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Exclusive: “Please let me meet my son”, cries Tarlochan Sandhu who filed case against wife, in-laws for trying to convert him and his child to Islam

Sandhu had agreed to Nageena’s proposal for marriage when she promised that religion will not be an issue after marriage. But the promise was was short-lived and Nageena and her family began to pressurize Sandhu to convert to Islam soon after marriage

We had reported yesterday how a 36-year-old Sikh man from Chandigarh had to move court and file a civil suit in the district court seeking directions to restrain his Muslim wife and her family from forcibly convert him and his minor son to Islam.

The plaintiff who is Sikh by religion and by birth has stated that his Muslim wife had promised him that religion will never become an issue after marriage. However, the promise was short-lived with his wife Nageena and her family forcing Sandhu to convert to Islam from day one of their marriage.

“My son is small. He is scared” cried Sandhu while speaking to OpIndia

Tarlochan Singh Sandhu in an exclusive interview with OpIndia narrated his ordeal. Sandhu shared that he met Nageena in 2007 and got married in 2008. Initially, he had declined the proposal by Nageena as the two belonged to different religions.

However, Nageena began to emotionally blackmail him and started to pressurize him for marriage. Sandhu eventually agreed when Nageena promised that religion will not be an issue after marriage.

The promise, however, was short-lived and Nageena and her family began to pressurize Sandhu to convert to Islam soon after marriage. To escape the pressure, Sandhu who is originally from Amritsar shifted to Delhi for a while. 

Sandhu shared that from the past two years his wife along with her parents began to pressurize him to convert. He also said that in his 13 years of marriage with Nageena not once did he ask her to give up Islam to accept Sikhism.

Wife forced to shift to Chandigarh

Nageena who is from Chandigarh began to force Sandhu to shift to the city, however, Sandhu refused to do so. He feared that his in-laws would once again influence him. Nageena yet again took him into confidence and promised that her family would not interfere in their marriage. Sandhu then with his wife and child shifted to Chandigarh six years ago but his happiness was short-lived. Sandhu has been facing the brunt of shifting close to his in-laws since then. 

In-laws shifted in his rented house to track his movements

As if harassing Sandhu over calls and meetings was not enough, his in-laws shifted to his rented house to track his movements and persuade him to leave Sikhism. They restricted him from offering prayers or wear kada and even forced him to cut his hair. 

When Sandhu protested, they flung his turban on the ground and forced him to read Namaaz. On May 30, when Sandhu resisted the harassment, Nageena’s family members ganged up to beat him up.

No help from police

After being attacked, Sandhu immediately called 112 and informed the police that his life is under threat. As the statements were being recorded in the police station, Nageena’s brother Nawabuddin started to hurl abuses. After that Nageena’s family once again attacked Sandhu with rods and sticks outside the police station.

When he approached the police once again they advised him to either go home or spend the night at some park. Sandhu then spent two nights at Shivalik Park after which he booked a hotel room.

However, he was still receiving threats from his brother-in-law who claimed that he would gather 150 people on one call to attack him. Sandhu frequented the police station to get the police to take some action but to no avail. 

“They want to change my name to Tahir”

Sandhu had shifted to Dubai for a while for his professional work. Sharing an anecdote Sandhu said that when he was in Dubai, he received pictures of his son dressed as a Muslim. When he questioned his wife she said that it was only for Eid.

Nageena’s family wanted Tarlochan to change his name to Tahir. They subsequently began harassing his son. On multiple occasions, they threw away his son’s kada. When asked, they used to say that it got lost. 

Upon asking his son he got to know that Nageena’s brother stopped him from wearing it. Sandhu also informed that Nageena’s family has taken away his son and does not let him meet or even talk to his son over the phone.

“The last time I spoke to him, my son said that he does not like to stay with that family, is scared and wanted me to take him,” said Sandhu. On complaining to police the SHO said that they would make arrangements to make him meet his son. Sandhu was then taken to meet his son for a few minutes but said his brother-in-law had caught his son’s hand and his son looked dreaded, refusing to speak

False case against Sandhu

In 2019 when Sandhu, tired of the harassment took his son to Amritsar, his wife lodged a false harassment case against him due to which he had to come back. Nageena alleged that Sandhu used to physically abuse her. After this, the Women’s Cell began to trouble Sandhu and even snatched his son from him. 

Sandhu also informed that Nageena’s sister married a Hindu boy a couple of years ago and got him converted to Islam too. 

My parents saved her life

Sandhu alleged that as per a ritual, Nageena was sent to her mother’s home for their child’s delivery. However, Nageena’s family switched off their phones and broke all ties as soon as his son was born.

However, Nageena’s health deteriorated after delivery. It is then when they were compelled to inform Sandhu. 

Sandhu rushed to Chandigarh and said that his parents took care of Nageena and all the expenses. He also informed that his parents had been unhappy with him for marrying Nageena.

Sandhu claimed that Nageena had always been disrespectful towards his parents, used to abuse them and provoke him to assault them. “Yet they saved her life,” he said.

Sandhu filed a police complaint

Worried for his son, Sandhu finally lodged yet another complaint against Nageena and 10 members of her family in Chandigarh’s Sector 09. The matter has been listed for July 20.

Sandhu also said that a BJP youth leader has been helping him in this matter. 

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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