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‘My father was medically murdered’: Actress Sambhavna Seth accuses Delhi’s Jaipur Golden Hospital of negligence

Sambhavna said that her brother sent her a video of the ward where their father was initially admitted. There were twelve beds in the ward, and all 11 were empty. "The hospitals are making fools out of us by saying there is no space for the patients. I am going to expose them," she added.

On May 22, Actor Sambhavna Seth took to her social media accounts and alleged that her father was “medically murdered” at Jaipur Golden Hospital, Delhi. In the video, she accused the hospital of negligence towards his father who was admitted to the hospital after contracting a Covid-19 infection.

In the Instagram video with the title “They Killed my Father,” she wrote that his father passed away two hours after recording the video. “Losing my father was the biggest fear of my life which I have faced. Now I am fearlessly going to fight for the truth as taught by my father my whole life. I may or may not defeat these big sharks in this fight but definitely gonna pull them out of this godly water and show their real faces.” She added just like the world cannot be just black and white, every doctor cannot be equivalent to God.

Urging his followers for support, she said, “I know every one of you who has been to hospitals in these tough times has faced similar medical negligence but couldn’t fight for it due to various reasons but now we all can fight together by sharing this video.”

Sambhavna further informed that her lawyers have initiated legal action against the hospital and are in the process of sending a notice. She said, “My lawyer advocate Rohit Arora and Advocate Koshima, Senior Associates at Lex Laureate, are in the process of initiating the legal battle by sending the Jaipur Golden Hospital a Legal Notice.”

Sambhvna alleged negligence in the video

In a 7-minute long video, Sambhavna alleged that the hospital staff members were not taking proper care of her father. Accusing one of the nurses for misbehaving, she said, “The nurse asked me to take care of my father myself as she is busy. I want to know whom she is treating.” She further alleged that when she pointed out that the oxygen saturation was at 55, the nurse said, “it is good oxygen level.” In a tweet she claimed that the hospital was busy in saving the nurse.

One of the hospital staff was heard in the background who alleged that his father was removing the oxygen mask when no one was around. Sambhavna added, “I thought the hospital is close to my house so it will be better to admit my father here, but I was wrong.” The hospital staff standing there kept on insisting her to move out from the ICU and stop recording the video.

On May 24, she uploaded a follow-up video. She said, “You think that it was about the nurse who misbehaved. It was not just about her. I saw them misbehaving with other patients as well. When I saw my father’s oxygen level at 55, it was obvious for me, being a daughter, could not tolerate.” She further said that people are questioning how she reached inside Covid ward. She said, “Thank God I reached inside the Covid ward. If I hadn’t, you would not have seen the reality.”

Sambhavna’s vlog

She further alleged that the food that families bring for the patients is kept aside. “My father’s breakfast was kept aside. He had not eaten a single bite since morning or drank water.” She said she was not calling every doctor or nurse wrong, but there are evils among us. Her associate, Avinash, in the video, said, “We have all the answers to the queries that we are receiving, but as it is a legal case now, we cannot reveal everything as it will affect the case.”

‘My father was getting better’: Sambhavna

Sambhavna said that her father was getting better, and she made a video about it too. “Then what did the hospital do that affected my father’s health so badly?” she added. She alleged that the main doctor did not meet her. Only the assistant doctor came to talk to her on the day when her father passed away. She said, “The assistant doctor came and told me that I could not go inside as they were reviving my father and changing the course of the treatment. After 2 minutes, he said, ‘oh, your father got a cardiac arrest.’ They already knew my father was gone and were lying to us.”

‘My father was not given ICU bed’

She alleged that the hospital claimed they gave her father an ICU bed, but in reality, it was a makeshift room for Covid patients. She said, “My father was not even in the ICU. They kept on claiming they gave him an ICU bed.” She further added that her brother had sent her a video of the ward where their father was initially admitted. There were twelve beds in the ward, and all 11 were empty. “The hospitals are making fools out of us by saying there is no space for the patients. I am going to expose them,” she added.

Sambhavna further added that the fight was not over after her father’s death. The hospital allegedly took several hours to release the body. “The ambulance driver asked for Rs.30,000 and said he would do it in Rs.27,000 though the cremation ground was not even far from the hospital.” Avinash added, “no one knows if the body they got belongs to their family member or not. They are just cremating them after taking the name of God.”

 They asked everyone for the support and urged them to share videos of negligence they faced in the hospital.

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