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Among the 3 videos in the series, video 3 was deleted and then restored, video 1 and 3 made age-restricted, and now video 3 censored from search results by YouTube
The Tashkent Files has been well received by the audience, however, the 'liberal' ecosystem is not too happy with it.
YouTube has now restored the pulled down OpIndia video, however, it has been put behind an age restriction.
After restricting one video, YouTube deletes another video from a 3-video series by Rivaldo on Kashmir propaganda and terrorism
Google has denied the allegations of manually manipulating the search results.
After the US Presidential election is when the social media giants decided to control the political content and advertising in all elections around the world.
One of the three videos on Kashmir issue by Nitin Rivaldo has been flagged as age-restricted by YouTube
Admiral DK Joshi had given an exclusive interview to NDVT, but that was soon deleted by the media company.
Doordarshan anchor and journalist Ashok Shrivastav has revealed many shocking details in his book ‘Narendra Modi Censored’.
Popular website Reddit's India-centric subreddit has shown a very suspicious pattern on censorship and propaganda
This is not the first time social media giants have faced such allegations of pushing the promoters' bias
Congress Youth leaders disrupt the screening of the movie The Accidental Prime Miniter in Kolkata and Indore.
One scene with reference to 72 virgins in heaven has been removed from the Uri trailer
This interview of Vivek Agnihotri on Urban Naxals was censored by Times of India because it didn't fit their 'policies'
co-existence of Jews and Muslims can never bring peace, Israeli Prime Minister son's had written
Twitter's 'hateful conduct' policy reveals a definite progressive bias. The platform has now banned 'misgendering' and 'deadnaming' after modifying its policy.
Protests have been threatened as well if Kedarnath is not banned.
Twitter has been accused of exercising its power to regulate free speech on its platform.
When in India, Jack, you must indeed 'experience it all'. And experience the virtue of diversity and co-existence, you must.
A Twitter user who goes by the handle @Spoof_Junkie has been suspended by Twitter for inexplicable reasons.
Earlier, the ban on Indian content in Pakistan was partially lifted by Lahore High Court.
With Social Media becoming an ideological battleground, it has often been noticed that platforms selectively target right-leaning platforms in an ad-hoc fashion.
Twitter is constantly struggling to maintaining the balance between freedom of speech and censorship
Congress President Rahul Gandhi could try practicing before tweeting
The Left is holding a rock at this very moment, waiting.
The next time Rahul Gandhi comes talking about Freedom of speech, do try to educate him about his history because media won't
This is not the first time Congress had tried to stifle press freedom
Any regulation that can just as easily morph into a tool of censorship must be opposed

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