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The ‘right’ and ‘left’ of sexual harassment victims and perpetrators in India

In all likelihood, this article will be mocked at by the left cabal as well, because for them, 'Sanghis' cannot raise voice against women's sexual abuse because only they have monopoly on it. That is where the problem lies. For 'Sanghis' abuse is abuse, for 'liberals', 'Sanghis' deserve it for 'being fascist enablers'.

‘Hindus should be raped, identified and killed’: Audio clip of Instagram influencer Sabnam and her friend Nadeem goes viral

Instagram influencer Sabnam and Nadeem's audio goes viral, Nadeem called for identifying, raping and killing Hindus.

Cricketer Parthiv Patel faces abuse by Kohli fans on social media. Here is why

Fans accused Parthiv Patel of driving a wedge between Kohli and Bumrah and divulging private conversations on social media for 'cheap attention.'

Islamists troll former The Print journalist Shahbaz Ansar and his OnlyFans content creator wife for posting Holi pics

Shahbaz Ansar had shared an image of playing with colours with his wife Khyati Shree on Holi, but Islamists didn't like it

Journalist Rubika Liyaquat gets attacked by Islamists for wearing saree, bindi, bring in ‘hijab is a choice’ rhetoric

Rubika Liyaquat had batted for uniformity in schools and did not endorse wearing of religious attire instead of uniform. This had irked the Islamists, who then accused her of being anti-Islam.

The repeated attacks against Sara Ali Khan by Islamists: What it means and why the Hindu community would be remiss to dismiss it

On Mahashivratri, when Hindus worship Lord Shiva, Sara Ali Khan, the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, was abused and attacked on social media by Islamists

Sanjay Raut abuses yet again, calls BJP leader Kirit Somaiya ‘C*utiya’ repeatedly

Sanjay Raut repeatedly hurled abuse at Kirit Somaiya and other BJP leaders calling them 'C*utiyas'

Islamists attack wife of an army man for narrating a story of her hijabi friend and her daughter, accuse her of ‘appeasement’

All Zaidi said that was that her hijab-wearing friend disciplined her school-going daughter to first focus on her studies and decide on wearing hijab when she's grown up.

‘G*ndu chi aulad’: Sanjay Raut uses homophobic slur over ED enquiries against Shiv Sena leaders, read details

Shiv Sena firebrand's portfolio of abuses which earlier included words like c*utiya and haramkhor, has a new entry

Burqa clad protesting ‘student’ argues with teacher at Udupi college, calls it ‘bullshit’ when asked to not disturb students studying inside

A Muslim student protesting outside the MGM college in Udupi can be seen arguing with a teacher in a video

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