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Dopamine rush, freedom from consequences and political objectives: Why the Global Left slanders India while ignoring terrible atrocities elsewhere

One thing that is self-evident is that it is very easy to deliver sermons when there is absolutely zero possibility that one will have to suffer the consequences of their activism.

Music sensation Rihanna sparked a torrent of comments on the farmer protests in India after she posted a tweet wondering why people were not talking about the protests in India. Presumably, she was referring to fellow Americans when she said that in which case Americans were not very interested because they have a truckload of mess in their own country to deal with.

Nevertheless, the tweet sparked a great many reactions on social media and liberals in India perceived it as the second coming of Jesus Christ. Greta Thunberg, a school dropout, and other celebrities also jumped into the scene to demonstrate their supposed love for ‘human rights’.

One thing that is self-evident is that it is very easy to deliver sermons when there is absolutely zero possibility that one will have to suffer the consequences of their activism. Rihanna, Greta, Mia Khalifa, such people are far removed from the realities of India and there’s no chance at all that they will themselves be impacted by their activism.

‘The Silence of the Lambs’

In all probability, they will benefit commercially from it because it will increase their popularity among their target audience. What is very clear, however, is that it is a very coordinated attempt by the Global Left and the objective is the same as it has been in the previous years, that is, to undermine the Indian Government.

Another aspect of it is that some human rights violations are a lot worse than others. For instance, an episode where the Indian Government has already held several rounds of discussions with protesters is a million times worse than China forcing Uygur women to sleep with government officials after transporting their husbands to ‘reeducation camps’.

Similarly, the Indian police taking adequate measures to prevent the protesters from running riot again after they went on a rampage on Republic Day is a lot worse than the continued persecution of Hindus in Pakistan and the horrible atrocities they are forced to endure on a daily basis.

The Punjabi farmers protesting at the Singhu Border, who receive tons of subsidies for their crops as well as electricity subsidies and then engages in stubble burning that causes pollution at a massive scale, are undoubtedly a victim of great persecution and deserve much greater attention than the Opioid Crisis in the United States that continues to kill thousands and thousands of people every year.

And quite obviously, the phenomenon of Muslim grooming gangs in the United Kingdom that has victimized thousands and thousands of young girls, some as little as 11 years old, with law enforcement authorities holding themselves back due to fears of being called racist is clearly not a crime grave enough as the passage of a law by the democratically elected Parliament of India.

The Duplicity of the West

Such duplicity from the Global Left is consistent with the double-standards that are observed in the foreign policy of western countries as well. Most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, so the USA did what was only obvious. They went ahead and invaded Iraq instead.

For good measure, the USA invaded Afghanistan as well but years later, Osama bin Laden was found hiding in a compound extremely near to a Pakistani military academy in Abbottabad. That has not stopped the USA from providing financial aid to Pakistan.

The USA waxes eloquence on human rights abroad while simultaneously, it helps its ally Saudi Arabia to perpetuate one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen. None of this makes sense when viewed through the prism of human rights, it is not supposed to.

The USA, as a state, demonstrates such apparently schidzophrenic conduct only to secure its national interests. It does not care two hoots about human rights. Similarly, celebrities have now suddenly developed great concern for ‘farmers’ in India only because of their own personal interests.

Firstly, it will earn them great praise from expected quarters and appreciation is always a source for a dopamine rush. Secondly, they get to feel good about themselves because they can delude themselves into believing that they are having a positive impact on the world. Thirdly, there is zero risk of adverse consequences.

Liberals in India, however, if they had any sense in them, would be more concerned than celebratory after the outpouring of support. When westerners take great interest in a region, it generally does not have a positive impact on its population.

A Global Campaign against India

The greatest evidence of it, of course, is the Arab Spring. Westerners cheered and celebrated the looming eruption of Democracy in the Arab world. Military intervention for the same was also justified. The consequence, however, was not in accordance with what was envisioned and therefore, hardly any western celebrity talks about it.

For instance, hardly anyone talks about the fact that once prosperous Libya is now a failed state due to US intervention and slavery has returned to its streets. That Iraq is now a failed state is hardly talked about as well. The US tried its very best to topple Bashar al-Assad in Syria as well but although they were able to inflict great damage, they have not yet succeeded in turning Syria into another Libya.

The USA has funded Islamic terrorist groups it claimed to be waging a war against and even that does not draw enough attention from ‘human rights advocates’ in the country. All of this only demonstrates that ‘human rights’ is not what has motivated such entities to poke their nose in Indian matters.

The truth of the matter is there is a war against India that is being waged today. More specifically, the war is against the Hindu Civilization. India is the target of a global campaign today and the Indian Government is being targeted for who it is perceived as a representative of and not because of what it does.

Unfortunately for us, we have far too many people in our country who would gladly collude with foreign entities in order to secure their political objectives in India. It is this target audience that the celebrities seek to cater to in order to increase their brand value. In that, they appear to have succeeded.

The Repetitive Nature of the protests

The protests against the Indian Government have acquired an almost repetitive nature that could even be said to have a standard operating procedure. First and foremost, a category of citizens almost invent problems with major reforms that simply do not exist in reality and create much hue and cry about nothing.

Then Indian political parties, who were most probably behind the false fearmongering from the very beginning, come out in the open and announce that apocalypse is imminent. Pliant media acts in tandem with such political entities and creates an illusion of controversy behind perfectly reasonable reforms.

This phase continues for a few weeks before the group ultimately blocks roads and highways and creates harassment for other citizens. Increasing pressure is built upon the government to bend their knee to the mob but the government does not bend, as it should not.

Ultimately, things turn violent and rioters rampage through the streets. Eventually, even though the government has maintained more than sufficient restraint, it is accused of atrocities and human rights violations. Soon, the Global Left jumps in and engages a targeted campaign to undermine the democratically elected government of India.

We saw it all happen during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and we are seeing it all unfold again in the exact same manner. Only ‘farmers’ of Punjab have replaced the Dadis of Shaheen Bagh, the modus operandi remains the same.

It goes without saying that should such protests succeed in their endeavour, Indian democracy will suffer a fatal blow. A strong India is in nobody’s interests, neither China nor the USA. People will cease to believe that voting even matters since mobs could always block highways and roads in order to have their way. It is exactly what the detractors of India want.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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