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21 year old Disha Ravi ‘too young’ to arrest? Liberals want to create a world where actions do not have consequences

Numerous liberals have cited the young age of the activist in order to mock the decision of the police to arrest her. It is particularly amusing because she is 21 years old, so not exactly a child.

Delhi Police has arrested 21-year old climate activist Disha Ravi from Bengaluru in connection with the ‘Greta toolkit’ that exposed Khalistani hands behind the global campaign against India. Since then, she has been remanded to the custody of the Delhi Police for five days. The arrest of the activist has triggered a meltdown in the liberal sections of social media.

Numerous liberals have cited the young age of the activist in order to mock the decision of the police to arrest her. It is particularly amusing because she is 21 years old, so not exactly a child. At 21 years, people have a say in the manner in which the country should be run. One would believe it is self evident that therefore, they ought to be liable for consequences for activism as well.

Mihir Shah on Disha Ravi arrest
Mihir Shah comments on Disha Ravi arrest

It is symbolic of the world that liberals wish to create, where people ought to be free from the consequences of their actions if they happen their ideological ally. Greta Thunberg is not too young to bully world leaders into addressing her tantrums. Licypriya Kangujam is nine years old but even she should be taken seriously in matters of public policy.

But God forbid a 21 year old, a legal adult, has to pay for the consequences of her actions. And suddenly, they are too young to face penal action. Consider this, a country with a population of 130 crores should make its laws based on the tantrums of a child but at the same time, liberals believe a legal adult is too young for arrest.

Disha Ravi
Source: Twitter

It is also pertinent to note that liberals always have some excuse or the other for their ideological foot-soldiers, as has been pointed out by many already. For Safoora Zargar, accused in the Delhi Riots case, it was her pregnancy. For Vara Vara Rao, it was claimed that he is too old. And now, for Disha Ravi, it’s that she is too young.

It appears that the Police should first ensure that the profile of the accused fits liberal requirements before making any arrest. Going forward, the Police ought to make an announcement that only Upper caste, preferably Brahmin, males in their 30s from non-farming background would be preferred for making arrests in high-profile cases.

The male should not be pregnant either, as liberals now claim that men can be pregnant too. Actual guilt does not make it to the list of priorities. Probably only then, liberals will be satisfied with legal proceedings.

Usually in Democracies, people acquire the right to vote when they turn 18. Thus, when they turn 18, people actually have the power to decide how the country is governed and the trajectory of the entire country. Liberals in the West, especially in the United States of America, also demand that the the eligible age for voting be lowered to 16.

Yet, when a 21 year old is arrested for alleged involvement in a global campaign against India, liberals want her to be absolved of all guilt due to her age. It’s utterly bizarre. Should the same courtesy be extended to other young adults of the same age or is it a privilege that ought to be preserved for liberal activists alone?

Do liberals actually want 21 year old adults to have the liberty to indulge in all sorts of nefarious activities without the potential for any adverse effects? Should adults receive the same privileges as those under 18? These are serious questions that liberals must answer.

Instead of beating around the bush, they should come forward and just admit that they want Dish Ravi to escape the legal consequences of her actions solely because of her politics. Because stripped of the veneer of fancy humanitarian concerns, that is what it essentially boils down to. And then we must ask, why should only liberal foot-soldiers have such privileges?

Needless to say, such courtesies will not be extended for Hindu activists of the same age. In their case, ’eminent intellectuals’ will cheer for further prosecution. They will demand it and then cry if they do not have their wishes fulfilled.

One gets tired of saying it at this point and fears coming across as too repetitive but liberals do not care about principles. They only care about power. They are out of power currently and therefore, they are making flimsy humanitarian appeals to excuse the conduct of their foot-soldiers. When they have the power to inflict damage, they will enthusiastically persecute 21 year old Hindu activists.

Coincidentally, two years ago, on this very day, twenty year old Adil Ahmad Dar had massacred scores of our security forces through a suicide bombing. Would liberals argue that the Pulwama Terrorist be let off due to his age as well?

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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