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Left-leaning Twitter and ISIS seem to have the same threads of fascism that bind them: Here is how

Imagine Left-leaning Twitter having the same policy as ISIS. Beheadings are Halal for ISIS and also for Twitter. But Hindus sharing their plight violates its policy.

On the 2nd of May, 2021, Mamata Banerjee led TMC came back to power with a thumping majority, bagging 213 seats in West Bengal. The BJP, on the other hand, improved its tally from a mere 3 seats to 77 seats, however, failed to consolidate Hindu votes and really make a dent, as it had hoped to. After the political upset for BJP, Mamata Banerjee took the reigns and a spate of unimaginable violence was unleashed on those who worked for BJP or those who had supported the party in the state.

With men being murdered in broad daylight, lakhs leaving the state because of the violence and crossing over to Assam and women being disrobed, one would imagine that the media would ensure that they maintain the first draft of history. Documenting unbridled violence is never easy, but that is what journalists are meant to do. Ensure that history remembers and their reports prove to be the reference point. But the media, horrifyingly, turned a blind eye.

Telegraph, one of the biggest newspapers in the state of West Bengal chose to write about the magnanimity of Mamata Banerjee instead of documenting the violence. Instead of doing the job that the media should do.

Telegraph front page on the 7th of May

The stories of Avijit Sarkar, Arup Ruidas, Raj Biswas, Rinku Naskar and so many others have been faded into oblivion.

With the media playing Nero’s Guests, the outlet people really had was taking to Twitter. Scores of videos and images of brutally murdered BJP Karyakartas were being shared across Twitter. But, as is known, it was only time that Twitter too started suppressing the news.

My appeal to overturn Twitter’s decision to delete my tweet has now been rejected.

Tweet that was asked to be taken down by Twitter, and the appeal rejected

And what was the tweet? It was merely a tweet asking the Prime Minister of India and the Home Minister of India to visit those who had been affected by the unbridled violence in West Bengal. The tweet included 4 images of brutal violence.

And what did Twitter deem it to be? They thought I was being “abusive” and “harmful”. They thought I was inciting violence. Asking the Prime Minister and the Home Minister to actually visit victims of the violence is inciting violence in itself.

One simply has to ask Twitter – Harmful to whom? To the killers? Is Twitter siding with the murderers in Bengal? Twitter says it might incite violence. HM visiting a state inside India is inciting violence? Same Twitter lets posts by Amanatullah Khan, calling for beheadings, stay and deletes it only after widespread outrage. Facebook, does not even do that.

As we look on, as we live and breathe, our victims are being wiped out from the pages of history. First by the media and then, by social media.

There is a reason you never came to know about the Kashmir genocide of Hindus and the Pillar bases of Ram Temple that were discovered in 1977 by ASI. Thousands of Hindu women were forcibly converted at Noahkhali. Congress working committee then claimed that only 3 were forcefully converted. 

In India, led by the great Congress for decades, the whitewashing genocide and crimes against Hindus is an industry called ‘Secularism’.

We don’t have pictures of exodus of Hindus from Kashmir, because media didn’t want u to see it. 

We don’t hear stories of dozens of policemen killed by cattle smugglers. Because media doesn’t want us to see it. 

We don’t hear stories of the hundreds of Hindus who have been lynched for the same reason. 

Social Media companies were a ray of hope. Initially, they were neutral because they were growing. Now objectivity has been clouded by their ideology. Let us not forget that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had once openly admitted that the company has a Left bias. And as we know from experience, the Left and the Islamists have common threads of fascism that bind them.

Imagine Left-leaning Twitter having the same policy as ISIS. Beheadings are Halal for ISIS and also for Twitter. But Hindus sharing their plight violates its policy. 

Mahathir Muhammad called for the genocide of the French people because the French government displayed a cartoon on their building. Twitter let that tweet be in the public interest. At least that was their first reaction. And that is what actually counts. It doesn’t really matter what they did after global outrage.

Imagine saying Jihad against non-believers is in “public interest”. 

Actresses like Mona Ambedgaonkar, calling for death of ideological opponents and cheering it is Halal. But the dying telling their story is Haram. 

Tweet that is still up

The dystopia of 1984 is upon us. Where Twitter would let out-on-bail terrorists like Sharjeel Usmani and Safoora Azgar celebrate the death of Journalists like Rohit Sardana. 

One handle compares killing of Hindus in Bengal to killing of cockroaches. Pooja Bhatt talks about how hard she laughed.

Let us now forget that comparing human beings to cockroaches is straight out of Nazi playbook. 

What Twitter is now doing is akin to endorsing a call for genocide by the Nazis and censoring the Jews when they want to talk about their stories and about the atrocities that were heaped upon them.

Beheadings, genocide, cheering murders by Islamists are all Halal at Twitter India.

But seeking help for victims is “potentially harmful”.

Twitter has taken its stand. It is the Telegraph of TMC, CNN of Biden, NDTV of Congress, Saamna of Shiv Sena and they are not even making an attempt to hide their bias. The only question to be asked now is – who will tame the beast?

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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