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As Zomato launches pure veg service, Wokes and Liberals resort to vilifying Brahmins over their food choices, again

Zomato had introduced the pure veg service to tackle this problem, however, the ever-metastasising “Wokeism” soon found another stick to beat their favourite targets, Brahmins

UK NHS Trust says chemical secretion induced from breast of biological males calling themselves women are same as mother’s milk for newborns

A think tank named Policy Exchange has lashed out at the NHS trust calling it "unbalanced" and "naive".

OpIndia impact: NCPCR takes cognizance of Shiv Nadar School introducing ‘non-binary’ as children’s gender, instructs officials to ensure that unapproved gender terms not used

After Shiv Nadar School introduced ‘non-binary’ as child’s gender, NCPCR has written to UP and Haryana govt to ensure that unapproved gender terms are not used by schools

Antisemitism is not new to US campuses including Ivy Leagues, their credibility is questionable for more reasons than one. Here’s why

The political invasion of campuses in America which is being exposed with hatred for Jews and Israel has only compounded their already declining credibility.

India-Canada standoff and the lessons we need to learn: The rising threat of wokes and the West’s deep state and the urgent need for...

Much has been said about the recent downturn in the India-Canada relationship caused by the untimely demise of a terrorist - and here is why India needs a plan B

Did the US just admit that woke gender politics is a core part of their foreign policy? What State Department said

John Kirby, the spokesperson of State Department, recently said that promotion of "LGBTQ+ rights" is core element of US foreign policy.

Elon Musk finds #StayWoke T-shirts at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, shares video

Elon Musk has revealed that Twitter has a closet full of "stay woke" t-shirts at its San Francisco headquarters.

Kavita Krishnan (she/her) leaves CPI(ML) posts: Here is why it was the right decision and how she can fashion herself to be India’s AOC

Going woke is better than going woke. Why do I say this? Well, The Hindu had shocking news. Kavita Krishnan (she/her) has been ‘relieved’ of her leadership role in CPI(ML).

I am an 18-year-old progressive woman who supports LGBTQ rights, but I no longer support Pride Month: Here is why

I’m an 18 year old student from a privileged family. I consider myself a progressive woman. But I no longer support Pride Month.

Netflix tells its ‘woke’ staff to tolerate diverse views or quit if they find content on the streaming platform ‘provocative’

Netflix says no to content censorship, tells its woke staff to tolerate or leave the company if they disagree with titiles streamed

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