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PM Modi warns against ‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’: How global powers have used NGOs and protests to undermine nations

PM Modi's warning against Foreign Destructive Ideology could not have come at a better time, with the attention of the country towards the 'Farmer Protests'.

In his Motion of Thanks address in the Rajya Sabha today, PM Modi took a direct aim at foreign actors attempting to influence India. PM Modi called out the ‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’ attempting to harm the country and stressed on the need to safeguard India against it. The address from the PM comes days after the leak of Greta Files, which exposed attempts from abroad to influence protests in India.

PM Modi also took aim at what he describes as a new class of activists named, ‘Andolan Jeevi’. PM Modi said, “There is a full team of activists which is Andolan Jeevi, they cannot live without protesting, and they find ways to live through protests”. He accused such activists of trying to mislead the public. PM Modi then cautioned the country to safeguard itself from these ‘Andolan Jeevis’.

“All these Andolan Jeevis are parasites”, the PM declared in the Rajya Sabha, even invoking opposition support against them. PM Modi then alerted Indians to the threat of foreign ideologies which could be destructive to India’s ethos. PM Modi warned that as India moves forward on the path of development, a new type of FDI, Foreign Destructive Ideology, threatens to harm India. PM Modi then highlighted the need for awareness to combat this Foreign Destructive Ideology targeting India.

PM Modi’s remarks can be observed with the backdrop of the ‘Farmer Protests’, which have rocked the country for over three months. This is especially true since the PM’s remarks come just days after the Greta Leaks that exposed the Khalistani hands behind the global campaign. The infamous leak consisted of a toolkit, accidently tweeted by Greta Thunberg, which exposed the foreign role in promoting protests on Indian soil.

PM Modi’s comments about Foreign Destructive Ideology reveals that there is a concerted foreign effort to influence Indian politics from abroad. For the PM to refer to a team of perpetual protestors and a destructive foreign ideology conjunctively, should ring alarm bells.

In International Politics, it is not rare for a hegemon or a strong power to influence the politics and policies of other nations. There are different ways in which this can be done, including military invasion and regime change. However, a new method is now emerging as more popular. This method is known as a “Color Revolution”.

A “Color Revolution” refers to a type of coordinated attack that western powers have been known to deploy against other countries, particularly in Eastern Europe that are deemed to be “authoritarian” and hostile to American interests. Rather than a direct military intervention to topple a regime as in Iraq, Color Revolutions attack foreign governments by contesting their electoral legitimacy, orchestrating mass protests and acts of civil disobedience, and leveraging media contacts to ensure favorable coverage in the Western press.

The overarching objective is to ensure the installation of a government that will uphold western interests. What India is going through right now may not be a Color Revolution, but it certainly resembles one. All the hallmarks of a Color Revolution are present in India. There are constant attempts to paint India as an authoritarian state which discriminates against minorities in the Western Press. Election Legitimacy is questioned by opposition parties every time BJP secures a victory.

Mass protests and acts of Civil Disobedience are promoted heavily with wall to wall sympathetic coverage as in the case of Farmers Protest. All of these maneuvers are straight out of the Color Revolution playbook.

With respect to the Farmers Protest, PM Modi’s comments highlight what was already out in the open. There exists a strong network of national and international NGOs and Multi-National Corporations, whose hierarchy is dominated by liberals and leftists. These NGOs play a crucial role in fomenting discontent, with the full help of social media and the mainstream press and set the narrative to favor their goals.

Their goals are multi-faceted, but one of the main goals is to turn India from a traditional, God-fearing society to a soulless, godless, consumerist country. This goal can only be achieved if Liberalism reaches a critical mass in India, which will mean the death of families, therefore a death of society. This form of militant Liberalism is called Neoliberalism.

This perverse ideology has caused the deaths of millions and destroyed entire nations including Iraq, Libya, Syria among others. Neoliberalism argues in favor of Democracy promotion, which practically means toppling a dictator and installing a new government which is subservient to the West. And if the target is not a dictator and is a democratically elected leader, his government will be painted as authoritarian.

PM Modi’s warning against Foreign Destructive Ideology could not have come at a better time, with the attention of the country towards the ‘Farmer Protests’. Nationalists in India should heed the PM’s advice and raise awareness about various types of foreign influence.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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