.

Repeated suspension of TrueIndology account

This is not the first time that the account of TrueIndology has been suspended by the micro-blogging site. Coincidentally, last year in April, True Indology was suspended by Twitter for fact-checking and exposing another bureaucrat after he had attempted to peddle distorted history on Twitter.

True Indology had exposed the ignorance of a bureaucrat named Ashish Joshi, who is suspended for using his official position for personal agenda after he had made false claims about Sherwan & Sherwani. Following that, the suspended officer had threatened that he will get the account blocked.

Joshi had also threatened to dox True Indology by saying that he will use his connections with IPS officers to know the identity of people behind the anonymous handle. Soon after that, TrueIndology’s account was suspended by Twitter.

The TrueIndology account is also regularly attacked with mass reporting by an organised gang of left-liberals, which causes the account to be suspended or locked. The fact that Twitter has a self-confessed left-leaning bias, contributes to fast suspension of right-wing accounts by the social media site.

In January last year, True Indology’s account was locked by Twitter after the account had exposed a false narrative circulated by NDTV. Before this, the account was suspended several times, to be restored later after reviewing the decision.

After the account was suspended, Twitter users started demanding that the suspension should be revoked. Users of the social media site are tweeting with the hashtag #BringBackTrueIndology demanding the restoration of the Twitter account.

Firecrackers on Diwali

Though the ‘liberals’ and leftist elites have been advocating bans and restrictions on every Hindu festival and the firecrackers ban is one of their major projects, the NGT and many governments’ arbitrary ban on usage and sale of firecrackers just ahead of Diwali has caused divided opinions and dissatisfaction even among the ‘Right-Wing’. Mostly, the arbitrary ban on firecrackers, citing them as the reason for air pollution without any evidence or data to back the claim, the damage to livelihoods and the losses suffered by the industry has created a furore among many people.

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