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The Print tries to justify the brutal killing of Rinku Sharma by holding him responsible for his own murder

The report quotes the family of accused Nasruddin to say that Rinku was drunk that day and the fight started after he forced Zahid to drink alcohol

The cold-blooded murder of a young Bajrang Dal activist named Rinku Sharma in Mangolpuri area of the national capital by a bloodthirsty Muslim mob has left everyone shocked and terrified. The brutality of the incident has left people with many unanswered questions particularly concerning the safety of Hindus in the country. Amidst all of this, the ‘secular’ people in the country have gone dumb on the incident while some media portals are busy spreading their propaganda.

Rinku Sharma

The Print Report portrays Rinku Sharma as the culprit

At a time when the country has come together demanding stringent punishment for the killers of Rinku Sharma, the Print is busy peddling its propaganda by presenting new theories based on the version given by the family of the culprits. The Print report claims that the knife that was used to kill Rinku Sharma was bought by him and that it was he who started the fight. The report quotes the family of accused Nasruddin to say that Rinku was drunk that day and the fight started after he forced Zahid to drink alcohol.

The report also says that Rinku had invited Zahid and his friends to the party and then he started fighting with them after getting drunk. When the family of the accused got to know about the fight they went to intervene. The report alleges that Rinku pulled out a gas cylinder to attack them. Not just that, the report further alleges that Rinku had pulled out the knife to attack the accused.

The way the Print has reported the incident shows a lack of sensitivity on the brutal murder of a young Hindu man in his 20s. The Print comes forward to defend the accused and declare Rinku Sharma responsible for his own murder putting aside all the human sensitivity. The report should not be mistaken as an attempt to present a ‘neutral’ picture of the incident. The headline of the report has been deliberately framed to present Rinku Sharma as the culprit who actually started the fight insinuating that he deserved the fate he met.

Evidently, the report was written to cater to a certain section of people who have been desperately looking for clues to blame it all on Rinku Sharma so that they can preach about maintaining peace arguing that both the parties were at fault.

Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa

Fortunately, their propaganda is not going to sustain as the evidence of the brutal murder of Rinku Sharma are floating all over social media. Everyone saw that CCTV footage in which a bunch of 15-20 people are seen walking towards Rinku’s house carrying lathis. The footage also shows how they abused women and attacked the men. If there was no pre-planned conspiracy to kill Rinku Sharma, how come so many armed people gathered all of a sudden? While the family of Rinku Sharma is braving such a tragedy, the Print’s effort to whitewash and justify the acts of culprits cannot be called journalism. However, the media are incessantly busy ‘balancing’ the situation.

It is also clear that the killers had gone to Rinku’s home to kill him, and the incident didn’t happened at a party like the media reports, and even police, were claiming. Even of some scuffle took place at some earlier in the day, the actual crime took place at Rinku’s home, not any party. Moreover, videos make it clear that Rinku and his family was attacked by the mob soon after they entered their home, there was no argument over anything that led to the violence.

Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa continues in the memory of Rinku

About a week has passed since the brutal murder of Rinku Sharma but Rinku’s memory is fresh in minds of locals who are remembering him. Some people tell that Rinku kept repeating the slogan of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ while he was being taken to the hospital. Two of the accused present at the hospital named Zahid and Tajuddin had attacked Rinku’s friends. Zahid even tried to pull out the knife from Rinku’s back to erase the evidence. However, on failing to pull the knife out, he pressed it deeper. It had bothered the culprits that since the foundation laying ceremony of Ram Mandir, Rinku used to be organise a Hanuman Chalisa paath every Tuesday. However, the locals have continued to organise the Hanuman Chalisa path even after Rinku is gone.

OpIndia talked to Mannu Sharma and exposed the lies of media

When Senior Editor at OpIndia, Ravi Agrahari visited Rinku Sharma’s house on Tuesday to check the veracity of claims made by media regarding Rinku Sharma’s death, the Hanuman Chalisa paath was still going on. Our senior editor attended the Hanuman Chalisa paath and talked to Mannu Sharma.

Mannu Sharma exposed the lies propagated by media

Senior Editor Agrahari asked Mannu Sharma about the veracity of the claims regarding the birthday party and alcohol. Mannu Sharma dismissed the claims as lies and said that his brother was neither drunk nor did he try to force Zahid to drink and that there was no fight between Rinku and Zahid. He said that Zahid had attended the party with someone else and the fight took place between him and someone else. This had nothing to do with Rinku Sharma.

Mannu said that the accused had come armed to his house. He himself had opened the gate. He added that the culprits did not record their own acts and are circulating a clip where Rinku Sharma lifted the gas cylinder in self defense. Mannu alleged that the culprits wanted to kill the entire family but his brother came forward got killed. He said that the police are cooperating in the case. Mannu wants all the culprits to be brought to the book. He said he and his organisation do not intend to go against the administration.

While Rinku Sharma’s family is demanding justice, the Print is busy justifying the acts of the culprits by manipulating the incident. Dainik Bhaskar, on the other hand, is claiming that the members of a Hindu organisation are swearing to avenge the Rinku’s death despite Mannu’s clarifying that this is not his intention. The claims that Muslim families have left the area out of fear are completely false. The families of the accused who live about 20 metre away from Rinku Sharma’s house are still there and no one has left the area. Only the people involved in the murder of Rinku Sharma are absconding.

It is noteworthy that all the footages of the day of the incident have been obtained from private CCTV cameras. Mannu Sharma said that no evidence could be obtained from the cameras installed by the Kejriwal government. It is being said since after the day of the incident that the cameras were not working. Similar pattern was observed during the anti-Hindu Delhi riots where the claims of CCTV cameras installed in affected areas being dysfunctional since the riots started had started to emerge. The matter is being investigated by the crime branch. Five accused named Mehtab, Zahid, Islamuddin and Tajuddin have been arrested so far.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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