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I asked whether Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have made contributions amid coronavirus pandemic. Here is the response I got

From death threats to wishing I and my family get COVID and we suffer for medicines and oxygen: Congress supporters and leaders attacked me as I questioned The Gandhi family

Sonia Gandhi is the president of Indian National Congress, one of the most prominent political parties of India. She has been 5 time MP and comes from a family of politicians where her husband, mother in law and great grandfather in law were all Prime Ministers of India. Her son, Rahul Gandhi has also been party president and has been a Lok Sabha member for four consecutive terms. Now his sister has also taken the plunge in politics, but is not an elected representative yet.

So, as a politically aware citizen of India, I wanted to know what the Gandhis have contributed financially, especially from their personal wealth to fight the pandemic. Considering the family members are believed to have homes in various part of the world like the UK and others, one would assume they are financially very well off to be able to donate from their personal wealth to perhaps construct hospitals or arrange for oxygen plants. Since the Gandhis and Congress party think profit is evil and believe in socialism, this is only natural that they will be putting their words into action.

Curious, I put up a question on Twitter asking for their contribution.

I was just curious. My question was very polite. Here is the response I got from Congress workers and leaders.

Starting with ‘cow’ jibes.

Abhijit’s abuse

The initial abuses started with the ‘cow’ jibes. It is pertinent to note that the Islamist terrorists have often used the ‘gau mutra’ jibe to carry out attack on Indians because Hindus hold cow holy. Congress supporter here can be seen using the same ‘cow’ jibe only because I asked for Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi’s contribution.

Abuse by influencers

Twitter user ‘Anjali Sharma’ has over 11,000 followers and is followed by various Congress leaders like Pawan Khera, Alka Lamba and now left as Congress supporter Sanjay Jha. Anjali decided to abuse me and use derogatory word for me because I questioned the Gandhi family members. Other Congress supporters found it amusing and shared with laughing emojis.

Apparently, I was not ‘behaving well’

One Dhurba Buddhadeb Choudhury, followed by Congress leader Alka Lamba, reminded me that it is 2021 and UPA-led by Congress is not in power. Apparently, that is good enough reason to not question why one of the wealthiest families in India, which used to use India’s war ship as personal ferry for vacations, cannot be questioned. I should not expect respect because questioning the Gandhis is abuse.

Death wish

Ah, a death wish. How can we forget. If Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country get death wished upon by Congress leaders, supporters and Congress loyalist ‘journalists’ and ‘influencers’, I am but just a regular citizens of India. So when Rana Dev Rajbanshi wished I get COVID positive, struggle for oxygen and medicines to ‘realise’ who are working in field, I did not get bothered.

Mriganka wishing ill upon my family

Not just me, even my family was not spared. Mriganka Sinha wished my family struggle for oxygen. All this in reply to a polite question.

But I guess this is indeed the contribution of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Having people wish I and my family get COVID positive and struggle.

Ratin Sharma abusing

And then Congress supporters made derogatory jokes about the PM while replying to me. Rahul Gandhi speaks about respect to women, but if you question Rahul Gandhi you cease to be a woman apparently. Then you just become a ‘bhakt’ and as we all know ‘liberals’ believe the ‘bhakts’ deserve to die.

But what is it about an Indian citizen asking whether the richie rich of India, the Gandhi family, have paid out of their own pockets for any hospitals. They may give their MPLAD funds and other things but what about their own personal wealth? Especially when in past few years they have made it amply clear they believe being rich in India is a sin. Rahul Gandhi’s incessant attacks on the corporates made it clear he believes profit and wealth is corruption.

So when it comes to him and his family, where does all his socialism gyaan go? Or is it only for theory?

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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