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92-year-old Sikh man, who lost 22 family members to Partition violence, meets his surviving nephew Mohan Singh-turned-Afzal Khaliq in Pakistan

A nonagenarian Sikh man met his nephew, Mohan Singh, converted to Afzal Khaliq, after 75 years of Partiton.

Bihar: One Mohammad Jibril Alam beheads his wife and 3-year-old daughter, keeps wife’s head near her parent’s house

Mohammad Jibril Alam placed the severed head of his wife on a culvert 200 meters away from her parent's house.

Islam Khan tries to crush his pregnant daughter to death with auto for marrying a Hindu man, video from Rajasthan viral: Full details

On Thursday, Islam attempted to crush his daughter and son-in-law to death as the duo was on their way to the hospital for Nagma's routine check-up

Germany: Muslim man who stabbed train passengers wanted to get rid of ‘non-Muslims’; media had billed him as ‘mentally ill’

A Muslim man who stabbed train passengers in November 2021 had wanted to get rid of "non-Muslims" in Germany.

Bihar: Six Muslim men disguised as Sadhus caught begging outside a Hindu temple in Hajipur

These Muslim men spent a couple of days at Harnaut before heading to Hajipur city in Vaishali.

Journalist Pritish Nandy raises ‘Muslim PM bogey’ ahead of presidential elections, here is why it is dumb and evil

Pritish Nandy claims a Muslim will never be the prime minister or president of India in future

Bihar: RJD MLA Saud Alam refuses to stand up for Vande Mataram in the assembly, says ‘India is not a Hindu nation’

RJD MLA Saud Alam refused to stand up for Vande Mataram in assembly saying it is a Hindu song and India is not Hindu nation

Uttar Pradesh: Police arrest Faisal, Shohil and Salman for beating a middle-aged Dalit man to death after he opposed molestation of a girl

Faisal, Shohil and Salman beat up Dalit middle-aged man Raju to death after he opposed molestation of a girl by the trio

‘Al Kufr Millatun Wahida’: Meet Meer Faisal, columnist with The Wire who believes ‘All non-Muslims are the same, that is Kaafir’

Meer Faisal is currently associated with Maktoob Media, which often acts as Islamist propaganda portal

Kanpur violence mastermind Hayat Zafar Hashmi arrested, had earlier participated in violent anti-CAA protests

The mastermind of the Kanpur riots, Hayat Zafar Hashmi, has been involved in various activities for the past few years and has acquired several illegal properties.

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