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The tale of a missing Dalit girl found in a Burqa, Karni Sena stopping ‘love jihad’ and a video: All you need to know...

After a Dalit girl was found marrying a Muslim boy in Ballia, Karni Sena intervened alleging love jihad, but the couple claim its consensual

FIR filed against Maulana Abdul Latif Qasmi after old video laying claim to Badrinath shrine goes viral

The Maulana, while laying claim to Badrinath shrine, had threatened that Muslims would march to the shrine and capture it if Hindus do not return it.

Days before Bakri Eid, members of Muslim community urge Muslims not to slaughter goats

Many Muslims have also said that they have given up meat after they witnessed animals being subjected to cruelty.

Fact-check: Claims about Muslim mob thrashing policemen in a viral video false, old video circulated with fake claims

The viral video is from March 2021 when a team of Haryana police were thrashed by locals in a village in Rajasthan after their vehicle had hit one of the villagers.

Uttar Pradesh: Zulfikar circulates porn video on WhatsApp with ‘Jai Bolenath’ text and audio, FIR registered

A porn video was circulated on WhatsApp with voiceover and text saying 'Jai Bholenath', it reached Hindu outfits who filed a case

‘Islam is evil’: Several anti-Muslim graffiti appear in Surrey in Canada, police launch probe to catch the culprits

The Canada police believe that these incidents are linked and the same person or group who may have painted these anti-Muslim graffiti

Exclusive: “Please let me meet my son”, cries Tarlochan Sandhu who filed case against wife, in-laws for trying to convert him and his child...

From throwing his turban to thrashing him for resisting conversion. Read the ordeal of Sandhu as his wife and in-laws try to convert him to Islam

Grooming Jihad in Agra: Qasim Qureshi become Vicky Yadav to lure a minor Hindu girl, marries and impregnates her after conversion

The Agra police informed that accused Qasim Qureshi got a false Aadhar card in the name of the victim to show her as an adult

Maharashtra: 5-year-old minor girl sexually assaulted by a 50-year-old Sheikh Usman Daula in Yavatmal

The minor girl was reportedly sexually assaulted on May 8 when she had gone to the accused Sheikh Usman Daula's barn to fetch milk

Islamists praise Hitler while cursing Israel, but did you know that Hitler wished he were a Muslim too?

"The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?" Hitler is quoted as saying,

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