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Here’s why some Americans want the US women’s football team to lose at Tokyo Olympics

Many could not hide their glee after the US soccer team endured a humiliating defeat against Sweden in their opening match of the Olympics.

There’s something you normally don’t witness during the Olympics: people wishing and passionately cheering for the defeat of their own football team.

Usually, people go out on a limb to support their national team, even if the chances of their winning are bleak. However, this time around, American fans were so thoroughly repulsed by their own women soccer team that they prayed with all their might for their defeat and elimination from the Olympics.

A large number of US citizens do not want to see their women soccer team win at the Olympics. Their reason being that the team is too woke to a fault, which they claim is unduly affecting their performance. They want their team to lose so that the players realise the perils of warming up to the evil of wokeism. And their discontent with the US women soccer team was manifest in their social media posts when they suffered an unexpected defeat against Sweden in the opening match at the Olympics.

The fans instantly chalked up the embarrassing defeat to their obsession with wokeism rather than focusing on improving their skills as footballers. Social media platforms were rife with posts where Americans excoriated the soccer team for its loss and its misplaced priority of upholding woke beliefs.

US netizens wish defeat for their women soccer team at Tokyo Olympics

A raft of social media users in the United States has uploaded posts wishing their team embarrassing drubbings during the Olympics. And the humiliating defeat against Sweden only served to cement their belief that the US women soccer team was more concerned with upholding their woke principles than their football performance.

Many could not hide their glee after the US soccer team endured a humiliating defeat against Sweden in their opening match of the Olympics.

Donald Trump says wokeism responsible for the dip in performance of US soccer team

Before long, the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, also jumped in the fray, linking the defeat of the US women’s soccer team to the “wokeism” embodied by them. Shortly after the defeat, the former US president spoke at the “Rally to Protect Our Elections” in Phoenix and blamed the team’s loss on “wokeism”.

“Wokeism makes you lose, ruins your mind, and ruins you as a person. You become warped. You become demented. The US women’s soccer team is a very good example of what’s going on,” Trump said. “Earlier this week they unexpectedly lost to Sweden, 3-0, and Americans were happy about it.”

The US women’s soccer team, however, made a comeback in their following matches, handing out a pasting to New Zealand with 6-1 and drawing with the Aussies. Yesterday, the team won a nail-biting match against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals. But the US netizens are not pleased with the team’s performance, owing to their allegiance to the woke culture. They believe their antics of taking a knee during the match against Sweden has brought shame to the country.

US soccer team’s woke antics prompts people to cheer for its ouster from the Olympics

For some time now, the US women soccer team has come to personify the left-liberal wokeism. It was most evident in their opening match against Sweden at the Olympics when they took a knee in a stadium devoid of fans to protest against racial inequities back home. However, they suffered an unexpected but humiliating 3-0 defeat at the hands of Sweden, ending their 44-match undefeated streak.

Taking a knee has become a symbolic gesture to mark the support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the unfortunate demise of George Floyd that sparked a racial reckoning in the United States. But of late, its unwarranted use by a host of sportspersons, actors and celebrities, purely for theatrical purposes, has resulted in its diminishing significance and reduced it to no more than just woke fashion statement.

Trump’s endorsement that the team lost due to its fetish for woke beliefs only served to intensify the feelings among the US citizens, who view it as a malady that is gnawing at the American society. Many in the United States and around the world believe that woke ideals and principles have deepened societal fissures and reduced the levels of tolerance within the society.

It has also given rise to “cancel culture”, a contemporary form of ostracism in which someone is banished out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person, just because they choose to hew a different ideology and not conform to the woke dogmas.

The current social churning within American society could be attributed to the malaise of wokeism. As the woke culture tries to take over America, a sizeable section of its citizens are increasingly wary of the implications it will have on the country at large. This section of the population is desperately fighting wokes to salvage their country from sliding into cultural and social decadence that normally accompanies wokeism.

With their past few antics, the US women’s soccer team have cut themselves the figure of being amongst the foremost proponents of American wokeism. Naturally, this did not sit well with the section of citizens who believe their on-field success would only lead to a greater acceptance and rationalisation of woke ideals. As a consequence, they have taken to cheering for their own football team at the Olympics.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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