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It is time Meena Harris shuts up and stops supporting the violent insurrection in India: Here is why

Meena would perhaps do well to realise that India has a right to defend herself against insurrections just as much as the west, and she should either support India's sovereign right or... shut up.

A few days back, foreign vested interests had descended to intervene in India’s domestic affairs to create chaos in the country by propagating disinformation pertaining to the farm laws passed by the Modi government and the violent protests by so-called farmers and Khalistanis thereafter. Singer-actress Rihanna, along with former porn-star Mia Khalifa and child protestor Greta Thunberg on Tuesday interfered in country’s politics by endorsing violence in the name of supporting ‘farmer’ protests. One such individual who dragged herself into the controversy was US Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece Meena Harris.

Harris, who seems to have no idea about the intent of farm reforms initiated in the country, joined the global propagandists to oppose the new farm laws ever since it was passed in September 2020.

It is time Meena Harris shuts up and stops supporting the violent insurrection in India: Here is why
Tweet by Meena Harris

Just like the fellow foreign influencers, Meena Harris resorted to propagating misinformation by claiming that she was “outraged” by “paramilitary violence against farmer protesters” in New Delhi at a time when there is evidence that highlight how protests unleashed riots in the streets of the national capital and brutally attacked the police personnel injuring more than 400 cops.

Meena Harris, who has a habit of flaunting her ties with United States Vice President Kamala Harris, has now gone to the extent using rabid Islamists and anti-India voices to meddle into Indian affairs. Sharing the tweets of Islamist troll and Hinduphobic propagandist Rana Ayub, Meena Harris attempted to not to only endorse the vandalism in the name of farmer protests but also tried to normalise Hindu hatred.

It is time Meena Harris shuts up and stops supporting the violent insurrection in India: Here is why
Tweet by Meena Harris

Her timeline is full of tweets and posts about Indian ‘farmer’ protests, which is not only devoid of facts but also whitewashing crimes of rioters who carried out insurrection against the Indian state on the Republic Day.

Ironically, Harris was ranting against the protestors who had stormed the Capital Hill and had termed those protests as ‘fascism’ that threatened democracy in the United States. However, Meena Harris exposes her hypocrisy when she applies different standards to the insurrection carried out by rioters disguised as ‘farmers’ in India, who desecrated the national flag on Republic Day and unleashed violence on the streets of Delhi.

It is time Meena Harris shuts up and stops supporting the violent insurrection in India: Here is why
Tweet by Meena Harris

It is indeed amusing when the likes of Meena Harris, who had no relevance till US Presidential Elections 2020, teaches India and Indians about ‘human rights’. Meena Harris, whose only identity is that she is a close relative of VP Kamala Harris, should in fact mind their own business and address human rights issues in their own country rather than pointing fingers at us.

Harris’ anti-India rants by referring into Indian leadership as ‘Fascist dictators’ comes even as the US administration themselves have welcomed the reforms initiated by the Indian government to state that the farm laws are aimed at “improving the efficiency of Indian markets” and attracting “greater private sector investment” in agriculture.

Meena Harris – a crony of Biden administration who uses Kamala Harris to get things done

The 36-year-old Stanford and Harvard Law graduate Harris gained prominence in the United States only after Kamala Harris decided to throw her hat into the Presidential race a few years ago. Meena Harris has been accused by many for using her political links to further her business interests in the last few years.

Reportedly, Meena Harris has authored two books – Ambitious Girl and the other Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea. Meena used the name of Kamala Harris to sell her books, which went on to become bestsellers. She also started a clothing line – Phenomenal and co-founded a production company after the November 2020 election.

Interestingly, Meena – a ‘champion’ for the cause of underprivileged, flew to the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration last month on a private plane owned by a donor to Biden’s campaign.

Meena Harris uses Kamala Harris ‘story for success’ to sell her products and it is being said that Meena Harris’s success only came after she began to exert her relationship with Kamala Harris. From selling “Kamala Harris Swimsuit”, “Kamala Tank”, to marketing “Kamala T-shirt”, Meena has gone to lengths to make money using her aunt’s influence.

Harris sold products with Kamala as a ‘theme’

In August 2020, when Kamala Harris was selected as Biden’s running mate, Meena Harris had ‘pushed” her campaign team to sell a shirt designed by her and a friend in their store. However, Biden had rejected such an idea as it would cause problems for campaign finances.

In January this year, Meena Harris had signed a deal with audio products manufacturer Beats Electronics for a collaboration. However, Biden’s team had to warn Meena Harris that she cannot use her aunt and VP-elect Kamala Harris’ name, image or likeness for profit.

Reportedly, the Beats headphones had asked their influencers and celebrities to promote with a theme, “The First But Not The Last”, a reference to Kamala Harris selection to the post of Vice President. Incidentally, the same phrase was used in the T-shirt designed by Meena Harris and sold on the Biden campaign’s online store.

Another report suggested that Kamala Harris did not have any information regarding Meena Harris’s business collaborations. Lately, Meena Harris and her business interests have caused problems for the White House.

Just like Meena Harris has become a pain for Biden’s administration due to her shady deals, her constant interference into India’s domestic affairs could soon become the anotjer ‘Meena problem’ for the Biden adminsitration.

Dear Meena, what’s good for the goose, has to be good for the gander

It is pertinent to reiterate here that Harris had, with all her might, supported the police action against rioters at the Capitol Hill. Branding the violence as a planned insurrection and an attack on the seat of democracy, Meena had said that the violence at the Capitol Hill was an example of fascism.

Any violence, ordinarily, would be condemned especially, when the violence is religiously and politically motivated, targets security personnel in a planned manner and furthers a violent insurrection against a democratically elected government. While the liberals of the West of thorough hypocrites who supported the riots by Black Lives Matter and called the violence by Trump supporters an ‘insurrection’, India, stood by the United States and condemned the violence.

Regardless of political preferences and the fact that a Biden administration would only be bad news for India, the powers that be condemned the violence in unequivocal terms. Hence, while Meena Harris might be a hypocrite, her support for security personnel acting against the rioters at the Capitol Hill was right, morally and politically.

However, the unbridled hypocrisy and racism shine through when the people who condemned the insurrection at Capitol Hill support the insurrection by armed Khalistanis in Delhi, that left over 400 police personnel injured and the national capital, burning and bruised. Perhaps it is time that Meena realises that what is good for the goose, has to be good for the gander. While western approval or validation means paltry little to Indians, Meena would perhaps do well to realise that India has a right to defend herself against insurrections just as much as the west, and she should either support India’s sovereign right or… SHUT UP.

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