Tuesday, August 3, 2021



Twitter censors tweets that exposed liberal hypocrisy over Danish Siddiqui’s photograph, calls it ‘abuse’ and ‘harassment’

Twitter is finding new ways to censor political opinion it is not fond of. This time, it is related to a photograph of Danish Siddiqui.

A day after the death of photo-journalist Danish Siddiqui, strange behaviour is noticed on his Twitter account

On Friday, award-winning Reuters photo-journalist was murdered by the Taliban as he was covering the conflict in Afghanistan

Anonymous blogger ‘Program Think’, known for exposing the corruption of CCP members, goes missing in China: Here is what we know so far

As per Twitter account @GFWfrog, blogger 'Program-Think' was detained in May and undergoing 'brutal interrogation' in China

Dilip Kumar: From Censor Board under PM Nehru blocking the release of ‘Ganga Jamuna’ to him campaigning for Congress leaders

Despite being a great actor, dirctor and writer, Dilip Kumar had to face several hurdles in his creative pursuit under the Nehru government.

China’s WeChat deletes LGBT+ and other groups at most major universities overnight

Homosexuality is legal in China but was classified as a mental disorder until 2001. However, same sex marriage is not recognised.

Twitter temporarily restricts account of New Zealand professor for mocking China’s CCP centenary celebrations

Twitter arbitrarily restricted the professor's account without bothering to explain as to what prompted them to do so

Post for which Twitter locked IT Minister RS Prasad’s account: A DMCA notice, an International Federation and Sony Music

Twitter came under the scanner for blocking Union Minister of Law and Justice, Electronics and IT RS Prasad for violating copyright act

Facebook restricts account of user who shared news report about rape and torture of women in Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal

While violence in Bengal should be a story everyone talks about, Facebook is actively suppressing information about post-poll violence

Former US President Donald Trump congratulates Nigeria for suspending Twitter

Trump added that he should have also taken similar steps, but Mark Zuckerberg kept visiting him for dinners at the White House and telling him how great he was.

Chinese Instagram-like startup Xiaohongshu faces investigation after veiled reference to Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary

China's startup Xiaohongshu faces investigation over a post that was alleged to be lined to the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

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